Former NPP Fellows

Center NPP Fellow NPP Advisor Research Proposal Title
JPL Cale, Bryson Lee Charles Beichman A Universal Package For Precise Radial Velocities
JPL Czaplinski, Ellen Claire Robert Hodyss Laboratory Studies of Chemistry on Titan's Surface
Goddard Delaria, Erin Glenn Wolfe Elucidating the atmosphere-biosphere exchange of Nox
Langley Gallo, Francesca Richard Moore Synthesis of in situ and combined lidar-polarimeter airborne observations of aerosols and clouds from recent NASA and DOE North Atlantic field campaigns
Ames Gouasmi, Ayoub Scott Murman Development of a robust computational framework for the simulation of turbulent hypersonic flows
Goddard Louie, Dana Renee Knicole D. Colon A New Catalog of TESS Multi-planetary Systems Suitable for JWST Atmospheric Characterization
Astrobiology Noviello, Jessica Lynn Shawn Domagal-Goldman My Plan to Promote Interdisciplinary, Inclusive Exoplanet Science
Ames Okorn, Kristen Elizabeth Laura T. Iraci Examining Wildfire Smoke Evolution Using Ground-Based, Airborne, and Satellite Measurements
Ames Punnakayathil, Najeeb Andrew Mattioda Existence and evolution of PAHs and their derivatives in the ISM
JPL Talbot, Michael Scott Leonidas Moustakas Mapping the Lens-Dynamic Mass Discrepancy
Ames Torres, Hilario Cardenas Scott Murman Accelerators for Decelerators - Fluid Structure Interaction for Parachute Applications on Heterogeneous High Performance Computing Systems
Langley Wang, Ningchao Marty Mlynczak The behavior of Nitric Oxide Concentration in the Upper Atmosphere Derived from SABER Observations
Goddard Yeo, Li Hsia Rosemary Killen Solar System Exploration: Support the SSERVI LEADER Lunar Science Institute
Goddard Wilkins, Olivia Harper Stefanie Milam Constraining Interstellar Ice Chemistry Using Isotopologues
Goddard Yocum, Katarina Marie Stefanie Milam Submillimeter Flight Instrument Detection Capabilities and Physical Structure Analysis of Glycine Molecules Sublimated from Cosmic Ices

Center NPP Fellow NPP Advisor Research Proposal Title
Goddard Ahrens, Caitlin Joannah Noah Petro Spatial and temporal thermal properties of water ice at Lunar PSRs and modeling accumulation
Goddard Alemu, Woubet G. Christopher S. Rudasill-Neigh Cropland Mapping, Yield Estimation, and Forecasting for Food Security Using Satellite Microwave and High Resolution Optical Datasets in the Amhara Region, Ethiopia
Goddard Austin, Corey Daniel Jeffrey C Livas Modeling And Measuring Scattered Light In The LISA Optical Telescope
Goddard Ayllon Unzueta, Mauricio Ann Parsons A Novel Experimental Technique and Advanced Software Development for Elemental Composition Analysis of the Surface of the Moon Using BECA
JPL Ballew, Conner Kiley Goutam Chattopadhyay Inverse-designed 3D metastructures for terahertz remote sensing
Astrobiology Barlow, Erica V Chris House Exploring universal signs of life in the geological record on Earth
Langley Bell, Adam Drake Snorre Stamnes Towards improved retrieval of aerosol and cloud properties using a combination of active and passive spaceborne measurements
Goddard Berger, Travis Allen Joshua Schlieder Precise Demographics of NASA Kepler, K2, and TESS Exoplanets
Astrobiology Buessecker, Steffen Anne Dekas Linking methanogen activity and biomarkers across diverse ocean habitats
NASA HQ Burcar, Bradley Thomas Mary Voytek NPMP Proposal for Opportunity 18344 - Position with Mary Voytek
Goddard Chen, Howard Ravi Kumar Kopparapu Predicting the 3D Coupled Atmospheres of Anoxic Exoplanets around K- and M-stars
GISS Chiang, Felicia Hanjim Benjamin I. Cook Investigating the impact of irrigation on hydroclimatic extremes under present-day and future anthropogenic forcing
Goddard Chou, Luoth Paul Mahaffy Exploring chemical complexity as a novel agnostic biosignature tool in planetary exploration
Ames Chu, Laurie Elizabeth Urban Yvonne Jean Pendleton Investigating the Origins of Complex Organic Molecules in Dense Molecular Cores
GISS Clifton, Olivia Elaine Susanne E. Bauer Dry deposition of aerosols & reactive trace gases: the influence of mechanistic representation on trends and variability in air pollution with NASA GISS ModelE
Langley Cooney, John William Kristopher Bedka Improving Understanding of Convection Processes and Detecting Severe Weather Using Airborne and Space-Borne Remote Sensing Data
Goddard Dahal, Sumit Alan J. Kogut Finding Primordial Gravitational Waves with PIPER
JPL Dahl, Emma Katherine Glenn S. Orton Color and Structure of Jupiter's Disturbed Equatorial Zone: Implications for Dynamical Mechanisms
Astrobiology de Almeida Benites, Luiz Felipe Debashish Bhattacharya Emergence of genomic novelty in early eukaryotes driven by horizontal gene transfer with viruses: tempo, mode and units of transfer
Goddard DiLullo, Christopher Nathaniel Susan G Neff Observing the Global 21 cm Cosmic Dawn Signature with the Long Wavelength Array
Goddard Doughty, Cheryl Lynn Temiola Fatoyinbo Elucidating changes and drivers to mangrove extents and heights at range limits for an improved global understanding of blue carbon
Ames Dubois, David Florent Alain Ella M. Sciamma-O'Brien Investigating Negative Ion Chemistry in Space: Application to Titan’s Upper Atmosphere Environment
Glenn Fallon, Adam James John D. Lekki Development of a robust quantum memory architecture
Goddard Farnsworth, Kendra Kathleen Melissa Trainer An Experimental Investigation of the Prebiotic Chemistry in Titan Impact Craters
Goddard Feldman, Andrew Frederic Benjamin Poulter Quantifying the terrestrial biosphere’s response to changing rainfall frequency and intensity using NASA’s MODIS, SMAP, and OCO-2 Vegetation Indices
Ames Felton, Ryan Christopher Sonny Harman The Future is Hazy: Aerosol Photochemical-Climate Simulations for Temperate Exoplanets
JSC Fox, Allison C Aaron Burton Using Position Specific Isotope Analysis to Investigate the Origins of Meteoritic Amino Acids
Goddard Garofali, Kristen Elise Andy Ptak Putting a Timestamp on X-ray Binary Evolution: Spatially Resolved Star Formation Histories as Probes of Binary Evolution
Langley Gissinger, Jacob Kristopher Wise Dynamic Modeling of Carbon-Carbon Composite Production for Hypersonic Flight
KSC Gott, Ryan Patrick Elspeth Petersen Plasma Technology Development for Trash-To-Gas Conversion, Plant Sterilization, and Plant Treatments
JPL Gramani Ganesan, Ponnurangam Seungbum Kim Retrieval of Field-Scale High Resolution Surface Soil Moisture using Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Data
JPL Greene, Chad Allen Alex Gardner Antarctic Ice Sheet response to subannual variability in ocean forcing
JPL Harris, Camilla Tom Andre Nordheim Developing Modelling Framework For Europa's Space Environment
JPL Hibbard, Shannon Maria Matt Golombek Characterization of Icy Terrain at Future Human Mission Landing Sites on Mars
Goddard Honniball, Casey Irene Kelsey E. Young Investigation of water at pyroclastic deposits on the Earth and Moon using new data sets and techniques
Goddard Huang, Stacey Amy Jeanne Marie Sauber-Rosenberg MISSiV: A Novel Approach to Remote Sensing of Surface Deformation in Highly Vegetated Terrain
Goddard Hull, Samuel Vendrell Stephen James Smith Optimization of Transition-Edge Sensors Towards Future X-ray Microcalorimetry Instruments
JPL Janssen, Reinier Maarten Johannes Charles Bradford SuperSpec: First-light science using an on-chip mm-wave spectrometer
KSC Johnson, Christina Marie Raymond M Wheeler Augmenting Nutritionally-Dense Microgreens in Simulated Microgravity
Goddard Kim, Mijin Robert Levy Evaluation of Various Options to Constrain Land Surface Reflectance In the Dark Target Aerosol Retrieval
Ames Klier, Pavel Erich Zivanovic Richard Quinn Development of Membrane Potential Measurements for Life Detection
Ames Kravitz, Jeremy A Liane S. Guild Towards the creation of a global coastal and inland water Earth observation processor
Goddard Le Roch, Alexandre Jean-Marie Lauenstein Optoelectronic and Radiation Engineer - Ph.D. Candidate (Dec. 2019)
Ames Lester, Kathryn Victoria Steve B. Howell Fundamental Astrophysical Properties of Binary Exoplanet Host Stars
Goddard Lewis, Tiffany Rose Tonia Venters Theory of Particle Acceleration and Polarization in Blazar Jets
JPL Lopez, Amanda Mulcan Christine Lee Impacts of Wildfires on Columbia River Discharge and Coastal Water Quality
JPL Luis, Kelly Michelle Gierach Solar Radiation for Coral Reefs: The Generation and Evaluation of Shallow Water Photosynthetically Available Radiation (PAR) Products
Glenn Malakooti, Sadeq Stephanie L. Vivod Novel Carbon Nanotube Sheet Wrapped Carbon Fiber-Polymer Aerogel Composites with High Impact Energy Absorption Capabilities
Astrobiology Mathis, Nicholas (Cole) Banks Chris Kempes Agnostic Life Detection from Measurements to Theory
Goddard Matus, Alexander Victor John E. Yorks Improving detection of wildfire smoke transport using spaceborne lidar and machine learning
Goddard McKibben, Selena Morgaine Stephanie Uz Optical discrimination of phytoplankton taxa in estuarine waters: application of a hyperspectral, bio-optical algorithm to aid Chesapeake Bay resource managers
Goddard Mitchell, John Grant Georgia de Nolfo A Multi-Pronged Approach to Understanding SEPs
Goddard Nasipak, Zachary David John G. Baker Resonant Effects on the Signals of extreme-mass-ratio compact binaries
Goddard Noyes, Katherine Teresa Ralph Kahn Toward a Global Inventory of Wildfire Smoke Particle Properties, Their Evolution and Controlling Factors, Using Space-Based Observations
GISS Obiso, Vincenzo Ron Miller Modeling of mineralogy-based dust-radiation interactions
Goddard Olmschenk, Gregory Michael Richard Barry Generalizing Deep Learning Pipelines For Photometric Surveys
JPL Oropeza Gomez, Daniel Douglas Hofmann Leveraging Hyperspectral Imaging Spectroscopy Data to Detect Glacial Meltwater
JPL Pan, Boyang Michelle Gierach Constraining the timescale of energy deposition in corona
Goddard Paquette, John Anthony Joseph Andrew Nuth An Improved Model of Silicate Grain Nucleation and Growth in the Circumstellar Outflows of Oxygen-Rich Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
Goddard Peterson, Colten Alexander Kerry Meyer Earth Sciences: Remote Sensing of Clouds and Aerosols
Glenn Port, Sara Taeko Tibor Kremic Experimental Investigation into HCl and HF Mineral Buffers on Venus
JPL Prasanth, Sai Ziad Haddad Characterizing the structure and evolution of convective stormsusing Geostationary and Microwave Radiometer measurements
JSC Prescott, Rebecca Danielle Aaron Benjamin Regberg The role of quorum sensing in bacterial-fungal interactions on the colonization and degradation of meteorite surfaces
Goddard Robertson, Ellen F Marilia Samara Advancing our understanding of auroral particle pitch-angle measurements
Goddard Safarzadeh, Mohammadtaher Scott C. Noble Nature of fast-merging binary neutron stars with gravitational wave observation by LISA
Goddard Scanlon, Kathleen Elizabeth W. Brent Garry Testing Glaciovolcanic Hypotheses in the Tharsis Region
JPL Schools, Joseph William Sue Smrekar Constraining the Structure and Dynamics of the Venusian Lithosphere through Numerical Modeling of Coronae Formation, with Applications for Global Resurfacing
Goddard Schrom, Robert Stephen Ian S. Adams Quantifying the uncertainty of the physical and radiative properties of ice particles
JPL Schwab, Melissa Sophia Charles Miller The influence of groundwater discharge on pCO2 dynamics in Arctic headwater streams
JPL Simpson, Anna Kasthuri Venkateswaran Bioactive compound production and drug discovery using co-cultivation screenings of ISS microorganisms in simulated microgravity with LC-MS
Goddard Steffens, Brendan Lee Conor Nixon Astronomical Investigation of Titan's Chemical Complexity
JPL Styczinski, Marshall John Steven Vance Improved magnetic sounding of icy moons through synthesis of electromagnetic theory and geophysical models
Ames Tibere-Inglesse, Augustin Claude Brett Alexander Cruden Radiation of hypersonic expanding plasma flows
Glenn VanSant, Kaitlyn Tracy Timothy J Peshek Perovskites in Space
JPL Villenave, Marion Karl R. Stapelfeldt Characterising dust vertical settling in edge-on protoplanetary disks
Marshall Whitaker, Justin William Gary J. Jedlovec Investigating the Role of the Mid-Level Vortex in Tropical Cyclogenesis using Current and Upcoming NASA Datasets
Goddard Wong, Ian Stefanie Milam Detailed Spectroscopic Characterization of Trojans, Hildas, and KBOs – Uncovering the Traces of Solar System Evolution
JPL Yang, Yan Sasan Saatchi Bottom-up Assessment of Vegetation Carbon Dynamics from Long-term Satellite
Goddard Younes, George A Tod E. Strohmayer Unravelling Magnetar Variability with NICER
Goddard Yung, Long Yan Aaron Jonathan P. Gardner Semi-analytic model for high-redshift multi-messenger surveys and multi-instrument synergy
Goddard Zhang, Haocheng Tonia Venters Numerical Study of Blazar γ‑Ray and Multi‑Wavelength Signatures

Center NPP Fellow NPP Advisor Research Proposal Title
JPL Abolfathian, Niloufar Eric J. Fielding Spatiotemporal variations of stress and strain in the crust and implications to fault-systems based on observational analysis and modeling
Goddard Akbari, Hassanali Robert F. Pfaff Understanding the Fundamental Processes Underlying Turbulence in the Earth's Low-Latitude Ionosphere and the Martian Ionosphere
JSC Anderson, Tyler Scott Jeremy W Boyce Isotope Measurements of Astromaterials using Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
JPL Bayle, Jean-Baptiste Michele Vallisneri Realistic Simulation of LISA and Impact on Waveform Analysis Methods
JSC Berger, Jeffrey Allan Douglas W. Ming The Mobility of Phosphorous and Potassium in Altered Hawaiian Volcanics: Constraints on Neutral and Acidic Fluid Alteration on the Martian Surface
Goddard Blumberg, William Gregory Si-Chee Tsay Determining the Sensitivity of Stratocumulus Entrainment Rates to Aerosols
Goddard Breen, Katherine Heather Donifan Barahona Data-driven simulation and classification of aerosol-cloud interactions
JPL Bulthuis, Kevin Eric Larour Constraining the impact of bedrock topography on the retreat of Thwaites Glacier using a stochastic wavelet analysis
Goddard Campbell, Anthony Daniel Temiola Fatoyinbo Time series analysis of salt marsh change and the effect on carbon storage (1999-2018)
Goddard Chakraborty, Srija Virginia Kalb Monitoring Earth System Anomalies from Nighttime Lights: A Machine Learning Approach
JPL Christensen, Alexandra Lian Marc Simard Impact of vegetation and hydrodynamics on channel-wetland connectivity of coastal ecosystems
Astrobiology Cole, Devon B Chris Reinhard The oxygenation of a habitable world: Evaluating the dynamics and stability of Earth’s oxygen cycle
Glenn Crowley, Kyle McKinley Timothy J Peshek Perovskites in Space, v2.0! Utilizing the Potential of Vapor-Based Processing to Engineer the Future of Photovoltaics
Ames Currie, Thayne Ruslan Beliko Improving Exoplanet Direct Imaging by Developing and Demonstrating Linear Dark Field Control
JPL Curwen, Christopher A Boris Karasik THz Heterodyne Detector Array Using Quantum Cascade Laser Local Oscillator
Ames Dang, Caroline V Michal Segal Rozenhaimer Chemical and physical characterization of aerosols in the South East Atlantic Ocean from airborne measurements
Ames Deutsch, Ariel Nolan Jennifer Heldmann The nature and active evolution of polar volatiles on the Moon: Implications for in-situ resource applications and exploration strategies
JPL Drevinskas, Tomas Peter Willis Design, Development and Application of Autonomous Capillary Electrophoresis-Based Analytical Instrumentation for Underwater Operations on Earth and Water Worlds
Astrobiology Eguchi, James Hiro Timothy Lyons Evolution of atmospheric O2 and CO2 driven by planetary tectonics
JPL Elder, Clayton Drew Charles Miller Optimizing Arctic Methane Source Attribution During ABoVE Flight Missions
Goddard Erickson, Adam Michael Sujay V Kumar Toward dynamic plant traits in land-surface models through inverse modeling, data assimilation, spectranomics, and deep learning
JPL Gahtan, Jennifer Anne Baijun Tian Influence of the Madden-Julian Oscillation on stratospheric equatorial waves during different Quasi-Biennial Oscillation states
Goddard Gallardo Lacourt, Beatriz Isabel Larry Kepko Understanding Magnetospheric Convection: New data analyzed with an innovative technique
Ames Gavilan Marin, Lisseth Farid Salama The cycle of deuterium in and out of organic matter from the interstellar medium to the protosolar nebula
Ames Gharib Nezhad, Ehsan Natasha Batalha EXOPLINES Opacity Database: Bridging the Laboratory Pressure-Broadening Data to Exoplanet/Brown-Dwarf Spectroscopy
GISS Gloege, Lucas J Anastasia Romanou Finding optimal ocean carbon cycle parameters using neural-network based emulators
Ames Golston, Levi Matthew Emma L. Yates Surface-Atmosphere Methane Fluxes using Unmanned Systems
JPL Grasshorn Gebhardt, Henry Sebastian Olivier Doré

Optimal Extraction of Cosmological Parameters from Galaxy Redshift Surveys 

Ames Grim, Sharon L Brad Maurice Bebout

A combined geochemical and meta’omics approach to explore metabolisms in extreme microbial mats

