NASA Center Representatives

Are you interested in learning more about a NASA Center or facility and have questions about its missions and research? The NASA Center Representatives listed below are integral to your fellowship experience and can answer questions regarding specific Centers.

Center Center Representative Affiliate
Ames Research Center Penelope J. Boston
Lawrence Lee
Astrobiology Program Mary Voytek
Melissa Kirven-Brooks
Glenn Research Center Ebony Moreen
Gerald Voltz
Goddard Space Flight Center (includes the Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the Wallops Flight Facility) Blanche Meeson
Dale Clarke
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Sophia Hong
Lupe Castaneda
Gloria Nguyen
Johnson Space Center Eve Berger
Kennedy Space Center Jose Nunez
Grace K. Johnson
Langley Research Center Maria Dee
Allen Larar
Marshall Space Flight Center Jennie Mccall
Elizabeth Blackwell
Marianne Huie
NASA Headquarters Marian R. Norris
Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute Kristina Gibbs
Stennis Space Center Mitch Krell