Application Tips – Read this FIRST!

Applicants should ensure that their application is compliant with the NPP application instructions and requirements. Please be sure to review: How to Apply; Eligibility & Requirements, and Application Process. Applications that fail to comply with all of the rules may be disqualified.

Highlighted below are some important tips and rules to keep in mind as you prepare your NPP application.

Contact the advisor FIRST

Once the applicant has identified a research opportunity, it is highly recommended that they contact the NASA advisor associated with that research opportunity by phone or email. The advisor can provide more specific information on current research and available technical facilities and can offer scientific advice that may help the applicant develop the proposal for the NPP application.

Ensure you meet the citizenship requirements for the opportunity

Applicants must meet the citizenship requirements of the NPP AND the specific citizenship requirements included in the opportunity description.

Abide by the proposal formatting guidelines

The maximum length for the NPP proposal is 15 pages, including figures and citations; double-spaced; 12-point font; one-inch margins.

Comply with transcript requirements

Transcripts must meet all of the requirements of graduate degree transcripts. Official transcript documents are required.

Recommendation letters must be received by the deadline

The recommendation letter deadline is the same as the application deadline. Applicants must arrange for three letters of recommendation that must be received by the cycle deadline for the application to be considered in that cycle.

The NPP Advisor shall not submit a letter of recommendation for the applicant, even if he or she was the applicant’s thesis advisor.