Goddard Gurgew, Danielle Nicole Takashi Okajima

Development of Multilayer Coatings for Next Generation Broadband X-ray Imaging

Goddard Hardwick, Terra Christine Jeffrey C Livas Constructing and Testing the LISA Optical Telescope
Goddard Hare, Jeremy Brad Cenko Classification of unidentified high-energy sources using TESS light curves
Ames Hartwick, Victoria L Robert Michael Haberle Pale Red Dots: An Investigation of Land Planet Climate Diversity
Goddard Helms, Charles Nelson Gerald M. Heymsfield Deep Convection and the Vertical Alignment of Tropical Vortices
Astrobiology Hoarfrost, Adrienne Leigh Paul Falkowski Linking Life and Earth with Deep Transfer Learning
Goddard Howe, Alex Ryan Mike McElwain Atmosphere Retrievals and Optimization of Observations for Directly-Imaged Planets
Ames Huebner, Diane Christine Christopher Potter Assessing resilience in Alaskan boreal forest to climate-wildfire interactions from ground truth surveys and NASA airborne remote sensing
JPL Hunacek, Jonathon Robert Roger O'Brient Advancing TKIDs for Millimeter-Wavelength Cosmology
GISS Inoue, Kuniaki Ann Fridlind Assessment of Relationships between Convection and Large-scale Environment in the Gross Moist Stability Plane
JPL Jensen, Daniel John Marc Simard Imaging spectroscopy data processing, integration, and applications for assessing accretion and submergence in Louisiana’s coastal wetlands
JPL Jonah, Olusegun Folarin Attila Komjathy A Robust Technique to Separate Tsunami-Induced Ionospheric Perturbation from Regular Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances in a Real-Time Scenario
JPL Khanal, Subash Goutam Chattopadhyay Integrated front-end for a high resolution millimeter wave imaging radiometer
JPL Leung, Cecilia Leslie Tamppari Investigating the Regional Water Cycle on Mars at Gale Crater and the Phoenix Landing Site
JPL Ludwig, Andres Andrew Romero-Wolf The Future of Ultra-High Energy Tau Neutrino Detectors
JPL Maguire, Andrew John Nicholas Parazoo Seasonal response of carbon uptake to direct and diffuse light regimes across the evergreen needleleaf forest biome
Ames Marcon, Julian Scott Murman Parallel hp-adaptivity for complex industrial configurations
Goddard Malings, Carl Stephen Edward Cohn Integrating multi-source data for global air quality monitoring
Goddard Mason, Emily Irene Peter Young Making the (Re-)Connection: Deriving the Interchange Reconnection Rate in the Low Corona
Astrobiology McGonigle, Julia Marie Beth Orcutt Applying Single Cell Isotope Approaches to Lost City Samples to Link Extremophile Phylogeny and Physiology
Ames Mizzi, Arthur Paul Matthew Stephen Johnson Regional Ensemble Chemical Weather Forecasting/Data Assimilation with High Spatiotemporal Resolution Satellite Observations of Atmospheric Chemistry
Goddard Monsue, Teresa Antoinette Joshua Schlieder Understanding the Exospaceweather Environment Around M dwarfs in Determining Potential Habitability on Earthlike Exoplanets
JSC Olthoff, Claas Tido Michael Kent Ewert Using an Integrated Simulation System to Support Spacesuit Development
JPL Patel, Piyushkumar N Jonathan H. Jiang Vertical distribution of CCN concentrations and their impacts on cloud properties using space-borne lidar and radar measurements
Goddard Peacock, Sarah Rose Kenneth Carpenter Predicting the High Energy Radiation Environment Around Cool Stars
JPL Polverari, Federica Ernesto Rodriguez A new optimized multi-frequency theoretical model towards consistent global wind climate data records and future scatterometer mission design
Astrobiology Poudel, Saroj Paul Falkowski Origin and evolution of proteins as catalysts of metabolism
KSC Poulet, Lucie Gioia Massa Modeling plant growth and gas exchanges in various ventilation and gravity levels
JPL Raguso, Maria Carmela Daniel Nunes Monitoring of CO2 seasonal variations at the Martian polar ice caps using SHARAD data
Goddard Rasca, Anthony Peter William Farrell Investigating Solar Influences on Plasma Flows and Near-Surface Environments Around Airless Bodies
Goddard Renaud, Joseph Phillip Terry Anthony Hurford Multilayer Thermal-Orbital Coupling in Tidally Active Rocky and Icy Worlds
Astrobiology Rivas Medrano, Mario George E Fox On the early evolution of the translational apparatus, a structural insight.
Langley Rodrigues, Neil S. Paul Michael Danehy Characterization of the plume-surface flowfield from lunar and Martian landers using high-speed planar laser-induced fluorescence
Ames Rooney, Caoimhe Mary A microphysical, reduced-parameter framework for the characterization of exoplanet atmospheres
Goddard Shah, Chintan Frederick Scott Porter Resolving dark matter candidates using transition-edge-sensor microcalorimeters
Goddard Shumko, Mykhaylo Sergeevich Alexa J Halford The Connection Between the Inner Magnetosphere Waves and Energetic Particle Precipitation into Earth's Atmosphere
Goddard Silverstein, Michele Louise Joshua Schlieder M Dwarf Flares Through Time: Exoplanets Under the Influence of Extreme Space Weather
JPL Slipski, Marek Joseph Armin Kleinboehl A Comprehensive Climatology of Clouds in the Mesosphere of Mars
Goddard Stone, Shane Wesley Geronimo L. Villanueva Atmospheric Escape on Mars and Implications for Detectability on Exoplanets
Goddard Tanner, Ryan James Kimberly Ann Weaver Disentangling the Contributions to Galactic Winds of Starbursts and AGN
JPL Tarnas, Jesse Dylan Kathryn Marie Stack Morgan Investigating alteration and past habitability of the olivine-rich unit in Nili Fossae, Mars
JPL Taylor, Peter Llewelyn Jason Rhodes A Next Generation Statistical Analysis for Next Generation Dark Energy Surveys
Astrobiology Thelen, Alexander Edouard Conor Nixon Submillimeter Observations of Titan's Atmosphere: Implications for Astrobiology
JPL van Berkel, Sven Leander Goutam Chattopadhyay An Ultra-Wideband Beam-Scanning Lens Antenna for Multi-Pixel Submillimeter-wave Spectroscopic Instruments
NASA HQ Walker, Catherine Colello Stephen A. Rinehart Exploring worlds, new and old: An Application to the NASA Postdoctoral Management Program
JPL Wood, Maxwell Jean-Pierre Fleurial Understanding and Engineering Heat Transport in Refractory Thermoelectrics La3-xTe4 and Yb14MnSb11
Goddard Yarnall, Yukiko Yagi Perry Gerakines Laboratory Determination of Optical Constants for Ices and Ice Mixtures Relevant to Planetary Surfaces
Goddard Yudin, Valery A Ruth S. Lieberman Exploring Support of Heliophysics Missions with the Goddard Earth Observing Systems in the Earth Upper Atmosphere and Ionosphere

Center NPP Fellow NPP Advisor Research Proposal Title
Goddard Achilles, Cherie Nicole Amy McAdam A Novel Investigation of Amorphous Components in Martian Rocks and Soils
Goddard Ahlers, John Knicole D. Color Constraining Formation Pathways Of Planets Orbiting High-Mass Stars
JPL Aragon Solorio, Bruno Jose Luis Glynn Hulley Fusing CubeSats and ECOSTRESS for Ultra High-Resolution Plant Water Use
Goddard Baghi, Quentin Simon James Thorpe The modeling of noise and its impact in the detection of gravitational waves
Langley Balan, Aravind William Kyle Anderson HP-Adaptation on Anisotropic Mesh Elements for High-Order Finite Element Schemes
Goddard Balashov, Nikolay Viktor Leslie Ott Improving Carbon Monoxide in NASA's GEOS Model through the Use of Airborne, Surface, and Satellite Observations: Implications for Air Quality Assessment and CO2 Source Attribution
Goddard Belli, Alexandre Frank Lemoine Synergy between Time Transfer and Space Geodesy
Ames Bertrand, Tanguy Melinda A. Kahre Investigating the closure of the dust and water cycle on current Mars by implementing the tagging method in the NASA Ames GCM
Goddard Bhanu, Remya Mei-Ching Fok Association of electromagnetic ion cyclotron wave enhancements with enhanced convection periods during substorm injections
JPL Bocanegra, Tatiana Bocanegra Chi Ao Radio-holographic methods for inversion of radio occultation experiments of past Venus' spacecraft
Ames Broccardo, Stephen Paul Stephen E Dunagan Stray-light correction and sky-radiance scan optimization of 4STAR airborne sun-photometers
Langley Cannon, David M Anna-Maria R. McGowan Understanding the working cultures of NASA, and experimenting with methods to encourage more innovation through cultural change
JPL Cerretti, Giacomo Jean-Pierre Fleurial Optimization of the La3-xTe4 system through substitution and metal inclusions
Goddard Christian, Kenneth Edward John E. Yorks Using CATS and CALIOP Lidar Data to Evaluate and Improve Modeled Representation of Pyrocumulus Events
Marshall Civilini, Francesco Renee Weber Two deep learning models for planetary seismicity detection and classification
Goddard Clark, John Blake Antonio Mannino Arctic Ocean organic matter dynamics by integrating field and satellite observations into a three-dimensional hydrodynamic-biogeochemical model
Astrobiology Colangelo, Jesse R Frank Corsetti Informing metabolic drivers of microbial mat lithification through in situ activity and stable isotope measurements
Goddard Dahlin, Joel Timothy Spiro Antiochos Self-Consistent Numerical Models of Solar Eruptive Events
GISS DallaSanta, Kevin Clara Orbe Prediction and Evaluation of Surface Impacts of the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation
Goddard Das, Sampa Peter Colarco Towards a Better Representation of Carbonaceous Aerosol Optical Properties in the NASA GEOS-5 Earth system Model
Marshall Elmer, Nicholas Joseph Christopher R. Hain Assimilation of SWOT Observations into the Operational National Water Model to Improve Situational Awareness for Flood, Drought, and Wildfire Applications
Goddard Erickson, Zachary K Jeremy Werdell Retrieval of upper ocean biological properties from new hyperspectral platforms
Ames Flad, David Gabriel Scott Murman An Embedded-Boundary Method for a Discontinuous-Galrekin High-Fidelity Flow Solver
Ames Franciolini, Matteo Scott Murman Efficient iterative solvers for implicit high-order scale resolving simulations
Goddard Friberg, Mariel Dalmi Dong Wu Stereo imaging technique for studying PBL dynamics and machine leaning technique for evaluating solar irradiances
Astrobiology Garcia, Amanda Kathryn Betul Kacar The deep history of nitrogenases: Connecting the geochemical record of nitrogen fixation to isotopic signatures
Goddard Greeley, Ashley Diemer Shrikanth Kanekal Storm time evolution of relativistic and ultra-relativistic PADs
Ames Guttmann, linda April Elizabeth Ronca Are the aging-like effects of microgravity in the immune system and vasculature preventable by quenching the mitochondrial ROS?
Goddard Hayes, Laura Ann Steven Christe Quasi-Periodic Pulsations: A Key to Understanding Fundamental Processes in Solar Flares
GISS Hickman, Jonathan E Gavin Schmidt Past and future impacts of agriculture on atmospheric chemistry, human health, and radiative forcing
JPL Jost, Bernhard Paul Johnson Kinetics study of hydrated sodium minerals for quantitative lifetime prediction on Europa’s icy surface
Goddard Khostovan, Ali Ahmad Sangeeta Malhotra Evolution of Star Formation Processes using the Largest Narrowband, Emission Line Surveys: Preparing for the Next-Generation Telescopes
JPL Kim, Han Kyul (Kyra) John T. Reager Impacts of groundwater depletion on groundwater quality in the Central Valley, CA – Insights from GRACE, InSAR, and Reactive Transport Modeling.
JSC Konecke, Brian Allen Kevin Righter Elucidating the volatile budgets and redox evolution of lunar magmas using state-of-the-art high precision analytical techniques (SIMS, XANES, EPMA)
Goddard Kotsakis, Alexander Ernst Thomas Hanisco Characterizing temporal and spatial variability of Pandora ozone measurements over land-water pollution gradients
Goddard Kramer, Ryan Joseph Lazaros Oraiopoulos The influence of land-atmosphere interactions on precipitation from an energy perspective
Goddard Kruse, Ethan Alexander Elisa Quintana Searching for planets in the TESS full-frame images
Goddard Lahmers, Timothy Martin Joseph A. Santanello, Jr. Evaluating the impact of fully distributed hydrologic processes on the water and energy cycle of the Colorado Basin using the LIS/WRF-Hydro system
Langley Lei, Liqiao Timothy A. Berkoff The impact of air quality by ozone and aerosol in the wildfire emission
GISS Lerner, Paul Edmond Anastasia Romanou Biogeochemical Impacts of Marine Dissolved Oxygen and Carbon Feedbacks
JSC Lewis, Jonathan Alan Francis McCubbin Reassessing Chlorine and Fluorine Abundances in Chondrites
JPL Longo, Marcos Sasan Saatchi Losses and Gains of Carbon From Degraded Forests in the Brazilian Amazon: a Remote Sensing and Modeling Study
Marshall Malacaria, Christian Colleen Wilson-Hodge FENIX: a joint Fermi/GBM, NICER, STROBE- X proposal for accreting X-Ray Pulsars
Goddard Mason, Emily Lee Michael D. Smith Revisiting atmospheric retrievals for the Mars Exploration Rover Miniature Thermal Emission Spectrometer
JPL Mohamed, Mohamed Sabry Abdel-Aliem Siamak Forouhar Development of a Coherent Solid State Light Source for Spectroscopic Applications
JPL Mulholland, Sean Nan Yu Trapped-ion space optical clock
Goddard Neveu, Svetlana Barbara A. Cohen Measuring shock on Mars using microspectroscopy: Recommendations for geochronology studies on returned samples
Goddard New, David Andrew Nathan Arnold Implementing a unified turbulence-shallow convection parameterization in NASA GEOS
Goddard Olsen, Kira Gordon Terry Anthony Hurford Tidal Forcing on Icy Satellites: Seismic Investigation into an Antarctic Analog
Marshall Panchapakesan, Subramania Athiray Amy Renee Winebarger Constraining the timescale of energy deposition in corona
Ames Paul, Amber Marie April Elizabeth Ronca Altered Gravity during Space Flight contributes to Immune Dysfunction through Stress-induced Heat Shock Proteins
JPL Probst, Alena Mark D. Hofstadter IPED - Impact of the Probe Entry zone on the trajectory and probe Design
Ames Randolph-Flagg, Noah G Tori Hoehler Habitability of hydrothermal systems on ocean worlds
Astrobiology Robinson, Kirtland John Jeffrey Seewald Organic Nitrogen Compounds as Temperature, pH, and Redox Indicators for Icy Ocean Worlds
JPL Roman, Alberto Paul R. Lundgren Volcano Physical Modeling of Multi-Source Systems
Goddard Roth, Nathaniel Xavier Stefanie Milam Revealing the History of the Early Solar System: a multi-wavelength synergistic study of comet volatiles using next-generation ground- and space-based platforms
Goddard Rufai, Odutayo Raji George V. Khazanov Theoretical analysis of broadband plasma waves in the Earth's radiation belts
Marshall Samanta, Tanmoy Alphonse Sterling Investigate the generation mechanism of solar spicules and their role in coronal heating
Langley Sanchez, Kevin Joseph Richard Moore Proposed aircraft aerosol and cloud analysis to quantify the effect of long-range transport particles on remote marine cloud properties
Ames Sengupta, Debanjan Jeff Cuzzi Transport of Volatiles in Protoplanetary Nebulae: Connecting Observations with Global Simulations
Goddard Simkus, Danielle Nicole Jamie Elsila Cook Investigating the Stable Isotopic Ratios and Enantiomeric Compositions of Alcohols in Carbonaceous Chondrites
GISS Sinclair, Kenneth Allan Mahmood Bagheri Interband Cascade Optical Frequency Comb Spectroscopy of C-H bonds
JPL Sterczewski, Lukasz Antoni Mahmood Bagheri Interband Cascade Optical Frequency Comb Spectroscopy of C-H bonds
Goddard Stovall, Atticus Eythan LeMay Temiola Fatoyinbo Improving Airborne and Spaceborne Biomass Estimates through Plot-level Calibration and Validation using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Goddard Tweedy, Olga Valeryevna Luke Oman Causes of variability of the tropical lower stratosphere composition
Goddard Ugelow, Melissa Carrie Anderson Laboratories Studies of UV-Irradiated Titan Stratospheric Ices spanning 0.85 to 200 μm
Ames Venuti, Laura Steve B. Howell Young star variability and star multiplicity at the epoch of planet formation
Marshall Vigil, Genevieve Denae Amy Renee Winebarger Heliophysics Sounding Rocket Group Instrumentation and Data Analysis for Investigation of the Solar Atmosphere
JPL Villarreal, Michaela Nicole Carol Raymond Quantifying the Magnetic Perturbation Due to Plasma Interaction with Europa
Goddard Wadiasingh, Zorawar Zaven Arzoumanian Advancing Models of Orbitally-Modulated High-Energy Emission From Millisecond Pulsar Binaries and NICER Targets
Goddard Wales, Pamela Adelaide Steven Pawson Satellite-Based Retrievals of Tropospheric BrO and the Impact of Tropospheric Bromine on the Polar Oxidative Capacity
JPL Walter, Alexander B Matt Shaw Multiplexing Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors for Mid-IR Exoplanet Transit Spectroscopy
Ames Waters, Samantha Marie David Joseph Smith Methylation Sequencing of Bacterial Isolates After Long-Term Exposure to a Mars Analog
Langley Welsh, Jason Richard Xu Liu PCRTM algorithm validation study over the Midwest: Examination of high ozone events occurring in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area
JPL Wenger, Tobias Alexander Soibel High-operating temperature infrared detectors utilizing metasurface-based optics for CubeSats
Langley Wiggins, Elizabeth Brooke Richard Moore Particle Emissions from Biomass Burning and their Impact on Air Quality, Atmospheric Processes, and Climate
Ames Wilburn, Paul Alfonso Davila Very Dry Traits: a Model-Based Framework for Hyperarid Habitability
Goddard Wold, Isak George Bayard James E Rhoads An Unbiased View of Lya Evolution out to Cosmic Dawn
Marshall Wood, Joshua Randall C. Michelle Hui Understanding Jet Physics in Short Gamma-ray Bursts
JPL Wood, Michael Hamilton Ian Fenty Ice-Ocean Feedbacks in West Greenland: Glacier Evolution, Freshwater Discharge, and Ocean State in Baffin Bay 1992-2018
Astrobiology Yesilbas, Merve Janice Bishop Exploring hydrated minerals and cryosalts on Mars by bridging laboratory analogues with Martian orbit data
JPL Zinke, Robert Wayne Eric J. Fielding Determining lithospheric rheology in under-explored tectonic settings using InSAR measurements of postseismic deformation and physics-based models
JPL Zuraski, Kristen Lynn Stanley Paul Sander The Role of Water in Atmospheric Reactions: Understanding the Kinetic Effects and Implications of Water Adducts on Ozone Depletion

