Career Resources

As a Fellow in the NASA Postdoctoral Program, your experience will include many opportunities to develop professionally. The Fellows Gateway is an important source for training, educational activities, and other professional development opportunities.

Proposal Writing

To improve the Fellow's pursuit of funding after participation in the program, ORAU will require Fellows to serve as a pool for ROSES reviewers. Depending on their level of expertise, they may qualify as panel reviewers, or at a minimum, volunteer as a secretary. In either case, the Fellow receives exposure to NASA's expectations for a robust proposal. Fellows will become eligible for this activity after six months in the program, and participation will be required after the first year.

Communication Training

The greatest value in research comes not just in the discovery but also in the ability to share results that inform and inspire other research. NPP Fellows receive training in technical writing and presentation skills in-person at NASA Center locations and/or at major conferences. The information can also be produced and disseminated through online webinars, podcasts and interdisciplinary flash talks. Interdisciplinary sharing such as this brings researchers in the NPP community together and may also catalyze innovation.


ORAU will encourage effective networking by facilitating meetups at major conferences throughout the year and hosting virtual networking events. These activities will be accompanied on training on how to network.

LinkedIn Learning

ORAU owns and distributes LinkedIn Learning licenses to its participants. The online educational platform houses more than 5,000 expert-led courses in a variety of fields. Fellows can complete and track courses related to topics such as professional speaking and personal development.