Center NPP Fellow NPP Advisor Research Proposal Title
Goddard Allen, Veronica Amber Steven Charnley Observational and Theoretical Studies of Interstellar Pre-biotic Molecules
Goddard Alzate, Nathalia Nicholeen Viall-Kepko Identifying Coronal Sources of the Variable Slow Solar Wind
Marshall Bang, Sarah Doherty Daniel Cecil Evolution and Passive Microwave Signatures of Hail-Producing Severe Convection
Goddard Barua, Shiblee Ratan Paul N. Romani Calculation of low-temperature ab initio reaction kinetics for Titan conditions (FLaRe ISFM) and Cool Exoplanet environments (SEEC ISFM)
JPL Buhler, Peter Benjamin Sylvain Piqueux The Genesis and Preservation of the Buried CO2 Ice in the Martian South Polar Cap
Goddard Burns, Eric Kayser Judith Racusin Searching for Electromagnetic Signals in Coincidence with Gravitational Waves with the Fermi Space Telescope and the Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission
JPL Byrne, Brendan Keith Aidan Junjie Liu Constraining carbon fluxes in northern regions by combining constraints from multiple atmospheric CO2 observing systems
Goddard Chatterjee, Kausik Alex Glocer A Flux-Corrected Transport Based Hydrodynamic Model for Habitability Study of Terrestrial Exoplanets
JPL Chen, Christine P. Imran Mehdi Terahertz Technology Development: Systematic Characterization of THz Waveguides in Transceiver Integration for Future Space Exploration
JPL Coker, Carl Thomas Stuart Shaklan A High-Contrast, High-Resolution IFU and Coronagraph for Large, Segmented-Aperture Telescopes
Astrobiology Conlin, Peter Lawrence William Ratcliff Experimentally investigating the origin and consequences of fitness decoupling during the transition to multicellularity
Goddard Cremons, Daniel Russell Xiaoli Sun 3-D Spectroscopic Lidar for Planetary Transient Volatile Measurement
Goddard Crismani, Matteo Michael James Geronimo L. Villanueva Martian Volatile Transport from TGO and JWST with Aeronomic Insights from MAVEN
Goddard Croteau, Michael Joseph Bryant D Loomis Optimal combination of GRACE, satellite altimetry, and GPS observations for improved estimates of cryospheric and hydrologic mass variability
Goddard Curran, Natalie Mary Helena Bridget Barbara A. Cohen Geochronology of terrestrial analog samples using the KArLE instrument for in situ dating on Mars
Langley Dawson, Kyle William Richard A. Ferrare Investigating aerosol microphysical properties near and below clouds as retrieved by multiwavelength lidar measurements
Goddard Delgado-Bonal, Alfonso Alexander Marshak Entropy of radiation in climate analysis
GISS Dhungel, Shradda Susanne E. Bauer Using an aerosol microphysical model to improve GCM performance in South Asia: Reducing the low pollution bias of GISS-E2 climate model through the incorporation of MATRIX
JPL Edwards, Peter Henry James L Lambert Next generation Raman/LIBS spectrometer for Lunar, asteroid and Icy Moon Exploration
Goddard Emberson, Robert Alexander Dalia Kirschbaum Near Real-time Dynamical Risk Assessment for Landsliding
JPL Erwin, Andrew C Talso Chui A Planetary Broadband Seismometer (PBBS) for the Moon and the Ocean Worlds
Astrobiology Fares, Hadi Christine Keating Impact of the Wet/Dry Cycle on Protocells
Goddard Felikson, Denis Sophie Nowicki Calibrated sea-level rise projections from the Greenland Ice Sheet: Mapping and modeling dynamic ice loss
Goddard Florian, Michael Kenneth Jane Rigby The Inner Lives of Distant Galaxies
Ames Gilbert, Rachel Rene Sharmila Bhattacharya Simulating and measuring spaceflight-induced changes in a host-pathogen system
Langley Gildersleeve, Samantha Catherine McGinley Validation Experiments for Turbulent Separated Flows
JPL Girona, Társilo Vincent James Realmuto Connecting volcanic degassing patterns to subsurface magmatic processes
JPL Hemmati, Shoubaneh Eric M. Huff LSST+WFIRST Data-Driven Simulation: Beating the Systematics in Weak Lensing Size Magnification
JPL Innocenti, Maria Elena Marco Velli A multi-scale approach to reconnection and turbulence in the heliosphere
Langley Jang, Hyun-Sung Xu Liu Use of model-derived near-surface temperature and moisture information as pseudo channels for improving CLARREO temperature and moisture retrieval
JPL Jasinski, Jamie Matthew Neil Murphy The Role of the Solar Wind in Driving Saturn’s Magnetosphere
Goddard Kerr, Graham Stewart Joel Allred Understanding the Flaring Chromosphere
Goddard Kierans, Carolyn Elizabeth Hays Gamma-ray line astronomy with AMEGO
Goddard Kim, Grace Eunhae Antonio Mannino Advancement and validation of ocean color satellite algorithms using next-generation sequencing techniques for surface ocean microbial community analysis
JPL KLEIN, Jean-Patrice Michel Lee-Lueng Fu The Ocean Energy Budget from Space: A new methodology to exploit the unique characteristics of SWOT observations
JPL Kraus, Hannes Corey J. Cochrane Silicon Carbide Spin Center Engineering for Sensing Applications – SicStSense
Goddard Krupar, Vratislav Adam Szabo Heliospheric Radio Measurements Applicable to Space Weather Forecasting
Goddard Kumar, Pankaj Judy Karpen A study of coronal jets: are they mini-CMEs?
Marshall Lackeos, Kristen Ann Tyson B. Littenberg Advancing Space-Based Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detection with Time-Dependent Gravitational Wave Searches and Low-Latency Source Analysis
JPL Maestrini, Alain Eric Imran Mehdi First ultra-compact dual-channel low noise Schottky receiver at 1THz and 2THz for atmospheric science and planetology
JPL Marocco, Federico Peter R. Eisenhardt Characterizing the substellar neighborhood with CatWISE
JPL Masters, Daniel Jason Rhodes Data-driven Approaches to Scientific Challenges in the Era of Euclid and WFIRST Postdoc
JPL Milliner, Chris William Douglas Andrea Donnellan Geodetic Imaging and Elastic Damage Models to Improve Finite-Fault Inversions Using QuakeSim
Ames Min, Jee-Eun Liane S. Guild Development of semi-analytical algorithm for water quality monitoring using airborne radiometer data in the west coast of the USA
Goddard Moriarty III, Daniel Patrick Noah Petro The Evolution of the Lunar Crust and Upper Mantle as Revealed by South Pole - Aitken Basin: An Approach Integrating Multiple Datasets
Astrobiology Mullen, Andrew David Britney Schmidt Digital Holographic Microscopy on the Icefin Underwater Antarctic Vehicle: Technology & Science Development for Icy Worlds
JPL Nierenberg, Anna Mercedes Leonidas A. Moustakas The nature of dark matter on small scales.
Goddard Noble, Scott Charles Jeremy Schnittman Radiative GRMHD Simulations of Compact Binary Systems
Langley Pandit, Amit Kumar Jean-Paul Vernier Investigation of the response of cirrus clouds to increase in UTLS aerosol load.
Goddard Panka, Peter Alexander Diego Janches New look at the nighttime mesosphere-lower thermosphere through multi-channel SABER/TIMED observations
JPL Pascolini-Campbell, Madeleine Anne John T. Reager measuring human impacts on the global water and energy cycle using GRACE and SMAP
JPL PETUYA, Claire Mathieu Choukroun Stability of clathrate hydrates on Titan and effect on outgassing to the atmosphere
JPL Pulvirenti, Fabio Sebastiano Paul R. Lundgren Investigating El-Mayor Cucapah earthquake coseismic and postseismic deformation by Finite Element models using InSAR and GPS data
JPL Razzell Hollis, Joseph Jonathan Luther Beegle Advanced Spectral Analysis for the SHERLOC Instrument
Goddard Rhodes, Dov J William Farrell Optimizing Safety and Reliability of Astronauts and Equipment in Airless Environments
Ames Ruaud, Maxime Uma Gorti Chemistry in protoplanetary disks
Glenn Santos, Alison Renee Gary W. Hunter Venusian weathering pertaining to radar bright surfaces and scientific instrumentation
SSERVI Schaible, Micah J Thomas Orlando Low energy electron and electrostatically charged dust grain interactions with organic molecules on airless bodies
Goddard Schonfeld, Sam James A Klimchuk Studying coronal heating using data driven active region modeling
Ames Steakley, Kathryn Elizabeth Melinda A. Kahre Investigating the Reducing Greenhouse Hypothesis for Early Mars
Astrobiology Szeinbaum, Nadia Jennifer Glass Synthetic microbial communities as a tool to understand metabolic success: the role of microbial interactions leading to the Great Oxidation Event
Goddard Tanyas, Hakan Dalia Kirschbaum Capturing the coupled effect of earthquake and rainfall in a near real-time predictive landslide model
Ames Thomson, Seamus David Richard Quinn Image Processing and Electrochemistry for Icy World Instrumentation
JSC Thorpe, Michael Terrance Elizabeth B. Rampe Tracking the Fine-Grained Component of Basaltic Sediment in Aqueous Systems as an Analog for Mars
Langley Tomsche, Laura John B. Nowak Ammonia Measurements by PTR-ToF-MS in support of FIREX-AQ
Langley Travis, Katherine Rose James H. Crawford Relating Satellite Retrievals of HCHO, NO2, and Aerosols to Regional Air Quality
Glenn Upadhyay, Puja Khairul Zaman Fundamental studies of boundary layer ingesting propulsors and thermal mixing layers
Langley Vaillant de Guélis, Thibault David M. Winker Combining spaceborne lidar observations to construct a consistent multi-decade cloud climate data record
Astrobiology van de Velde, Sebastiaan Andy Ridgwell Ocean redox, nutrient availability, and the evolution of Earth’s biosphere
Ames Viola, Donna Chris McKay Equatorial Alpine Glaciers as a Mars Analog
Ames Wadsworth, Jennifer Louise Richard Craig Everroad Genomics approach for efficient screening of biomarker evolution and distribution
JPL Yi, Yonghong Charles Miller Developing an integrated modeling framework to characterize soil moisture effects on boreal-arctic soil freeze/thaw dynamics and cold-season carbon emissions

Center NPP Fellow NPP Advisor Research Proposal Title
Goddard Atkinson, Dani Eleanor Bernard Rauscher Near-Infrared Array Detector Characterization and Optimization for JWST and WFIRST
Goddard Attie, Raphael William Pesnell Tracking Active Region photospheric and coronal activity with SDO
JPL Bagnardi, Marco Paul R. Lundgren MaSTER – Magma Storage and Transport in Extensional Regimes: integrated studies of Hawaiian and Icelandic volcanoes.
JSC Barnes, Jessica Francis McCubbin Using apatite to understand the history of magmatic volatiles in the lunar interior
Astrobiology Bhowmik, Subhendu Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy Emergence of RNA: Peptide based prebiotic catalysts for the phosphorylation, polymerization, ligation and replication of RNA monomers and oligomers
Astrobiology Bodman, Eva Helene LaFrance Steve Desch Chemically Characterizing Exoplanet Interiors from Dust Tails
JPL Bordeenithikasem, Punnathat Douglas Hofmann Highly efficient thin cryo thermal radiators made from metallic glass
JPL Brancato, Virginia Eric Rignot Investigating short-term ice dynamics in Greenland and Antarctica
Langley Brown, Matthew Donald Luke Ziemba Advancing High-Altitude Observation through the Development of an Upper Tropospheric, Lower Stratospheric Aerosol Measurement Package (UTLS-AMP)
Goddard Bruno, Alessandro Georgia de Nolfo Comprehensive measurements of solar energetic particles with space-based experiments
Goddard Bult, Peter Tod E. Strohmayer Decoding the X-ray Variability of Accreting Millisecond Pulsars with NICER
JPL Caravan, Rebecca Louise Carl Percival The Impact of Criegee Intermediate Chemistry on Air Quality: Potential Aerosol Formation Pathways in the Troposphere
JPL Caron, Lambert Erik Ivins Uncertainty Quantification of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Corrections for GRACE with Bayesian Inversions
Astrobiology Carrera, Daniel Eric B Ford Composition of small transiting planets
Ames Cencetti, Michele Lynne Martin Public User Interface for UAS Traffic Management System
GISS Colose, Christopher Matthew Tony Del Genio Exploring the Sensitivity of Climate Across a Range of Obliquities in NASA’s Planetary GCM for NExSS
Goddard Connors, Jake Anthony Edward J. Wollack Towards Photon-Counting Kinetic Inductance Detectors for Far-Infrared Spectroscopy
Goddard Cosentino, Richard Gene Amy Simon Turbulence and Convection in Jupiter's Atmosphere
Goddard Cumbee, Renata Sade Robert Petre Towards accurate charge exchange diagnostics for X-ray emitting astrophysical plasmas
Goddard Dal Canton, Tito Jordan Camp Enhancements to a joint search between compact binary coalescence events from Advanced LIGO and gamma-ray bursts from the Fermi GBM detector
Ames Ekelschot, Dirk Scott Murman Development of an adjoint-based anisotropic hp-adaptation strategy for complex unsteady compressible flows
JSC EL-Shenawy, Mohammed Paul B. Niles Stable isotope signature in Martian carbonates: Insights into aqueous processes on Mars.
Goddard Espinosa, William Reed Robert Levy Aerosol models derived from airborne in situ measurements and their application to the MODIS and VIIRS retrieval algorithms
JPL Ewall-Wice, Aaron Michael Joseph Lazio Illuminating the First X-ray Sources with Radio Observations
Goddard Faggi, Sara Michael J. Mumma Cosmogonic Indicators in Comets: Targeting a quantum leap using new-generation IR high-resolution echelle spectrometers
Goddard Flower, Verity Jade Baker Ralph A. Kahn Exploiting MISR data to compare ash particle characteristics in volcanic plumes generated by multiple volcanoes on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia.
Astrobiology Frenkel-Pinter, Moran Loren Williams Prebiotic Self-Assembly of plausible proto-depsipeptides
JPL Giles, Rohini Sara Glenn S. Orton Supporting the Juno mission with ground-based 5-μm spectroscopy
Ames Glombitza, Clemens Tori Hoehler Microbial sulfate reduction in serpentinizing rocks
Goddard Grubbs, Guy Alan Marilia Samara Estimating ionospheric conductivities and precipitating electrons during auroral displays using an integrated magnetosphere-ionosphere transport model
JPL Gualandi, Adriano Zhen Liu Independent Component Analysis of combined geodetic observables: application to California
Langley Halliday, Hannah Selene Glenn Diskin An Airborne Mid-IR Carbonyl Sulfide Measurement Incorporated as a 4th Channel in the NASA DACOM Instrument
JPL Handwerger, Alexander Eric J. Fielding Using radar interferometry and pixel offset tracking to understand mechanisms that control landslide dynamics
Astrobiology Heays, Alan Nelson James Lyons Explaining isotope fractionation of sulphur in the Archean atmosphere
JPL Hofgartner, Jason Daniel Bonnie Buratti Enigmatic Features on Pluto and Volatile Transport on Kuiper Belt Objects
Ames Jha, Vandana Melinda A. Kahre Evaluations of global model predictions of dust and water cycle interactions on the climate of MARS: Investigating the role of cloud formation processes on dust deposition, vertical distribution and lifting
Langley Judd, Laura Margaret James H. Crawford Characterizing aerosol (and other a priori) influences on space-based geostationary trace gas column retrievals
Ames Juran, Cassandra Eduardo Almeida The regulatory effect of gravity loading on p21 expression in mouse stem cells: Proliferation, Osteoblast Differentiation, and Osteoclastogenesis control.
JPL Kehl, Florian Peter Willis Astrobiology Platform for In-Situ Analysis of Prebiotic Compounds on Mars, Icy Worlds and beyond
Goddard Kohler, Erika Joseph Andrew Nuth Experimental Determination of Mineral Stability with Applications to Refractory Cloud Formation in Extrasolar Planetary Atmospheres and Brown Dwarfs
JPL Lainey, Valéry Jacques Ryan Park Determination of tidal parameters at multiple frequencies within Jupiter and Saturn from ground and space data
Goddard LEE, SUNHEE David Gary Sibeck The Effects of Cold Dense Plasma and Heavy Ions on Magnetic Reconnection at the Earth’s Magnetopause
JPL Lethuillier Le Toquin, Anthony Albert Mark D. Hofstadter Study of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko’s nucleus at millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths
JSC Lewis, Ernest K. Aaron Burton Exploration of in situ Molecular Surface Imaging via Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry applied to Mars Analog Perchlorates and Meteorite Surfaces.
Goddard Lewis, James Michael Timothy Jennifer Eigenbrode 1 Mineral-organic associations in Mars’ sedimentary record and their impact on current and future experiments of the Mars Science Laboratory and ExoMars missions
Goddard Logsdon, Sarah Elizabeth Mike McElwain Using Keck/MOSFIRE as a Testbed for Brown Dwarf Studies with JWST/NIRSpec and JWST Commissioning
JPL Majumdar, Liton Karen Willacy Complex Organic Molecules: From Pre-stellar Core to Planetary Systems
Goddard Mason, James Paul Charles Nickolos Arge Establishing Empirical and Physics-Based Relationships Between Coronal Dimming and Coronal Mass Ejections
Ames Matson, Rachel Steve B. Howell Stellar Multiplicity and Star Formation
Goddard McKay, Adam Joseph Michael DiSanti A Multiwavelength Approach to Understanding Oxidation Chemistry in the Early Solar System via Spectroscopic Observations of Comets
Marshall McTernan, Jesse Kane Linda Krause Real-time, Full-scale Test Environment for Low-Earth Orbit Plasma Simulations
JPL Merson, Alexander Jason Rhodes Simulating the Euclid cosmological survey
Goddard Miller, Daniel John Kerry Meyer Simultaneous optimal inversion of aerosol and cloud properties during ORACLES using passive total and polarized reflectances
JPL Moeller, Gregor Anthony Mannucci Analysis of the lower Martian atmospheric structure by combined processing of radio occultation and climate sounder measurements
Goddard Munsell, Erin Brooke Scott Braun Evaluation of the predictability and dynamics of the rapid intensification of tropical cyclones through ensemble-based data assimilation of GOES-R satellite observations
JPL Nemchick, Deacon James Brian J. Drouin High-Resolution Submillimeter and Terahertz Spectroscopic Characterization of Atmospherically Relevant Radical Species in Support of Remote Sensing Missions
Goddard Nicely, Julie Thomas Hanisco Evaluation of Tropospheric Hydroxyl Radical: Using Observations of Convective Transport to Constrain the CH4 Lifetime
Goddard Nna Mvondo, Delphine Carrie Anderson Laboratory Investigations of the Optical and Chemical Properties of Titan’s Stratospheric Ices
GISS Nusbaumer, Jesse Allegra LeGrande Determining the impact of convective cold pools on the climate and hydrology in GISS ModelE2 using water isotopes.
Goddard O'Donoghue, James Ronald James Oliversen Exploring the drivers of auroral and mid-latitude ionospheric variability at Jupiter
JPL Paardekooper, Daniël Mathijs Murthy S Gudipati Chemical Evolution of Complex Prebiotic Molecules in Interstellar Ice
Langley PAN, FANG Seiji Kato Improve the method separating the contribution of atmospheric, surface, and cloud property changes to the observed infrared spectrum
Marshall Panesar, Navdeep kaur Alphonse Sterling A Study of Small-Scale Filament Eruptions that Drive Solar Jets
Goddard Parfrey, Kyle Brad Cenko Relativistic Transients through Global Numerical Simulations
Ames Pariset, Eloise Sylvain V. Costes Genetic Factors and Biomarkers associated to Space Radiation Sensitivity
Goddard Park, Jeewoo Nikolaos Paschalidis Flow Deflection of the Secondary Interstellar Neutral O Atoms
Ames Parworth, Caroline Laura T. Iraci Characterization of Trace Gas Emissions from California Wildfires
Ames Philip, Sajeev Matthew Stephen Johnson Investigation of Biospheric Carbon Dioxide Fluxes using Satellite Observations and Modeling
Goddard Ranc, Clément Geoffrey Jeff Kruk Designing a robust open source modeling code to prepare the WFIRST harvest of data.
Goddard Rani, Bindu David John Thompson Why not all blazars are gamma-ray emitters
SSERVI Rapetti Serra, David Angelo Jack O. Burns Signal extraction from the Dark Ages Polarimeter PathfindER (DAPPER) space mission concept
Glenn Reising, Heath H David Owen Davis Experimental Study of Axisymmetric Shock-Wave/Boundary-Layer Interactions for CFD Validation
Astrobiology Rosas Bonilla, Juan Carlos Jun Korenaga Early Earth Geodynamics and Continental Evolution
JPL Roy, Richard James Ken Cooper An integrated radar and radiometer at 183 GHz for optimized humidity profiling
Ames Rumpf, Clemens Mathis Donovan L. Mathias Integrated Asteroid Impact Risk Assessment Considering Mitigation Capabilities
Goddard Ryan, Daniel Steven Christe Exploring Particle Acceleration in Solar Flares & Their Affect on the Solar Chromosphere
Astrobiology Saunders, Jaclyn K Tanja Bosak Arsenic based metabolisms in the open ocean: an unexplored frontier
Astrobiology Schwieterman, Edward Wade Timothy Lyons Visualizing Alternative Earths Through Time and Space
Ames Sehlke, Alexander Jennifer Heldmann Rheological Evolution of the Craters of the Moon, Idaho: Implications for lava flow morphologies observed by remote sensing
Langley Sejas, Sergio Patrick Charles Taylor An Analysis of the Interannual Top-of-Atmosphere Flux Variability Observed by CERES
JPL Seo, Youngmin Paul F. Goldsmith Life Cycle of the ISM: From Diffuse Interstellar Medium to Stars
Ames Shabram, Megan I Stephen T. Bryson Exoplanet Occurrence Rates from Kepler: Exploring the Effects of Stellar Multiplicity and Reliability
Ames Shannon, Matthew Joshua Christiaan Boersma Harnessing the power of PAHdb in the JWST era
JPL Soja, Benedikt Sebastian Richard Gross Joint Determination of TRF and CRF via Kalman Filtering
Goddard Song, Mimi Amber Straughn Understanding the Evolution of Galaxies in the First Two Billion Years
Astrobiology Speller, Nicholas Colby Amanda Stockton Development of a programmable, comprehensive ionic species analyzer (ISA) for fully automated characterization of hydrated salts on the surface of Europa
Goddard Stauffer, Ryan Michael Anne Thompson Improving NASA Goddard GMI CTM Simulations of Tropospheric Ozone using Self-Organizing Map (SOM) Clustering of Ozonesondes
Goddard Sutterley, Tyler C Thorsten Markus Monitoring recent thinning of Antarctic glaciers with satellite and airborne altimetry data
JPL Tallarida, Nicholas Ryan James L Lambert Life Detection in Water-Ice Matrices
Astrobiology Trembath-Reichert, Elizabeth Jan Amend Stable Isotope Probing and NanoSIMS to determine single cell activity in North Pond basalt-hosted microbial communities
JPL Urbaniak, Camilla Kasthuri Venkateswaran Characterization of the environmental microbiome of the International Space Station
Marshall Virts, Katrina Shannon Richard Blakeslee Analysis of Lightning, Precipitation, and Cloud Properties Using New Satellite Sensors
Goddard Walker, Stephen Alexander Maxim Markevitch The thermal history of galaxy clusters and groups: from the centre to the edge
Ames Walroth, Richard Connor David Blake Development of the Micro X-ray Fluorescence Mapping Instrument (MapX) for Elemental Chemistry Studies
Marshall Wingo, Stephanie Mullins Walter Arthur Petersen Integrating Multi-Sensor Precipitation Observations to Advance Process Studies and Support Hydrologic Applications
Goddard Youngblood, Allison Aki Roberge Predicting the X-ray and UV spectra of M dwarfs from their optical spectra
JPL Yurduseven, Okan Goutam Chattopadhyay Coded Computational Holographic Metasurface Antennas for Radar Remote Sensing and Imaging

Center NPP Fellow NPP Advisor Research Proposal Title
JPL Arabshahi, Shahab Walid Majid Developing the theoretical and observational framework for future multi-wavelength studies of Terrestrial Gamma-ray using space-borne instruments
Goddard Aryan, Homayon David Gary Sibeck The Distribution of Plasmaspheric Hiss, Lower Band Chorus, and Upper Band Chorus Waves as a Function of Geomagnetic Activity and Solar Wind Parameters
Ames Ashley, Trisha Lynn Pamela M. Marcum Understanding Elevated Rates of Star Formation in Isolated Early-Type Galaxies and Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies
Glenn Balcerski, Jeffrey Gary W. Hunter Numerical Modeling and Laboratory Investigation of Surface-Atmosphere Interaction on Venus
Goddard Bard, Chris John Dorelli Simulating Dayside Magnetopause Reconnection with Graphics Processing Units
Ames Bejaoui, Salma Farid Salama implementation of a new laser based spectroscopy to charaterize PAH and soot particul generated in the pulsed discharge plasma source
Ames Bi, Jian Ramakrishna R. Nemani Diagnosis of the terrestrial biosphere processes through merging atmospheric CO2 and satellite remote sensing data
Ames Blonigan, Patrick Joseph Scott Murman Development of Adjoint-based Sensitivity Analysis for LES and DNS
Astrobiology Bowling, Timothy Joseph Simone Marchi Modeling the Origin and Evolution of Habitable Environments in Post-Impact Hydrothermal Systems Beneath Martian Craters
Goddard Buson, Sara David John Thompson Study of gamma-ray blazars and follow up of transients in the multi-messenger era
Ames Carton de Wiart, Corentin Scott Murman Extending a variational multiscale method towards high Reynolds number flows using WMLES and hybrid RANS/LES methodologies
Ames Coban, Oksana Brad Maurice Bebout Nitrogen transformations in microbial mats: Implications for microbial evolution on Earth and the search for life elsewhere
Goddard Coley, Joel Patricia T. Boyd Probing the Long-term Variability and Eclipsing Properties of High-Mass X-ray Binaries Using A Multi-Wavelength, Multi-Mission Approach
JPL Curtis, Aaron Gordon Aaron Parness LEMUR-ISEE: Autonomous ice climbing for life detection on fumarolic ice cave ceilings
Goddard Datta, Rahul Eric Switzer Probing Inflationary Gravitational Waves with the Primordial Inflation Polarization Explorer
Astrobiology Day, Mackenzie David Catling Habitability of ancient martian dunes
JPL Delman, Andrew Tong Lee Satellite Observations and Modeling of Sea Level and Mesoscale Eddy Variability in the Subtropical Southern Indian Ocean
Goddard Diamond, Tiara R George Sonneborn Determination of Initial Conditions of Type Ia Supernovae using Late-TimeNear-Infrared Spectral Observations
Marshall Dimech, Jesse-Lee Renee Weber Applying new seismic analysis techniques to the lunar seismic dataset: New information about the Moon and planetary seismology on the eve of InSight
JPL Fenni, Ines Ziad Haddad Application of the Characteristic Basis Function Method (CBFM) to the Calculation of Scattering Properties of Complex Shape Particles
Goddard Fischer, Travis Amber Straughn Feeding and Feedback in AGN
Goddard Foster, Adrianna Catherine K Jon Ranson Multi-scale modeling of the interaction of climate change and disturbance effects on vegetation growth in the boreal forests of interior Alaska
Astrobiology Gilleaudeau, Geoffrey Ariel Anbar The Cycling of Nitrogen and Transition Metals in Low Oxygen Greenhouse Oceans: Evidence From Redox Proxies, Metal Abundances, and Molybdenum/Nitrogen Isotopes
Goddard Girazian, Zachary Paul Mahaffy Global characterization of the Mars thermosphere and ionosphere with MAVEN’s Neutral Gas and Ion Mass Spectrometer
Ames Hashemi, Kelley Elizabeth Nhan Nguyen Reference System Manipulation for Performance-Focused Adaptive Control
Langley Hegyi, Bradley Patrick Charles Taylor Establishing an Integrative View of the Multi-Scale Variability in the Arctic Sea Ice Utilizing NASA Observations: Remote Dynamical Forcing, Local Feedbacks, and the Role of Initial Melt
Goddard Helson, Kyle Robert Edward J. Wollack Development and Characterization of Millimeter-wave Detectors for Use in Sub-orbital and Satellite Platforms
Goddard Hollibaugh Baker, David Michael Noah Petro Mini-RF radar properties of lunar regolith and pyroclastic deposits
Glenn Johnston, Joel Philip Gary Roberts High Speed Characterization of Deformation and Temperature Fields in Composites due to Impact and Dynamic Loading
Astrobiology Journaux, Baptiste Raphael J. Michael Brown Comprehensive thermodynamics of aqueous solutions and ice for understanding the habitability of extraterrestrial oceans
Goddard Juanola-Parramon, Roser David Leisawitz Demonstrating the Potential of Spectro-Spatial Interferometry to Enable Breakthrough Astrophysics in the Far-Infrared
Goddard Kang, Suk-Bin Mei-Ching Fok Understanding of relativistic electron flux dropouts in the Earth’s radiation belts
Goddard Kay, Christina Nat Gopalswamy Physics-Driven Models for the Expansion and Propagation of CMEs: Effects on Deflection and Rotation
Langley Kim, Man-Hae Ali Omar Aerosol Type Classification by Application of Objective Methods to Remotely Sensed Measurements
JPL Koh, Dayung Rodney Anderson A New Approach for the Computation of Periodic Orbits in Astrodynamics Models
SSERVI Kretke, Katherine Bill Bottke Cosmochemical Keys to the Origin of the Terrestrial Planets
Ames Lafuente-Valverde, Barbara Thomas Bristow Use of clay minerals as paleoenvironmental indicators of the origin of Ediacaran multicellular life in the Doushantuo Formation (South China)
JPL Lei, Yang Robert Treuhaft Generation of the Global Forest Height and Disturbance Maps through the Fusion of NISAR and GEDI: to Regain the Promise of DESDynI
Langley Li, Zhujun Kuan-Man Xu The response of Arctic clouds to lower-troposphere stability change
JPL Liang, Cunren Eric J. Fielding Imaging Earthquakes Using Wide Swath SAR Interferometry
Goddard Mahmoodifar, Simin Tod E. Strohmayer Probing the interior composition of neutron stars with X-ray observations
KSC Mickens, Matthew Gioia Massa The Use of Light Quality, Intensity, and Spectrum to Increase Biomass and Metabolite Production in Plants
JPL Milillo, Pietro Eric Rignot Studies of ice stream dynamics using short-time series of 3D-InSAR acquisitions.
Ames Moreno, Adam La Salle Ramakrishna R. Nemani Quantifying Climate Thresholds and Triggers that Cause Forest Disturbance in Western North America – Towards an Environmental Early Warning System
Goddard Mosby, Greg Bernard Rauscher Laying the Foundation to Find Life with HgCdTe Detectors
JPL Nakayama, Yoshihiro Dimitris Menemenlis Towards better simulations of ice/ocean coupling in the Amundsen Sea Sector, West Antarctica, using a coupled ice-sheet ocean model
KSC neelam, srujana Ye Zhang LINC dependent effect of microgravity on nuclear shaping and gene expression in breast epithelial cells
NASA HQ Neveu, Marc Michael Howard New Fostering the Astrobiological Exploration of Ocean Worlds
JPL Nordheim, Tom Andre Kevin Hand An investigation of the carbon and nitrogen chemistry of Saturn’s icy moons
Langley Ortiz, Macarena D Constantine Lukashin Parameterization of Cloud Variables in Global Climate Models using Artificial Neural Network Approach
Langley Paredes Gonzalez, Pedro Meelan Choudhari Transition Modeling for Aerodynamic Applications
Goddard Poinar, Kristin Sophie Nowicki Investigating internal controls on the flow of the Greenland Ice Sheet through remote sensing and modeling
Ames Rader, Erika Jennifer Heldmann Eruptive rates of pyroclastic lunar vents: Constraints from experiments on terrestrial analogues and thermal modeling
Langley Ravindran, Sreekanth Steve Woodruff Turbulence Modelling for Aerodynamic Applications
Goddard Richardson, Jacob Jacob E. Bleacher Role of magmatic hot zones in the lithospheric evolution of Mars and Earth
Goddard Rizzo, Maxime Jean Aki Roberge Direct Observations of Exoplanets from Space: Characterizing and Improving the Instruments of Tomorrow
Ames Rushby, Andrew Jon Natalie Batalha Exploring Biogeochemical Effects on Long Term Habitability: Revisting the Methanogen Biosphere
Goddard Saxena, Prabal Avi Mandell Transit Signatures of the Equilibrium Tide of Close-In Exoplanets: Probing Interiors, Spin States and Climate from Asphericity
Goddard Schiller, Quintin Shrikanth Kanekal On the solar cycle dependence of magnetospheric electron populations
Langley Schroeder, Jason James H. Crawford Using airborne measurements to improve our understanding of satellite retrievals in the context of air quality
Ames Scipioni, Francesca Dale P. Cruikshank Composition analysis Pluto and Charon using New Horizons/Ralph spectrometer data
Goddard Sewilo, Marta Jennifer Wiseman A Panchromatic View of Star Formation in Different Environments in the Galaxy
Ames Shannon, Gareth Bayley Andrew Pohorille Molecular Modeling of Protocellular Functions
JPL Shvartzvald, Yosef Charles Beichman Exoplanet Characterization: Microlensing from Space - Spitzer, HST, WFIRST
JPL Sinclair, James Glenn S. Orton Mid-infrared support of NASA's Juno mission
Ames Sorek-Hamer, Meytar Robert Chatfield Localized Characterization of AOD
Goddard Tan, Ivy Lazaros Oraiopoulos The Role of Thermodynamic Phase Shifts in the Interannual Low Cloud Optical Depth Feedback
JSC Thompson, Michelle Susan Lindsay P. Keller Understanding Space Weathering of Carbonaceous Asteroids: Analysis of Experimental Analog Samples in Preparation for Results from Dawn at Ceres, and the OSIRIS-REx and Hayabusa II Sample Return Missions
Goddard Tucker, Orenthal James William Farrell Migration and cold trapping of water products in the lunar environment
Astrobiology Turner, Caroline Vaughn S Cooper Diversification and evolution of synergy in microbial biofilms
Goddard Uhm, Zuhngwhi Lucas Judith Racusin Toward an understanding of GRB prompt emission mechanism: Composition of GRB jets and their radiation mechanism
Goddard Wakeham, Nicholas Megan Eckart Development of Superconducting Transition Edge Microcalorimeters Under Alternating Current Bias for the ATHENA X-ray Integral Field Unit
JPL Walker, Catherine Colello Alex Gardner Understanding glacier response through comparison of marine- and land-terminating glacier changes as measured from space
Astrobiology Wang, Anna Jack Szostak Robust protocell growth and division
JPL Wang, Kuo-Nung Chi Ao Clouds Depth Detection and Climate Observation with GPS Radio Occultation Using Nonlinear Filtering
Astrobiology Weldon, Stephanie Ray John McCutcheon Swapping partners mid-dance: Symbiotic replacement in a tightly integrated intrabacterial, intracellular nested mutualism
Astrobiology Woycheese, Kristin Marie Shuhei Ono Methane and sulfur isotope biogeochemistry of terrestrial serpentinizing fluid seeps in the Zambales ophiolite complex
JPL Yu, Yan Olga Kalashnikova Exploration of the recent increase in dust concentration over the Middle East: contribution from various dust source regions and aerosol-drought feedbacks
JPL zhang, zhimeng Michael Allen Janssen Investigating ground- and spacecraft-based microwave observations of Jupiter

Center NPP Fellow NPP Advisor Research Proposal Title
GISS Alexander, Patrick Allegra LeGrande Evaluation and improvement of climate model-simulated snow density over ice sheets for improved accuracy of mass balance estimates
Ames Alpaslan, Mehmet Pamela M. Marcum Studying the impact of large scale environment on galaxy properties
Goddard Andrews, Lauren Thomas Neumann Directly Constraining the Role of Enhanced Basal Lubrication on Greenland Ice Sheet Mass Loss
Goddard Arney, Giada Shawn Domagal-Goldman The Diversity of Aerosols in Terrestrial Atmospheres
Goddard Baecker, Bastian Barbara A. Cohen Noble Gas Study to Constrain the Parent Body History of Mesosiderites and a Possible Link to HED (Howardites-Eucrite-Diogenite) Meteorites
Ames Bergman, Dean Brian Glass Using Vibration Analysis to Detect Faults in an Interplanetary Drill
JPL Betremieux, Yan Mark Swain An atmospheric retrieval algorithm for exoplanet transmission spectroscopy which includes refraction
JPL Bull, Philip James Olivier Doré Measuring ultra-large scales in cosmology with radio intensity mapping experiments
Astrobiology Burcar, Bradley Nicholas Hud Investigation and Polymerization of Supramolcular Assemblies of Triazine, Purine, and Pyrimidine Derivatives in the Search for Proto-RNA
Ames Bywaters, Kathryn Faye Richard Quinn Organics Exposure in Orbit (OREOcube)
JPL Carrier, Brandi Luther Beegle Survival and Detection of Biosignatures in Extraterrestrial Environments
Goddard Castro, Daniel Elizabeth Hays Understanding Particle Acceleration: The Remnants of Supernova Explosions and their Shocks
JPL Chew, Clara Anthony Mannucci Remote sensing using GNSS reflected signals
JPL Cich, Matthew James Brian J. Drouin Accurate Determination of Spectral Line Shapes of CO2 in the 2.1 μm Region
Ames Clanton, Christian Dwain Michael Robert Haas Constraining Models of Planet Formation by Completing the Exoplanet Census
Ames Cody, Ann Marie Steve B. Howell K2 Observations of Young Star Clusters
JPL Creamer, Jessica Stephens Peter Willis Microfluidic Life Analyzer (MILA)
Langley Crosbie, Ewan Bruce E Anderson Aerosol and cloud microphysics characterization
JPL Denbina, Michael William Marc Simard Radar Remote Sensing of Vegetation
Goddard Dezfuli, Amin Charles Ichoku Precipitation and biomass burning interaction in northern sub-Saharan Africa
Langley Disotell, Kevin James Catherine McGinley Benchmark Experiments on an Axisymmetric Ramp Flow: A Test Case for Assessment of Turbulent Separation Prediction Tools
Langley Dodson, Jason Patrick Charles Taylor Monthly Covariability of Amazonian Convective Cloud Properties and Radiative Diurnal Cycle
Goddard Duncanson, Laura Compton J. Tucker Individual tree dynamics in Alaska
GISS Ebihara, Yuka Tony Del Genio Distribution of Water Vapor and Clouds of Terrestrial Planets around the Late-type Stars and the Observable Signatures
Astrobiology Efthymiou, Tim Christian Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy Study of a Novel Acyclic Oligonucleotide as an RNA Progenitor and Mimic
Goddard Fauchez, Thomas Jean Daniel Steven Edward Platnick Investigation 3-D radiative transfer in cirrus clouds and the implications for MODIS-like retrievals using solar reflectance and IR observations
Goddard Feliciano, Emanuelle Antonio Temiola Fatoyinbo Remote Sensing Assessments of Gabon Forested Wetlands: Mangrove Vertical Structure and Above-Ground Biomass Estimation Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner, Airborne Lidar and Tandem-X Data
Goddard Fischer, William David Leisawitz Analyzing HST Imaging of Spitzer-Selected Young Stellar Objects in Nearby Star Forming Regions
JPL Fournier, Severine Michelle Gierach Application of multi-sensor satellite observations to study river plumes and their relationship with other oceanic biophysical properties
KSC Franco, Carolina Paul Hintze Instrument for Solvent Extraction and Analysis of Extraterrestrial Bodies (ISEE)
Ames Gacesa, Marko Kevin Zahnle Energy-Transfer Collisions and Escape from the Atmospheres of Terrestrial Planets, Satellites and Exoplanets
Ames Gao, Peter Mark Marley Formation and Evolution of Exoplanet Clouds and Hazes
JPL Greenberger, Rebecca Robert O. Green Quantifying homogenization and mixing of impact-disrupted materials: insights into planetary processes with imaging spectroscopy
Ames Hargitai, Henrik Istvan Virginia Claire Gulick Investigation of channel belt morphology on Mars
JPL Henderson, Calen Geoff Bryden Space-based Microlensing Endeavors: Synthesizing Results from K2’s Campaign 9 and Spitzer and Preparing for WFIRST
Langley Hernando Quintanilla, Francisco Cara Leckey Time-domain Elastodynamic Finite Integration Modelling for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Aerospace Composites
Astrobiology Hood, Ashleigh Noah Planavsky Integrated geochemical-petrographic insights on Earth's oxygenation from Precambrian carbonates
Ames Horne, Mera F Chris McKay The Icebreaker Sample Handling System Ð NextGen SPU
JPL Huang, Mong-Han Eric J. Fielding Using space geodesy to probe the lithospheric rheology underneath the Tibetan Plateau
JSC John, Kristen Paul Abell Asteroid & Small Body Research; ISS Payload Developer for Astromaterials
JPL Jun, Hyunsung Daniel Stern The Mass Growth, Structural Evolution, and Environment of the Most Obscured and Unobscured Active Galactic Nuclei
Goddard Kalapotharakos, Konstantinos Alice K Harding High Energy Emission in Pulsar Magnetospheres: Self-Consistent Modeling in the FERMI Era
Ames Karol, Yana Jens Redemann Determination of optical and microphysical properties of atmospheric aerosol from direct solar and sky radiance measurements of the NASA Ames 4STAR instrument
Goddard Kolassa, Jana Rolf Reichle A Neural Network Algorithm for the Retrieval of Soil Moisture from SMAP active and passive microwave observations
Goddard Kostov, Veselin Stephen Rinehart Increasing the Circumbinary Planets Yield from the Kepler Mission
JPL Kramer, Emily Amy Mainzer Characterizing the Differences between Long-Period and Short-Period Comets with WISE
Goddard LaMassa, Stephanie Jane Rigby Rare but Important: Uncovering the Missing Links in Cosmic Black Hole Growth with the “Stripe 82X” X-ray Survey
JPL Li, Cheng Michael Allen Janssen Estimating water, ammonia and dynamics: An inversion strategy of Juno microwave observations
JPL Liao, Tien-Hao Marc Simard L-band Interferometric SAR of Vegetation
Goddard Lindberg, Karl Johan Erik Steven Charnley Observational Studies of the Effects of Irradiation on Protostellar Organic Chemistry - Low-mass Protostars, Massive Protostars and the Solar Nebula
JPL Magney, Troy S Joshua B Fisher Linking Chlorophyll Fluoresence from the Leaf to the Satellite
Ames Marrero, Josette Laura T. Iraci Integration of a new instrument for airborne measurement of formaldehyde and the quantification of its primary and secondary sources in California
Astrobiology McKay, Luke William Inskeep Methane cycling by diverse and ancient extremophiles in Yellowstone hot springs
Glenn Miki, Kenji Meng-Sing Liou LES Modeling of Unsteady Flow for Gas Turbine Combustor and Design Optimization
Goddard Mirabal, Nestor R David John Thompson Machine Learning the Gamma-Ray Universe
JPL Molaro, Jamie L Robert Pappalardo Thermally Induced Breakdown of Airless Body Surfaces
GISS Montes, Carlo Alexander Ruane Evaluating vegetation albedo for a clumped, multi-level canopy radiative transfer scheme and impacts on simulated primary productivity and GISS GCM climate
Langley Moore, Kathleen Kenton Wade Ross Propelling NASA DEVELOP Into a World of Big Data and Broader Impacts
JPL Munoz-Iglesias, Victoria Mathieu Choukroun Experimental Investigation of the Stability, Formation, and Exchanges in Clathrate Hydrates for Outer Solar System Applications
Astrobiology Nakanishi, Nagayasu Mark q Martindale Investigating the early evolution of neuronal signaling mechanisms in animals
Goddard Pacifici, Camilla Jonathan P. Gardner The star formation histories of galaxies up to z=5
JPL Parcheta, Carolyn Karl Mitchell Volcanic Fissure Conduits: 3D imaging and Fluid Dynamical Analysis
Ames Pistone, Kristina Jens Redemann In situ and remotely-sensed radiative effects of absorbing aerosol on clouds
Marshall Quick, Mason Richard Blakeslee Research Proposal
Ames Quintana, Elisa Jack Lissauer Formation and Habitability of Earth-like Planets
Ames Rahman, Asif John Hogan In-Space Biological Manufacturing for Long Duration Missions
Ames Rangwala, Naseem Sean William Colgan Identifying New Molecules from Comparison of Herschel-HIFI Spectra with ab initio Computational Spectra
Astrobiology Riedman, Leigh Anne Andrew Knoll Resolving Early Eukaryotic Evolution with Ultrastructure of Neoproterozoic Microfossils
Goddard Ringerud, Sarah Gail Skofronick Jackson Coupling Land Surface Models and Physical Passive Microwave Precipitation Retrievals for Global Precipitation Measurement
Marshall Roberts, Oliver James Colleen Wilson-Hodge Probing Torque Reversals in Accretion-Powered Pulsars
Ames Rodionova, Olga William Nico Chan Designing arrival and departure routes in the terminal areas with noise constraints
Astrobiology Rooney, Alan Francis Macdonald Constraining the rise of eukaryvory and biomineralization in Neoproterozoic heterotrophic protists
Goddard Ruesch, Ottaviano Keith Noll Ceres's evolution from Dawn orbital data: the role of aqueous alteration on a dwarf planet
Goddard Russell, Christopher Michael Post Timothy Raymond Kallman 3D Hydrodynamic & Radiative Transfer Models of TeV-emitting Compact-Object + Massive-Star Binaries
JPL Serra, Paolo Olivier Doré Constraints on cosmological and astrophysical parameters from the analysis of present and upcoming surveys
Langley Shingler, Taylor John Bruce E Anderson Improving Black Carbon Measurement Agreement by Performing a LARGE Instrument Inter-Comparison and Creating Novel Calibration Standards
JPL Singh, Garima Gene Serabyn Optimizing Coronagraphic Observations of Exoplanets at the Inner Working Angle with Advanced Wavefront Control Techniques
Ames Sirbu, Dan Ruslan Belikov Focal Plane Wavefront Estimation in Broadband Light for High Contrast Imaging
JPL Su, Zhan Ronald Kwok Towards understanding the trend of Antarctic sea-ice using remote sensing
Goddard Sullivan, John Thomas Joseph McGee Utilizing a Transportable Tropospheric Ozone Lidar to Assess and Quantify the Impact of the Chesapeake Bay Breeze Effect on Regional Air Quality
Marshall Sutton, Andrew Martin Charles Weisskopf ULXs: X-ray Observational Studies of Extreme Accretion
Goddard Tan, Boon Sze Jackson Lazaros Oraiopoulos GPM Precipitation Product Validation with Ground-Based Gauges and Radars for Improved Precipitation Estimation
Ames Terada, Masahiro Ruth K. Globus The Evaluation of the Genetic Effects on Bone and Skin by Unloading and/or Irradiation
Langley Thorsen, Tyler Seiji Kato Isolating the radiative effects of observed atmospheric changes using CERES datasets et al.
JPL Treuttel, Jeanne Imran Mehdi A 2 THz radiometer for atmospheric sounding
Ames Umurhan, Orkan Mehmet Jeff Cuzzi Turbulence in protoplanetary disk Dead Zones
Goddard Wakeford, Hannah Ruth Avi Mandell Exoplanet observation and analysis in preparation for JWST
Goddard Webster, Melinda Thorsten Markus A Flatter Arctic Sea Ice Cover
Ames White, Oliver Jeffrey Moore Geomorphological Mapping and Landform Analysis on Pluto
JPL Winiberg, Frank Stanley Paul Sander Investigation of the reaction of HO2 with NO
Goddard Yagci, Ali Levent Joseph A. Santanello, Jr. A Satellite-based Evapotranspiration Retrieval over Local-to-Global Scales in Support of Land Surface, Hydrological, Mesoscale, and Global Climate Models
JPL Yin, Yi Kevin Bowman Fire Data Assimilation System (FireDAS): global fire carbon emission using multiple satellite constraints
Goddard Yoon, Wonsik Caroline A. Kilbourne Microwave Multiplexing of X-ray Microcalorimeters
Goddard Zamora, Lauren Ralph A. Kahn Effects of biomass burning smoke on Arctic net cloud indirect radiation

Center NPP Fellow NPP Advisor Research Proposal Title
Goddard Adande, Gilles Stefanie Milam Nitrogen isotope ratios in the ISM
JPL Adhikari, Surendra Erik Ivins Dynamic Modeling of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Marshall Alexander, Caroline Elizabeth Amy Renee Winebarger Characterizing the small-scale structure and dynamics of the solar corona
JPL Alonso del Pino, Maria Goutam Chattopadhyay A Submillimeter-wave Micro-Lens 2D Phased Antenna Array for Coherent Terahertz Cameras
Goddard Alonzo, Michael Bruce Cook Changes in forest structure from fires on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula measured using airborne lidar
Astrobiology Anderson, Rika Elizabeth Rachel Whitaker Unraveling the impact of ecological selection pressures on the archaeal pangenome
Goddard Angerhausen, Daniel Mark Clampin Passing the exoplanet spectrophotometry torch: from HST and SOFIA to future JWST observations
JPL Ashley, James Warren Matt Golombek Geologic Evaluation of Anomalous Rocks Found at Spirit and Opportunity Rover Sites
Ames Balakrishnan, Shankar Karim Shariff Computer simulation of turbulence
Ames Blaber, Elizabeth Amy Eduardo Almeida Mechanisms of CDKN1a/p21 Inhibition of Tissue Regeneration in Microgravity - Roles of Mechanical Unloading and Oxidative Stress
JPL Bormann, Kathryn Jayne Thomas Painter The snow density predicament: reducing spatial and temporal uncertainty in snow water equivalent retrievals frm remotely sensed data
JSC Boujibar, Asmaa Kevin Righter Structural and chemical evolution of the innermost planets
Goddard Carlberg, Joleen Kenneth Carpenter Proxies of Planet Infall during the Stellar Red Giant Phase: Stellar Winds and Abundance Signatures
Ames Ceze, Marco Antonio de Barros Scott Murman Development of an hp-Adaptation Method for Efficient Simulation of Unsteady Flows
Ames Chakrabarty, Anjan Jeremy Frank Next Generation Planning Methods for Autonomous Aerospace Systems
JSC Chan, Hoi Shan Michael Ewing Zolensky Amino Acids in Primitive Meteorites and their Significance for the Origin of Life
Astrobiology Charnay, Benjamin Victoria Meadows 3D modeling of the cloudy/hazy atmospheres of the early Earth and exoplanets
GISS Corbett, Jane Elizabeth Dorothy Marie Peteet Dissolved organic carbon reactivity and greenhouse gas production in a Hudson River salt marsh
Langley Corr, Chelsea Bruce E Anderson Validation of the Three-Component Aerosol Retrieval (3CAR) of Black Carbon and Light-Absorbing Organic Carbon Products for Urban and Biomass Burning Aerosol
Marshall Daigle, Stephen Michael Brian Donald Ramsey Development of a Compton Scattering Polarimeter for Studying Gamma-Ray Bursts
Goddard Devismes, Damien Barbara A. Cohen New investigations for lunar in situ geochronology: case of the Procellarum KREEP Terrane
Goddard de Wit, Rosmarie Johanna Diego Janches Obtaining SABER mesosphere/lower thermosphere directional net gravity wave forcing using the underlying MERRA winds
Goddard DiBraccio, Gina Anne Jared Espley The effect of solar wind-planetary interactions on atmospheric escape at Mars
Goddard Dow, Christine Fiona Sophie Nowicki A coupled hydrological and ice flexure model for analyzing Antarctic subglacial lake dynamics.
JPL El Bouayadi, Tristan Ossama Ken Cooper Spectrometer & Radar Development from 90 to 600 GHz
JPL Ferraz, Antonio Sasan Saatchi Development of a Novel Approach to Estimate Tropical Forest Volume and Biomass from Multi-‐modal distribution of Airborne Laser Scanning Point Clouds
Ames Garai, Anirban Michael Rogers Large Eddy Simulations of Tip Clearance Flows in Turbomachinery
Goddard Gautier, Thomas Melissa Trainer Optical and Compositional Studies of Titan Aerosols Analogues produced from Nitrogen Bearings Heterocycles
Marshall Goldstein, Adam Colleen Wilson-Hodge Comstraining Cosmology and the Star Formation Rate with Gamma-Ray Burst Temporal and Spectral Properties
Astrobiology Gomes, Maya David Johnston Sulfur isotope variability associated with storm-induced environmental changes in modern lakes: a novel approach for calibrating sulfate levels in ancient oceans
Goddard Graham, Heather Jamie Elsila Cook PAH distribution and isotopic characteristics across meteorite classes
Goddard Gupta, Manika John Bolten Improving soil moisture simulation to support Agricultural Water Resource Management using Satellite-based water cycle observations
Goddard Gutynska, Olga David Gary Sibeck ULF waves in the Earth's magnetosheath
Goddard Hanu, Andrei Stanley D. Hunter Development of the Silicon Micro-Well Detector for the Advanced Energetic Pair Telescope
Goddard Hébrard, Éric Shawn Domagal-Goldman MEASURE : Modeling (Exo)planetary Atmospheres through Sensitivity and Uncertainty REasoning
Ames Hindupur, Aditya John Hogan Engineering Volatile Compound Production and Flavor in Cyanobacteria
JPL Hopkins, Francesca Mia Charles Miller Source attribution of Los Angeles Megacity methane emissions using multiple observations from the local to regional scale
Ames Hsu, Andrew Koushik Datta
Goddard Jaeggli, Sarah Adrian Daw Probing the Structure of the Chromosphere with Molecular Transitions in the UV
Goddard Kang, Do Hyuk Ed Kim Evaluation of terrestrial snow using microwave signatures
Astrobiology Kinnersley, Margie Frank Rosenzweig Co-Evolution of Escherichia coli and its parasite Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus: An experimental model for Eukaryogenesis
Goddard Kirk, Michael Schauber William Pesnell Multi-Scale Analysis of Solar Imagry
JPL Kloosterman, Jenna Lynn Jonathan Kawamura NPP
Ames Kumar, Uttam Ramakrishna R. Nemani Mapping of forest cover using high resolution NAIP data in conterminous United States and time series characterization of surface water bodies using WELD in California
Ames Lee, Dong-Hyun Terry Fong Handrail Estimation for a Free-Flying Robot Perching and Localization in the International Space Station
Goddard Lee, SeungKuk Temiola Fatoyinbo
Goddard Liu, Yi-Hsin Michael Hesse Three-dimensional kinetic study on tail reconnection
Goddard Locmelis, Marek Ricardo Arevalo Understanding the Redox States of Terrestrial Planets and Protoplanets using an Integrated Baseline Database
Goddard Ly, Chun Jane Rigby Investigating Galaxy Evolution at Redshift Below Two with Gas Metallicities of Star-forming Galaxies
JSC Mishra, Ritesh Kumar Justin Simon Constraining Early Solar Irradiations, Provenance of Short-Lived Nuclides from Fossil Records of 32Si in the Solar System's First Solids
Marshall Morin, Cory Dale A. Quattrochi Modeling Spatiotemporal Transmission Dynamics of Dengue Virus over Urban Areas Using Remotely Sensed Environmental Data
Ames Murphy, Thomas Leslie Eileen Bebout
GISS Murray, Lee Thomas Gavin Schmidt Quantifying the chemistry-climate interactions of lightning
Goddard Needham, Debra Hurwitz Jacob E. Bleacher Substrate Properties and their Influence on the Morphology of Planetary Lava Channels
Goddard Nicholls, Stephen Karen Mohr A study of the present and future precipitation climate of the Central Andes
JPL Nunez Rodriguez, Paul Dennis Bertrand Mennesson High-Angular-Resolution Studies of Hot Circumstellar-Dust: Applications to Planet Formation and Planet Direct Detection
Goddard Ostrach, Lillian Rose Noah Petro Gloabal Distribution and Comparison of Impact Melt on the Moon and Mercury
KSC Pearman, Benjamin Luz Marina Calle Sulfonated Polyimides for Self-contained, Self-healing Corrosion Inhibiting Coatings
Langley Phillips, Ben Doyle Peter Alan Parker Experimentation with Constrained Design Space Models
Goddard Rafelski, Marc Jonathan P. Gardner Evolution of the star formation efficiency of neutral hydrogen gas at high redshift
Ames Ryoo, Ju-Mee Laura T. Iraci Verifying urban greenhouse gas emissions
Langley Sawamura, Patricia Chris Hostetler Studying the aerosol properties in the near-cloud transition zone using a an airborne multiwavelength high spectral resolution lidar system
Ames Schlieder, Joshua Thomas Peter Greene Toward Direct Imaging of Low-Mass Gas-Giant Planets with the JWST
Ames Schreurs, Ann-Sofie Ruth K. Globus DNA Damage and Repair in Simulated Spaceflight-induced Bone loss
Goddard Singer, Leo Pound Neil Gehrels Multimessenger Astrophysics with LIGO, Swift, and ZTF
JPL Solomonidou, Anezina Rosaly M.C. Lopes Saturn’s Titan geology: combined analysis and interpretation of Cassini VIMS, RADAR and topography data.
JPL Sonnett, Sarah Amy Mainzer The First Large-Scale Study of Small Body Rotation Properties Beyond the Main Belt: Clues to Solar System Formation
Ames Stephenson, James David Mark Adam Ditzler Coenzymes and the RNA World
Astrobiology Stueeken, Eva Roger Buick Investigating the importance of non-marine environments for the early evolution of life
JPL Tardivel, Simon Andrew Klesh Nanospacecraft for Science at Smal Bodies
JPL Taylor, Stephen Richard Joseph Lazio The Milky Way as a Gravitational Wave Antenna
Marshall Tiwari, Sanjiv K Amy Renee Winebarger Magnetic structure of sites of enhanced coronal heating in a solar active region
Ames Tregloan-Reed, Jeremy James Friedemann T. Freund Global Abiotic Oxidation of the Early Earth and Earth-Like Planets
JPL Walton, Dominic James Daniel Stern Testing Super-Critical Accretion with Extreme Ultraluminous X-ray Sources
JPL Wang, Yi-Hui Timothy Liu The imprint of high sea winds in the extratropics on atmospheric circulation through surface fluxes
Goddard Whelley, Patrick W. Brent Garry Surface roughness of lava on Earth and Mars
Astrobiology Wilbanks, Elizabeth Grace Victoria J. Orphan In situ detection and activity of the ‘intraterrestrials’
Goddard Wyper, Peter Fraser C Richard DeVore From Butterflies to Hurricanes, Tackling the Gulf Between Scales During 3D Solar Eruptions
Ames Xi, Xin Matthew Stephen Johnson modeling the impact of atmospheric nutrient deposition on air-sea CO2 exchange
Langley Yang, Qiguang Xu Liu Radiative Transfer Modeling, Retrieval Algorithm Development for Hyperspectral Remote Sensors

Center NPP Fellow NPP Advisor Research Proposal Title
Goddard Hicks, Brian Richard Lyon Exoplanetary broadband visible nulling coronagraphy and wavefront control
Langley Parsani, Matteo Mark Carpenter Development of stable and efficient high-order accurate solvers for advanced turbulent flow simulations

Center NPP Fellow NPP Advisor Research Proposal Title
GSFC Asfaw, Tilaye Peter MacNeice Nonlinear Force-Free Modeling of the Coronal Magnetic Field in Spherical Geometry
GRC Baker, James Michael Meador Reinforcement of Carbon Nanotube Fibers by Covalent Crosslinking with Reactive Intermediates
NAI Barge, Laura Marie Isik Kanik Proton Motive Force and Electrochemistry: The Essence of Extant Life and the Driving Forces for Life's Origin
MSFC Berndt, Emily Gary Jedlovec Investigation of the Influence of Stratospheric Intrusions on High Impact Non-Convective Wind Events
JPL Brageot, Emily Brian Drouin Development of Next-Generation Multi-Spectral IR/far-IR Radiometers Using Thermopile Arrays for Space Applications
JSC Craig, Patricia Douglas Ming Formation of Sulfates as Acid-Weathering Products of Phyllosilicates: Implications for the Aqueous History of Mars
JPL Elliott, Ben Charles Miller Fundamental Spectroscopy Benchmarks for the Operation of Orbital Measurement Facilities
JPL Fu, Yuning Donald Argus Using GPS and GRACE Measurements to Separate and Quantify the Effects of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment, Current Mass Transport, and Tectonics
GSFC Garcia-Sage, Katherine Thomas Moore Solar Wind-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Through Oxygen Ions
GSFC Guzewich, Scott Michael Smith Characterization of High-Altitude Mars Atmospheric Aerosol Layers
NAI Hamilton, Trinity Jennifer Macalady The Role of Biology in Planetary Evolution: Microbial Primary Production in Proterozoic Oceans
NAI Kacar, Betul Eric Gaucher The Role of Chance and Necessity in Evolution: An Experimental Model to Discover Life's Solutions
JPL Kacimi, Sahra Ziad Haddad Instantaneous Vertical Profiling of Precipitation using Passiv Microwave Radiometers on Megha-Tropiques for GPM
ARC Kim, Hyunjung Terry Fong Design Implications for Supporting Real-Time Remote Science Operations in Robotic Lunar Prospecting
ARC Kim, Jung-Hoon Banavar Sridhar Improvement of the Ensemble-based Aviation Turbulence Forecasts and their Impacts on the Air Traffic Management (ATM)
JPL Lindeman, Mark Peter Day Electrothermal Engineering of Kinetic Inductance Devices
LaRC Lu, Xiaomei Yongxiang Hu Building Land Surface Altimetry Product Using CALIPSO Data
KSC Maloney, Phillip Paul Hintze Investigation of Green Technologies for the Precision Cleaning of Aerospace Hardware
ARC Materese, Christopher Dale Cruikshank A Laboratory Study of the Bulk Composition, Photochemical Alterations, and Optical Properties of Ices Present at the Surface of Transneptuniuan Objects with a Focus on the Pluto/Charon System
GSFC McKinna, Lachlan Jeremy Werdell A Globally Applicable Shallow Water Inversion Algorithm for Operational Ocean Colour
GSFC Medley, Brooke Sophie Nowicki Mapping Recent Ice-sheet Snow Accumulation using Airborne Radar Collected as Part of NASA's Operation IceBridge
JPL Meneghetti, Massimo Jason Rhodes Unveiling the Mysteries of the Strongest Gravitational Lenses in the Universe
JSC Needham, Andrew Scott Messenger Solar System Processes Recoreded by Refractory Inclusions in Carbonaceous Chondrites
JPL Nugent, Carolyn Amy Mainzer BUILDING THE WORLD'S LARGEST DATABASE OF ASTEROID THERMAL PARAMETERS: A New Resource for Studying Asteroid Evolution and Composition
ARC Palacios, Sherry Liane Guild Understanding Ecosystem Dynamics of the Coastal Ocean: Bio-optical Studies of Algal Blooms, River Plumes, and other Shallow-water Ecosystems using the NASA Coastal and Ocean Airborne Science Testbed
ARC Palmero Rodriguez, Jose Ginny Gulick Exploring the Role of the Martian Outflow Channels in the Formation of a Northern Lowlands Ocean
NAI Parker, Dorian Ralf Kaiser A Molecular Beams Study on the Formation and Photo-Stability of Polycyclic Aromatic Nitrogen Heterocycles (PAHNs) in the Interstellar Medium
JPL Patthoff, Donald Robert Pappalardo Analysis of Ridge and Trough Terrains on the Outer Icy Satellites: A Comparative Planetology Approach
GSFC Pembroke, Asher Lutz Rastaetter The Role of Entropy and Mass Content in Global Magnetospheric Models Hosted by the Community Coordinated Modeling Center
LaRC Pusede, Sally Glenn Diskin New Observational Constraints on Urban-Scale Methane Emissions in the U.S.
ARC Reddy, Tasha Jennifer Dungan Modeling the Effects of Changing Arctic Sea Ice on Ecosystems and Water Column Structure
GSFC Riveros, Raul William Zhang Deterministic High-Speed Magnetic Field-Assisted Finishing Process for Segmented Monocrystalline Silicon X-Ray Mirrors
ARC Smith, Heather Christopher McKay Photochemical Superoxide Radicals: Mars Oxidants in the Mojave Desert
GSFC Stark, Christopher Aki Roberge Decoding Debris Disk Structure: Searching for Signs of Planets
ARC Tanaka, Tomoaki Laura Iraci Measurement of Concentrations of Greenhouse Gases and Ozone from Multiple Platforms
GSFC Thomas , Cristina Stefanie Milam Physical Characterization of the Near-Earth Object Population
JPL Thrastarson, Heidar Manuel de la Torre Juarez Atmospheric Dynamics Modeling of Super-earths and Hot Neptunes
NAI Toner, Jonathan David Catling Investigations of Low-temperature Liquid, Viscous, and Glassy States Important for Astrobiology on Mars and Other Icy Bodies
ARC Ueyama, Rei Leonhard Pfister Towards an Understanding of the Transport Processes Throught the Tropical Tropopause Layer and Beyond
GSFC Veach, Todd Stephen Rinehart Development and Characterization of FIRSI: A Far Infrared Double-Fourier Spatial Interferometer
GSFC Williams, Brian Robert Petre Dusty Blastwaves: An X-ray and IR Study of Supernova Remnants
JPL Wong, Kam Weng Stanley Sander High-resolution Top-down Estimates of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Los Angeles Basin
JPL Yang, Yu-Ming Attila Komjathy A Study of Using Ground/Space-based GNSS Sensing on Ionospheric Disturbances Associated with Solid Earth Events
JSC Zanganehgheshlaghi, Mohammad Royce Forman Development of an Improved Multi-Parameter Failure Criteria for Calculating Crack Instability
LaRC Zeng, Shan Chip Trepte A Statistical Study of Cloud Microphysical Properties Retrieved from A-train Satellites and their Parametrization in Models

Center NPP Fellow NPP Advisor Research Proposal Title
GSFC Acero, Fabio David Thompson Unveiling the Nature of the Fermi Unidentified Sources
JPL Ahmed, Razi Scott Hensley Estimating Forest 3D Structure and Biomass: Analyzing PollnSAR and SAR Tomography through a Comparison with Full Waveform Lidar, Field Data and Simulations
NAI Aponte, Jose Jamie Elsila Assessment of Isotopic Ratios and Enantiomeric Excess of Nuertral Compounds and Maines Found on Carbonaceous
GSFC Armstrong, Amanda Temilola Fatoyinbo Politics and Rice: Using Remote Sensing and Ecological Modeling to Identify Deforestation Drivers and Quantify their Effect On Madagascar's Forested Ecosystems
JPL Atkinson, David Linda Spilker Exploration of Saturn with Planetary Entry Probes
NAI Aydinoglu, Arsev Ed Goolish The Collaborative Practices of the NASA Astrobiology Institute: The Assessment of an Interdisciplinary Virtual Scientific Organization
ARC Bendek, Eduardo Ruslan Belikov Integration of an Astrometric Laboratory with a PIAA Coronograph for a Combined Exoplanet Detection Mission
GSFC Benson, Jennifer Michael Smith Determination of the Size of Water Ice Particles in the Martian Atmosphere Using MCS Observations
NAI Berdyugina, Svetlana Karen Meech Hot Water in Exoplanets and Protoplanetary Disks
MSFC Biswas, Sayak Dan Cecil Calibration and Image Reconstruction Algorithm Development for Hurricane Imaging Radiometer (HIRAD)
NAI Campbell, Tammy Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy Non-Enzymatic Glycosylation of DNA Nucleobases to Develop Potentially Prebiotic Nucleic Acid Alternatives
GSFC Che, Haihong Melvyn Goldstein Anomalous Momentum Transport and the Breaking of Magnetic Field Lines in Reconnection
JPL Corcoran, Jennifer Marc Simard Monitoring and Assessment of the Vulnerability and Challenges Facing Critical Ecosystems in the Americas
JPL Decrossas, Emmanuel Imran Mehdi A Submillimeter-wave Waveguide Circular Polarization Deuplexer for Radar Remote Sensing and Earth Observation
ARC Diosady, Laslo Scott Murman Higher-order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Large Eddy Simulation of Unsteady Separated Flows
GSFC Domaszczynski, Piotr Walter Petersen Multi-sensor Estimation of Drop Size Distribution for Satellite Precipitation Retrieval Algorithm Evaluation
LaRC Duda , Benjamin Stephen Woodruff Amelioration of Prediction Capabilities of Wall-Modeled Large Eddy Simulations for External Aerodynamics
JPL Elitzur, Moshe Paul Goldsmith Herschel, Spitzer and Star Formation
GSFC Evans Frolov, Rebekah Maria Kuznetsova Global Modeling of Coronal Mass Ejections: The Role of Reconnection
ARC Everroad, Richard Brad Bebout Development of Artificial Microbial Mat Systems for Biological Hydrogen Production
JPL Farnocchia, Davide Steven Chesley Enhanced Orbit Determination and Risk Assessment: Astrometric Weighting Schemes and Nongravitational Perturbations
ARC Fristad, Kirsten Tori Hoehler Habitability and Hydrogen Production in Non-ultramafic Geologic Systems
GSFC Getirana, Augusto Christa Peters-Lidard Improving the Reliability of Water Cycle Forecasts by Integrating SWOT Mission Data and a Lateral Water Redistribution Scheme into the Land Information System (LIS)
GSFC Graff, Philip John Baker Advancing Gravitational Wave Data Analysis
KSC Grandelli, Heather Paul Hintze Green Solvents for Precision Cleaning
GSFC Guidoni, Silvina Judy Karpen The CME-Eruptive Flare Connection: A Quest for Closure between Theory and Observations
LaRC Ham, Seung-Hee Norman Loeb Examination of Cloud Three-Dimensional (3-D) Radiative Effects Using A-Train Satellite Measurements
HQ Hays, Lindsay Michael New Exploring Science Management and Coordinating Astrobiology Workshops
JPL Hein, Jeffrey Paul Johnson Metastable Oxygen Production by Electron-Impact of Oxygen
GSFC Hence, Deanna Scott Braun Investigations into the Interactions of Tropical Cyclones with their Environment using the Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3)
JPL Henderson, Bryana Murthy Gudpati A New Detection Technique for Complex Organics Produced Via Irradiation of Interstellar and Cometary Ice Analogs
AstroBio/Exo Herron, Matthew Frank Rosenzweig Theoretical and Experimental Investigations into the Evolution of Complexity
JPL Jewell, April Shouleh Nikzad A Surface Chemistry Approach to the Development of New Optoelectronic Device Technologies for Space-Based Applications
ARC Jontof-Hutter, Daniel Jack Lissauer The Stability of Compact Planetary Systems
GSFC Jung, Hahn Chul Michael Jasinski Wetland Hydrodynamics in the Atchafalaya, Tonle Sap, and Lake Chad Basins Using Modeling and Remote Sensing
JSC Kennedy, William Eric Malroy Organic Thermoelectric Materials
GSFC Kissinger, Jennifer Larry Kepko Effect of Steady Magnetospheric Convection on Relativistic Electron Acceleration During Magnetic Storms
JPL Korngut, Phillip James Bock Detecting Primordial Gravity Waves with SPIDER
GSFC Kowalski, Adam Joel Allred An Integrated Study of Solar and Stellar Flares
ARC Kulas, Kristin Thomas Roellig A Detailed Study of Outflows in Nearby Galazies with SOFIA
JPL Llovel, William Ichiro Fukumori Quantifing the Respective Contribution of Different Oceanic Layers to Steric Sea Level and Studying the (3-D) Space and Time Evolution of Ocean Heat Anomalies Over the Past Few Decades
GSFC Loftus, Adrian Si-Chee Tsay Aerosol Indirect Effects on Clouds and Precipitation in Deep Convection and Feedbacks
JPL Mahapatra, Durga Ara Chutjian Measurement of Absolute Low Energy Electron Excitation Cross Sections in C V, SiIII, and FE XII Using the JPL Energy-Loss, Merged-Beam Facility
NLSI Marchi, Simone Bill Bottke Towards a Unified Chronology for the Formation and Evolution of the Moon
LaRC Martin, Ann Margaret Pippin Measuring Outcomes: A Critical Evaluation of Global Climate Change Education Activities
GSFC/GISS McDermid , Sonali Cynthia Rosenzweig How Rising Sea Surface Temperatures and Irrigation Impact the South Asian Summer Monsoon: Implications for Indian Agriculture
GSFC McLain, Jason John Keller The Fate of the Solar Wind Proton
JSC Mills, Ryan Justin Simon Testing Models for Petrogenesis of Lunar Garnites using Ca-Hf-Sr Isotopes in Small Rock Fragments
LaRC Moore, Richard Bruce Anderson The Impact of Jet Biofuel Blends on Aircraft Aerosol Emissions and Contrail Formation
JSC Morgan, Jennifer Scott Smith Measuring the Effects of Combined Exposure to Ionizing Space Radiation and High Dietary Iron
NAI Morris, James Richard Lenski Black Queen Evolution of Nitrogen Fixation and Its Impact on the Archean Biosphere
GSFC Nowottnick, Edward William Ka-Ming Lau Improving Our Understanding of Dust Direct Radiative Effects on Cyclogenesis using CALIOP and the NASA GEOS-5 Transport Model
JPL O'Brient, Roger Hien Trong Nguyen A log-periodic focal-plane architecture for Cosmic Microwave Background Polarimetry
NAI Okie, Jordan Everett. Shock Thermodynamic and Kinetic Constraints on Metabolic Diversity: Quantifying the Biogeochemical Niche Space of Life
GSFC Olson, David John Dorelli Observing Spatial Energy Flow in the Magnetosphere
GSFC Pan, Margaret Marc Kuchner Two Investigations in Debris Disk Physics
JPL Parashar, Tulasi Marco Velli Transition from Fluid to Kinetic Scales in the Solar Corona and Solar Wind
JPL Parkinson, Christopher Isik Kanik Habitability of Enceladus: Planetary Conditions for Life
ARC Popova, Yekaterina Richard Boyle Functional Evaluation of Radiation Sensitivity of New CNS Model System
JSC Rampe, Elizabeth Richard Van Morris X-Ray Diffraction, Thermal Analyses, and Spectroscopy of Hydrous Silicates: Implications for Detecting Weathering Products at the Mars Science Laboratory Landing Site
GSFC Rhoden, Alyssa Terry Hurford Enceladus' Tiger Stripes, Keys to Heating, Plume Generation, and Shell Thickness
NAI Rice, Melissa Jogn Grotzinger High-Resolution Mineral Stratigraphy of Mars
NAI Riedinger, Natascha Timothy Lyons The Fate of Molybdenum and its Isotopes in Deep, Oxide-rich Marine Sediments: Implications for the Mo Paleoproxy and Oxygen in the Ancient Ocean
JPL Ries, Paul Michael Janssen Investigation of Saturn's Satellites Observed by Cassini Radar
GSFC Ryan, Erin Keith Noll A Search for Kuiper Belt Contaminants in the Inner Solar System
GSFC Scott, Jennifer Jonathan Gardner Galaxies in the Environments of Quasars
JPL Shume, Esayas Anthony Mannucci Equatorial Ionospheric Scintillation and Spread F: Forecasting Tools, Responses to Geomagnetic Storms, and Seasonal/Longitudinal Variations
NAI Sperling, Erik Andrew Knoll Reconciling Ecological and Geochemical Triggers of the Cambrian Radiation
JPL Stevenson, Rachel James Bauer Survey Observations of Cometary Objects and Centaurs
JPL Stockton (Davenport), Amanda Peter Willis Development of a Comprehensive Lab-on-a-Chip Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry Analysis System with Universal Coverage of Organic Compounds
JPL Sullivan, Scott Nan Yu Next Generation Frequency Standards using Atomic Ion Micro - arrays
GSFC Taquet, Vianney Steven Charnley Deterium Fractionation of Interstellar Organic Molecules: A Clue for the Origin of Meteoritic Amino-Acids
GSFC Tatum, Malachi Andy Ptak Exploring the Importance of the Compton-Thick Absorber in AGN
GSFC Teng, Stacy Jane Rigby A Multi-wavelength Investigation of Compton-thick AGNs
GSFC Thakur, Neeharika Georgia de Nolfo Solar Energetic Particle Investigations with PAMELA Using Contextual In-situ and Ground-Based Data
ARC Urata, Richard Robert Haberle Improving the NASA Ames Mars General Circulation Model: Cloud Microphysics and Radiation
JPL Vigeland, Sarah Michele Vallisneri Probing Physics and Astrophysics with Massive Black Holes
LaRC Viudez-Mora, Antonio Paul Stackhouse GEWEX LW: Uncertainties, Long-term Variability and Improvements
JPL Warner, Nicholas Matthew Golombek Episodic Climate Warming on Mars: Insights from Equatorial Hesperian-age Periglacial Terrains, Crater Lakes, and Fluvial Systems
GSFC Wicks, Robert Aaron Roberts Energy Transport at the Driving and Dissipation Scales of Turbulence in the Solar Wind
GSFC Young, Alexander Dominic Benford Mapping Magnetic Fields in Molecular Clouds with HAWC+
JPL Zevalkink, Alexandra Jean-Pierre Fleurial Optimization of Zintl Phases for Advanced Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators
GSFC ZuHone, John Maxim Markevitch Microphysics of the Intracluster Medium

Center NPP Fellow Research Proposal Title NPP Advisor
GRC Afsar, Mohammed Effect of Solid Surfaces on Jet Noise Marvin Goldstein
ARC Alwood, Josh Temporal Changes in Skeletal Tissue Density, Cancellous Orientation and Vasculature During Recovery From Musculoskeletal Disuse Ruth Globus
GSFC Aquila, Valentina Effects of the aerosol/chemistry coupling on climate and air quality Luke Oman
JSC Archer, Paul Thermal Analysis of Proposed Martian Sulfates, Phyllosilicates, and Perchlorates to Establish a Database for the SAM Instrument Onboard the 2011 Mars Science Laboratory Douglas W. Ming
JPL Assef, Roberto The Role of AGN in Galaxy Evolution Daniel Stern
GSFC Aunai, Nicolas Multi-scale Dynamics of Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection in Asymmetric Current Sheets Michael Hesse
GSFC Ben Ami, Yuval Hig Resolution Daily Source Activity Maps for Dust Aerosol Nickolay Krotkov
JSC Berger, Eve Differential Histories of CI-Chondrite Sulfides: Implications for Fluid Evolution Lindsay Keller
GSFC Black, Carrie The Effect of Kinetic Processes on Solar Activity Judy Karpen
GSFC Blackburn, Lindy Search for EM Counterparts to Gravitational Waves Using NASA High Energy Photon Survey Satellites Jordan Camp
GSFC Bond, Nicholas Shrouded in Mystery: Exploring the Properties and Environment of Dusty Galaxies Jonathan Gardner
JPL Borstad, Christopher Modeling the Formation and Evolution of Fractures in Ice Shelves Using Continuum Damage Mechanics Eric Rignot
ARC Brecht, Amanda The Extension of the NASA Ames Mars General Circulation Model from 90 km to 120 km Jeff Hollingsworth
ARC Bristow, Thomas Developing Terrestrial Mineral Facies Models of Saline Lakes as a Diagnostic Tool for Determining the Origin of Martian Clay Minerals David Blake
GSFC Busch, Sarah Development of the First Sub-eV Resolution Magnetic Microcalorimeter X-ray Detectors for Astrophysical Observations Caroline Kilbourne
JPL Cable, Morgan An End-to-end Chemical Analysis Protocol for Robotic Exploration of the Surface of Titan Peter Willis
GSFC Casey, Kimberly Use of Spectral and Lidar Satellite Remote Sensing Observations to Characterize Global Aerosol Deposition on Glacier Surfaces Dorothy Hall
LaRC Chemyakin, Eduard Analytical Error Analysis Scheme for the Automated and Unsupervised Retrieval of Microphysical Parameters from Multiwavelength Lidar Chris Hostetler
GSFC Choi, David Automated Cloud Feature Tracking and Simulation of Jupiter's Atmosphere During Global Upheavals Amy Simon-Miller
MSFC Collazzi, Andrew Further Exploring the Gamma-Ray Burst Luminosity Relations Chryssa Kouveliotou
GSFC Collinson, Glyn Toward the Next Generation Plasma Analyzer: All of the Plasma All of the Time Thomas E. Moore
ARC Cook, Amanda Ground Support for Space Environment Viability of Organics (SEVO): Part of the Organism/Organics Exposure to Orbital Stresses (O/OREOS) Mission Andrew Mattioda
GSFC Cottini, Valeria Water in Titan's Atmosphere from Cassini/CIRS Infrared Spectra Donald Jennings
LaRC Crumeyrolle, Suzanne Observations of Aerosol Particle Properties from Lidar Measurements: Applicability to Satellite Observations Bruce Anderson
NLSI Datta, Abhirup Search for Cosmic Reionization from the Moon Jack Burns
JPL Deau , Estelle Constraining the micro-structure of the Saturn's rings by modeling solar and thermal opposition phase curves Linda Spilker
NAI Engelhart, Aaron Experimental Models of a Key Step in Prebiotic Compartmentalization: Coupling Vesicle Growth and Nucleic Acid Synthesis Jack Szostak
JPL Fenty, Ian Attribution and Prediction of Northern Hemisphere Ocean and Sea Ice Climate Change Dimitris Menemenlis
ARC Fortenberry, Ryan The Role of Theoretical Rovibrational Spectroscopy in the Study of Interstellar Molecules Timothy Lee
NAI Fournier, Gregory Reconstructing the Evolution of Protein Synthesis: A Novel Compositional Approach for Studying Early Life and the Emergence of Complexity Eric Alm
GSFC Gall, Christa Genesis and Evolution of Dust in High Redshift Galaxies Eli Dwek
NAI Glass, Jennifer Metal Bioavailability and Biosignatures in Methane-based Ecosystems Victoria Orphan
GSFC Godard, Marie Investigatin the Condensation of Interstellar/Circumstellar/Protostellar Grains: Low-temperature Plasma Formation of Dust Grains Analogs Joseph Nuth
NAI Goldman, Aaron ORGOS: A Database and Unified Organizational Framework to Aggregate, Evaluate,and Advance Origin of Life Research Laura Landweber
GSFC Guiriec, Sylvain Identification and Interpretation of the Multi Components Observed in Prompt Emission Spectra of GRBs Detected with the Fermi Gamma ray Sapce Telescope and Swift Julie McEnery
GSFC Hamilton, Christopher Thermo-Rheological Modeling of Paheohoe Lava Flow Emplacement with Applications to Earth, Mars, and the Moon Lori Glaze
JPL Hartman, Jacob Early Science from the Long Wavelength Array Dayton L. Jones
ARC Havel, Mathieu Characterization of Exoplanets Using Kepler Data William Borucki
GSFC Henning, Wade Interior Modification and Melt Transport in Triton and in Tidally Heated Ice-Silicate Planetary Bodies Terry Hurford
ARC Huber, Daniel Characterizing Exoplanet Host Stars using the Kepler Space Telescope Michael Haas
GSFC Hunana, Peter Kinetic Effects in Numerical Simulations of Solar Wind Turbulence Melvyn Goldstein
ARC Jee, SolKeun Numerical Simulation of High-lift Airfoils with Active Flow Control Karim Shariff
GSFC Kanner, Jonah Coordinated Searches for X-ray and Gravitational Wave Transients Jordan Camp
MSFC Kilaru, Kiranmayee Development of Differential Deposition Technique for Figure Corrections in Grazing Incidence X-ray Optics Brian Ramsey
ARC Kim, Taemin Multiple View Correlator for Lunar Orbital Imagery Terry Fong
JPL Kirgis, Guillaume The Role of Meridional Transport in the Long-term Variability of Stratospheric Ozone as Seen by Lidar Thierry Leblanc
LaRC Knepp, Travis Resolving the Evolution of Tropospheric and Boundary Layer Chemistry from the Local to Regional Level via Satellite/In Situ Measurement Correlation Calculations Margaret Pippin
JPL Kuchynka, Petr Fitting the JPL Planetary Ephemeris to Asteroid Observations; Application to Improving the Masses of Asteroids Significantly Perturbing the Orbit of Mars Donald Yeomans
GSFC/GISS Li, Jing Improving the Understanding of Atmospheric Aerosols and their Effect on Climate Barbara Carlson
GSFC Lien, Amy Connecting Gamma-Ray Bursts and Supernova via Multi-Messenger Observations Neil Gehrels
JPL Lin, Guoping Characterization and Fabrication of WGM Resonator Functionalized with PbSe Quantum Dots: Realization of an Active Crystalline Resonator-based Mode Locked Laser Nan Yu
ARC Madeleine, Jean-Baptiste Coupling of the Martian Dust and Water Cycles in the NASA Ames GCM: Comparison to Observations, Tagging of Dust and Water in the Present-Day Climate System, and Application to Recent Climate Changes Melinda Kahre
GSFC Mahajan, Rahul Estimating Observation Impact Using Ensemble Methods Ron Gelaro
KSC Massa, Gioia Optimization of VEGGIE for Salad-crop Production in Orbital or Planetary Habitats Raymond Wheeler
GSFC Masson, Sophie Simulated CMEs with Multiple Reconnections Sites: Particles Injetion and Transport Spiro Antiochos
LaRC Mikoviny, Tomas PTR-MS Measurements and Data Analyses in Support of DISCOVER-AQ James Crawford
MSFC Mulu-Moore, Fana Statistical Analysis and Modeling of Coronal Bright Points Jonathan Cirtain
GSFC Neish, Catherine Global Characterization of Lunar Impact Melts Lynn Carter
GSFC Nemmen, Rodrigo Unveiling the spins of supermassive black holes in nearby galaxies Neil Gehrels
JPL Nieves , Veronica Characterization of Sea Surface and Climate Dynamics Applying Multiscale Methods to Satellite Data W. Timothy Liu
GSFC Ojha, Roopesh Multiwavelength, Multimessenger Physics of Southern Hemisphere AGN in the Fermi Era Neil Gehrels
GSFC Paganini, Lucas A Solar-Pumped Fluorescence Model for H2S at Infrared Wavelengths, and Application to Multiple Comets Michael Mumma
LaRC Painemal, David Microphysical and Dynamical Aspects of the Cloud Albedo Susceptibility over Marine Stratocumulus Cloud Decks Pat Minnis
GSFC Paquette, John An Increasingly Sophisticated Model of Circumstellar Grain Formation Joseph Nuth
ARC Parsons, Reid Formation of Mid-latitude Valleys via Fluvial Runoof and Erosion: Implications for the Past Climate of Mars Jeff Moore
LaRC Pliutau, Dzianis Design and Optimization of the Laser Absorption Spectrometer-Based Measurements for the ASCENDS Mission Narasimha Prasad
GSFC Preston, Alix Next Generation Retroreflectors and Analysis Models for Use in Lunar Laser Ranging Stephen Merkowitz
JPL Pullen, Anthony Phenomenological Cosmology in the Planck Era Olivier Doré
GSFC Ramanathan, Anand Measurement of Methane and Other Trace Gases in the Atmosphere Using LIDAR Xiaoli Sun
JPL Reck, Theodore A Silicone-based Waveguide Switch for Super-compact Submillimeter-wave Heterodyne Space Instruments Imran Medhi
GSFC Richey, Christina Optical Properties of Carbonaceous Dust Grain Analogs in the Near-Infrared to Sub-Millimeter as a Function of Wavelength, Temperature, & Composition Stephen Rinehart
ARC Ruiz Uceda, Esther Life at the Dry Limit on Earth and the Potential for Life on Mars Chris McKay
GSFC Schmerr, Nicholas Characterizing the Lunar Interior with Reflected and Converted Seismic Waves Herbert V. Frey
ARC Sciamma-O'Brien, Ella The Titan Haze Simulation Project Farid Salama
GSFC Sebree, Joshua Laboratory Exploration of the Connections Between Gas-phase and Aerosol Formation of Aromatic Compounds in Titan's Atmosphere Melissa Trainer
ARC Segal-Rozenhaimer, Michal Developing Data Products for an Airborne Prototype Hyperspectral Spectrometer for Sky-Scanning, Sun-Tracking Atmospheric Research (4STAR-Air) Philip Russell
JPL Seroussi, Helene Investigating the Interactions Between Ice Shelves and Their Tributary Glaciers Ala Khazendar
JPL Shapiro, Charles Weak Lensing's Connections to Other Dark Energy and Modified Gravity Probes Jason Rhodes
HQ Smith, Heather Prioritizing Planetary Science James Green
ARC Som, Sanjoy Habitability of Mars through Serpentinization Reactions Tori Hoeler
GSFC Stacy, Athena The Impact of Pop III Stars on the Formation of the First Galaxies John Mather
JPL Staniszewski, Zachary Testing Inflation with the Keck Array James Bock
JPL Sulbaek Andersen , Mads Peter New State-of-the Art Laboratory Investigations of Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics of Key Photochemical Species: Understanding of the Composition of the Mars Atmosphere Stanley Sander
JSC Sun, Tao Non-Mass-dependent Fractionation Under Thermal Gradient on Rarefied CO Gas Paul Niles
JPL Swenson, Loren From the Far-infrared to the Sub-mm: Kinetic Inductance Detector Arrays for Space Science Henry LeDuc
MSFC Tankosic, Dragana Experimental Investigations of Charging of Apollo 11-17 Individual Dust Grains Mian Abbis
GSFC Temim, Tea Understanding the Evolution of Supernova Remants and Pulsar Winds and their Impact on the ISM George Sonneborn
JPL Thrastarson, Heidar Atmospheric Dynamics Modeling of Super-earths and Hot Neptunes Pin Chen
GSFC Timokhin, Andrey Electron-positron Cascades in Pulsars and Magnetars Alice Harding
ARC Torres-Perez, Juan Spectrometry of Caribbean Coastal and Marine Organisms Liane Guild
JPL Vergados, Panagiotis Next-Generation Algorithms for Moisture Retrievals Under Modernized Global Navigation Satellite System Radio Occultation Missions and IR Sounders Anthony Mannucci
NAI Walker, Sara First Life: Understanding Emergent Self-replication through Informational Analysis of Self-organization in Prebiotic Chemical Reaction-diffusion Networks Paul Davies
ARC White, Douglas Investigating the Physical Properties of Organic Compounds in Planetary and Interstellar Ice Analogs Scott Sandford
GSFC Wik, Daniel Nailing Down the Nonthermal Phase of the Intracluster Gas in Galaxy Clusters Robert Petre
NAI Wolfe-Simon, Felisa Arsenic and Old Life: Novel Geo-biochemistry of Arsenic in Biological Systems John Tainer
ARC Xiong, Jun Development Advanced Evapotranspiration Retrieval Algorithm from the Synthetic use of Satellite Data Ramakrishna Nemani
GSFC Yager, Karina Remote Sensing Analysis of Andean Peatbogs (bofedales): A Study of the Area and Condition of High-altitude Peatbogs in Relation to Recent Rapid Deglaciation in the Central Andes of South America Compton J. Tucker
JPL Yi, Lin Investigation of 201 Hg+ for Ground and Space Atomic Clock and Atomic Magnetometer Applications Enabling New NASA's Spacecraft Navigation Capabilities Robert Tjoelker
GSFC Zimmerman, Michael Understanding the Solar Wind-Moon Interaction as Applied to DREAM William Farrell

Center NPP Fellow Research Proposal Title NPP Advisor
NAI Akerman, Nancy Habitability in Extreme Environments: Microbial Function and Activity in Deep and Shallow Marine Hydrothermal Systems Julie Huber
ARC Amblard, Alexandre Clustering of Unresolved High Resolution Redshift Dusty Galaxies Pasquale Temi
GSFC Basu-Zych, Antara Investigating Local Lyman Break Analogs Ann Cardiff
GRC Berkebile, Stephen Interaction of Deust on Airless Bodies James Gaier
JPL Blackburn, David Physical Properties of the Surfaces of Small Bodies in the Solar System Bonnie Buratti
ARC Boersma, Christaan "Analyzing Astronomical Spectra from 2 to 2000 Microns With the Full Power of the NASA Ames PAH IR Spectroscopic Database" Louis J. Allamandola
GSFC/GISS Booth, James The Role of Moisture in Midlatittude Storms: Climate Model Representations in the Present and in Global Warming Projections, and the Implications for Trends in Extreme Storm Events Anthony Del Genio
JPL Boussaha, Faouzi Development of Hot Electron Bolometer Receivers Beyond 2 THz Jonathan Kawamura
NAI Bower, Dina Experimental investigations on the effects of diagenesis on the formation of Fe,Ti-oxides (pseudorutile) in microfossils: using minerals as biosignatures in ancient rocks Andrew Steele
NAI Brazelton, William Tracing Energy, Carbon, and Nitrogen Flow in Sepentinization-fueled Microbial Ecosystems Matthew Schrenk
GSFC Burton, Aaron Determination of the Mechanism of Formation of Large L-Amino Acid Excesses Found in Carbonaceous Chondrites by Studying Chiral Hydroxy Acids Jason Dworkin
GSFC Cazorla, Maria Chemistry of the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere: Instrument Development and Mechanistic Study Thomas Hanisco
ARC Cook, Jason Seeking Evidence for the \ntwo~Dominance Scenario in the Outer Solar System: A NASA Postdoctoral Program Research Proposal Dale Cruikshank
MSFC Craig, Jonathan The Noble Gas Inventory of Micrometeorites: Asteroidal, Cometary, or Intermediate Barbara Cohen
GSFC Currie, Thayne Spectroscopy and Direct Imaging of Debris Disks and Massive Extrasolar Planets Marc Kuchner
JPL Diniega, Serina Connecting Tumuli Emplacement and Subsurface Lava Flow Suzanne Smrekar
HQ Domagal-Goldman, Shawn Communication of Astrobiology Science: Competitions, Workshops, and Primers Michael New
MSFC Dudik, Jaroslav Thermal Non-Equilibrium and its Role in the Formation of Coronal Loops Observed by SDO Amy Weinbarger
ARC Evans, Antony Simulating Airline Operational Responses to the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) Banavar Sridhar
GSFC/GISS Field, Robert Improved Constraints on Rainfall Evaporation Using Satellite Observations of Isotopes of Tropospheric Water Vapor Gavin Schmidt
GSFC Forman, Barton Assimilation of GRACE and AMSR-E Products into a Distributed Hydrologic Model for Quantification of Regional-scale Snow Water Equivalent and Snowmelt Runoff Rolf Reichle
GSFC Fox, Ori RATIR (Reionization and Transient InfraRed) Camera Observations of GRB/Afterglows to Probe the Epoch of Reonization Harvey Moseley
JPL Galley, Chad Measurement Templates for Inspirals of Supermassive Black Hole and Extreme Mass Ratio Binaries Michele Vallisneri
LaRC Godoy Castañeda, William Radiative Transfer Modeling in the Atmosphere Extending the PCRTM Xu Liu
LaRC Gronoff, Guillaume Modelling Martian thermospheric/ionospheric emissions for a better description of the upper atmosphere Christopher Mertens
GSFC Guimond, Steve A Two Pronged Approach to Understanding the Role of Convection and Turbulence in Hurricane Dynamics: Airborne Doppler Radar and Numerical Simulation Gerald Heymsfield
GSFC Hasegawa, Miho Diagnosis of Plasma Processes in the Magnetotail Guan Le
GSFC Hewitt, John "High Energy Studies of Interacting Supernova Remnants" Robert Petre
LaRC Hill, Charles Extension of the SAGE III Measurement Ensemble to Improve the Attribution of Climate Change in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere Joseph Zawodny
JPL Hollister, Matthew Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detector Arrays Peter Day
GSFC Inglis, Andrew Understanding Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in Solar Flares Brian Dennis
JPL Jamieson, Corey Reflectance Spectra of Icy Bodies in the Outer Solar System: A Laboratory Complement Brad Dalton
MSFC Jenke, Peter A Study of the Interaction Between the Magnetosphere and Accrection in Accretion-powered Pulsars Colleen Wilson-Hodge
LaRC Jeyapaul, Elbert Turbulence Modeling of 3-D Separation in Aerodynamic Flows Christopher Rumsey
JPL Jung, Cécile Miniaturization of Submillimeter Receiver Front Ends Via Advanced Nanofabrication Technologies Imran Medhi
GSFC Kassin, Susan Galaxy Kinematics at High Redshift Jonathan Gardner
HQ Kinzer, Raymond NPMP Linda Sparke
GSFC Klenzing, Jeffrey Accurate determination of electric fields and thermal plasma drifts in the ionosphere including a detailed comparative study with in-situ measurements from the C/NOFS satellite Douglas Rowland
GSFC/GISS Knobelspiesse, Kirk Simultaneous Retrieval of Cloud and Aerosol Optical Properties in Observations with Partial Cloud Cover Michael Mishchenko
GSFC Koenig, Xavier Disk Evolution of 0 to 5 Myr old Intermediate Mass Stars with WISE David Leisawitz
GSF/GISS C Kong, Angela An Integrated Approach to Modeling Climate and Management Effects on Soil C Sequestration Potential in Small-Scale Agroecosystems Cynthia Rosenzweig
ARC Kumar, Akhilesh Characterization of Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Low Dose, Low LET Radiation-induced Oxidative Stress Effects on Mammalian Bone Remodeling Ruth Globus
NAI Kyle, Jennifer Viral Preservation Within Terrestrial Hot Springs Kenneth Stedman
JPL Lavalle, Marco Polarimetric and Interferometric Radar Remote Sensing of Vegetation 3-D Structure Marc Simard
GSFC Lewis, Jasper Validation and Improvement of Atmospheric Aerosol Models Using Lidar Ellsworth Welton
LaRC Li, Hui Principal Component-based Radiative Transfer Model and Retrieval Algorithm for Hyperspectral Sensors David Kratz
ARC Li, Shuang Changes in Shrubland and Rangeland Ecosystems of Northern California: Linking Remote Sensing to Carbon Cycle Models Christopher Potter
LaRC Liu, Dong Interferometric Receiver Implementations for NASA Langley HSRL-2 Program Chris Hostetler
JPL Masiero, Joseph Small Body Solar System Science with WISE Amy Mainzer
GSFC Mays, Mona "Understanding Interplanetary Propagation and Resulting Geomagnetic Activity Using Modeling based on STEREO and THEMIS Observations" Chris St. Cyr
ARC McCreight, James Development of Probabilistic Forecasting within the Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System Rama Nemani
GSFC Merrell, Willie Proposal to Optimize the Development of Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors at NASA GSFC Laddawan Miko
NAI Mielke, Steven Molecular-Environmental Limits of Terrestrial Photosynthesis: Implications for Extrasolar Biosignatures Nancy Kiang
JPL Minazzoli, Olivier Relativistic Study of Laser Ranging and Time Transfer Experiments in the Solar System Slava Turyshev
GSFC Mitchell, Elizabeth Magnetotail Geometry Effects on the Energization of the Ring Current and Radiation Belts Mei-Ching Fok
KSC Montgomery, Eliza Microencapsulation of Corrosion Inhibitors for a Self-healing Paint System Luz Calle
MSFC Moreno , Max Association Between Change in Land Use and Human Population with Lake Water Eutrophication Variables Linked to Abundance of Toxic Cyanobacteria in the Tampa Bay Watershed Doug Rickman
LaRC Nehrir, Amin LIDAR Atmospheric Measurements of Gases and Aerosols Syed Ismail
GSFC/GISS Nichols, Jonathan New insight into the mechanisms and impacts of mid-Holocene abrupt climate change Dorothy Peteet
JPL Noell, Aaron Determining the Longevity of Bacillus Spores in Ice Using the Automated Rapid Bacillus Spores Viability Assay (Rapid BSVA) Adrian Ponce
LaRC Norman, Ryan Meson and Electron Transport for Space Radiation and the Continued Development of HZETRN Christopher Mertens
JPL Norwood, James A Microwave Spectrum of Uranus Near Equinox Mark Hofstadter
GSFC/GISS Ottaviani, Matteo Development and validation of advanced aerosol retrieval methodologies for satellite remote sensing by combining active and passive measurements from aircraft Michael Mishchenko
ARC Pereira, Tiago Scientific Support for the IRIS Mission Jeffrey Scargle
JPL Rosenberg, Eric "A Fully 3-Dimensional Numerical Model of Mass and Heat Transfer in Cometary Nuclei" Paul Weissman
GSFC Rostem, Karwan The Development of Ultra-Low Noise Microstrip-Coupled Transition-Edge Sensors Using a New 'Lab-on-a-chip' Technology Harvey Moseley
GSFC Savage, Sabrina Using Multi-wavelength Observations as Probes of Magnetic Reconnection and Electron Acceleration During Solar Flares Gordon Holman
MSFC Schrader, Christian A Petrologic Study of Magnesian Clasts in Lunar Meteorites: What is Their Relationship to Apollo Ferroan Anorthosite and Magnesium-suite Rocks? Barbara Cohen
JPL Scott, Valerie An RF-powered Micro-extractor for the Detection of Astrobiological Target Molecules on Mars Harish Manohara
GSFC Seiler, Jennifer Numerical Simulations of Binary Black Hole Spacetimes Joan Centrella
ARC Shenoy, Sachindev "Processing of Ices and Dust in Dense Interstellar Medium" Yvonne Pendleton
GSFC Simoes, Fernando Detailed Investigation of Tropospheric-Ionospheric Coupling Mechanisms in the Low Latitude Ionosphere Robert Pfaff
JSC Solano, James Geophysical Modeling of Differentiated Asteroids Dave Mittlefehldt
ARC Srikanthan, Ramachandran Mixing State of Aerosols; Implications to Radiative Forcing Phillip Russell
JPL Stewart, Kyle Constructing a Self-consistent, Semi-Empirical Galaxy Formation Framework Leonidas Moustakas
GSFC Sundberg, Karl Quite Condition Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Interaction: Mercury's Magnetospheric Response to Solar Wind Driving During Steady Northward Interplanetary Magnetic Fields Guan Le
ARC Tadic, Jovan Air Borne Measurements of the CO2 and CH4 Concentrations up to 50,000 ft Using Diode Laser and Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy Max Loewenstein
JSC Theriot, Corey Carbon Nanoparticles: Countermeasures Against Biological Effects of Space Radiation Exposure During Long-duration Exploratory Missions Honglu Wu
GSFC Troja, Eleonora "Unraveling the nature of short gamma-ray burst progenitors" Neil Gehrels
GSFC Tzanavaris, Panayiotis "The evolution of normal galaxies in the X-rays: Preparing to observe the most numerous extragalactic X-ray population in the Universe" Ann Hornschemeier
ARC Vahidinia, Sanaz Discrete Dipole Modeling of Grainy Surfaces Jeffrey Cuzzi
ARC Valdiva-Silva, Julio Mars-like Soils in Deserts on Earth: Pampas de la Joya (Atacama Desert Southern Peru) as a New Analogue to Mars Chris McKay
JPL Varonen, Mikko MMIC Development for Astrophysics and Remote Sensing Pekka Kangaslahti
GSFC Veilleux, Sylvain Exploring the High-Redshift Universe with Optically-Dark Gamma-Ray Bursts Neil Gehrels
LaRC Vernier, Jean-Paul Stratospheric Particles Investigations Using CALIPSO Lidar Measurements Larry Thomason
GSFC Viall-Kepko, Nicholeen Heating and Thermal Evolution of Coronal Loops and Their Internal Strands James A. Klimchuk
GSFC Wang, Sheng-Hsiang Impacts of Aerosol Direct Effects on Regional Climate: Assessment of Radiative and Feedback Processes Using Model Simulations and Satellite/Surface Measurements William Ka-Ming Lau
NAI Welander, Paula Investingating the Biological Function of Sterols and Hopanoids in Methylococcus Capsulatus Roger Summons
GSFC/GISS Winter, Jonathan Climate Change and Agriculture: Predicting the Impacts of Precipitation and Temperature Extremes Cynthia Rosenzweig
GRC Woodworth, Andrew Growth of Silicon Carbide Fibers as a Means to Improve Device Performance Phil Neudeck
JPL Xu, Feng Markov Chain Modeling of Atmospheric Radiation for Two-dimensional Surface Reflection Pattern and Application to Titan Robert West
GRC Yao, Weigang CFD-based Nonlinear Reduced Order Modeling for Multidisciplinary Simulation Meng-Sing Liou
JPL Zhang, Ke Orbital and Thermal Evolution of Saturnian Satellites Bruce Bills
JPL Zutta, Brian Estimating Aboveground Biomass Within Andes-Amazon Protected Areas and the Impact of Climate Change Sassan Saatchi

Center NPP Fellow Research Proposal Title NPP Advisor
GSFC Bailey, Catherine Development of an Anti-coincidence Detector for the X-ray Microcalorimeter Spectrometer onboard the International X-ray Observatory Caroline Kilbourne
ARC Bera, Partha Theoretical Spectroscopy Applied to Astrochemistry and Atmospheric Chemistry Timothy Lee
NAI Boyd, Eric Molecular Characterization of Hydrogenase Genes in Deeply-Branching Lineages: Origin and Evolution of Primordial Iron-Sulfur Biocatalysts John Peters
GRC Bruna, Dario A New Methodology for the Design Optimization of Higher-Performance Multistage Core Compressors Anthony Strazisar
ARC Chittenden, Julie Improved understanding of Martian gully features through laboratory experiments and spacecraft data analysis Jennifer Heldmann
NAI Claire, Mark Biogenic Sulfur – from biospheres to biosignatures Jim Kasting
NAI Cleaves, Henderson A Search for Potentially Replicable Prebiotic Molecules George Cody
ARC Contreras, Cesar Laboratory Investigation of Interstellar PAHs and Small Carbon Grains (nanoclusters) Farid Salama
JPL Cushing, Michael A Search for the Coolest Brown Dwarfs Using the Wide Amy Mainzer
GSFC Debes, John A Study of Circumstellar Material From the Stellar Nursery to the Stellar Graveyard Marc Kuchner
GSFC Dirisu, Afusat Efforts toward reducing the uncertainty in the Raman cross-section ratio for absolute calibration of NDACC water vapor Lidars David Whiteman
JPL Edmondson, Justin The Thermodynamics and Energy Transport of 3-Dimensional, MHD, Interchange Reconnection Marco Velli
LaRC Faller II, Kenneth High Fidelity Modeling for Simulation of Aircraft Flyover Noise Stephen Rizzi
JPL Favata, Marc LISA Science and Data Analysis: Modeling Merging Black Holes, Extreme-Mass-Ratio Inspirals and the Non-linear Gravitational-wave Memory Curt Cutler
LaRC Godoy Castañeda, William Radiative Transfer Modeling in the Atmosphere Extending the PCRTM Xu Liu
GSFC Guzman Cervantes, Felipe Spatially resolving wavefront imaging detector for high-precision characterization of optical systems and components Jeffrey Livas
JPL Hamer, Paul Investigation of Processes Controlling the Global Distribution of Ozone Using Observations from the Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer and Aircraft in Conjunction with 4D-Variational Data Assimilation Kevin Bowman
ARC Harmon, Trevor Ensuring Software Safety with Interactive Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis Michael Lowry
GSFC Hurwitz, Margaret Toward an Improved Understanding of Stratospheric Polar Vortex Dynamics Paul Newman
GSFC Jackson, Brian The Effects of Tides on Rocky Exoplanets Leo D. Deming
NAI Jones, Brant Exploring the Astrobiological Significance of Ices of  Kuiper Belt Objects Ralf Kaiser
JPL Jullo, Eric High Resolution Dark Matter Mapping of the COSMOS field with Gravitational Lensing Jason Rhodes
ARC Kacenelenbogen, Meloe Combination of Space-Borne Sensor(s) and 3-D Aerosol Medels to Assess Global Daily Near-Surface Air Quality, Aerosol Emission Sources and Health Effects Jens Redemann
NAI Kafka, Styliani  Forecasting life: How is space weather affecting habitable zones in extrasolar planets? Alycia Weinberger
ARC Karouia, Fathi Assessment of Bioburden within Spacecraft Assembly Clean Rooms and the Subsequent Development of High Throughput DNA Microarray to Identify and Monitor Associated Microbial Contaminants Orlando Santos
JPL Kauffmann, Jens Cluster-forming Clouds of Low and High Mass Paul Goldsmith
MSFC Khan, Gufran Fabrication and Characterization of Non-Conventional Optical Surfaces for Large X-ray Optics Mikhail Gubarev
GSFC Kilper, Gary Building a Complete Picture of Solar Prominence Eruptions While Improving Spectral Diagnostics Joseph Davila
GSFC Koutroumpa, Dimitra Extracting the heliospheric Solar Wind Charge-eXchange component from the diffuse Soft X-Ray Background: preparing for the Spectrum X-Gamma mission. Richard Kelley
GRC Kumano, Takayasu Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for Turbine Blade of Supersonic Propulsion System Meng-Sing Liou
GSFC Kurum, Mehmet Radar Scaling for Correcting Forest Canopy Effects on the Soil Moisture Retrievals in the View of Future Microwave Spaceborne Missions Christa Peters-Lidard
GSFC Lang, Ryan Preparing for the Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy John Baker
JPL Le Gall-Gilabert, Alice Mapping the microwave thermal emission from Titan’s surface using the Cassini Radar Radiometer - Development of an accurate model to assess the physical and chemical properties of Titan’s surface Michael Janssen
GRC Lee, Byung Joon Design Optimization of Complicated Gas Turbine System via High-Fidelity Analysis Tools for Fluid-Structure Interaction Meng-Sing Liou
GSFC Mantz, Adam Using Clusters of Galaxies to Probe Cosmic Acceleration and the Growth of Structure Robert Petre
GSFC Marrari, Marina Using remote sensing of ocean color products to investigate the effects of environmental variability on higher trophic levels, including zooplankton and fish (Southwestern Atlantic Ocean, 34-55°S) Charles McClain
JSC Nakamura, Noboru Origin of stable chlorine isotope fractionations in the early solar system materials Laurence Nyquist
JPL Neumann, Maxim Forest Structure and Biomass Estimation from Fusion of InSAR and Lidar Sassan Saatchi
ARC Nishino, Takafumi Numerical modeling and analysis of active flow control devices for the next generation of subsonic fixed-wing aircraft Karim Shariff
GRC Padulo, Mattia A Probabilistic Approach to the Design of Boundary Layer Ingesting Inlets for Hybrid Wing Body Configurations Meng-Sing Liou
LaRC Patre, Parag Adaptive Control of Uncertain Systems in the Presence of Adverse Conditions Suresh Joshi
MSFC Peterson, Harold An Investigation of NOx Production by Discharges in the Middle Atmosphere William Koshak
ARC Pinilla-Alonso, Noemi Organic Matter in the Solar System Ted Roush
ARC Polyakova, Evgenia Probabilistic methods for surface fluxes estimation of atmospheric gases Jennifer Dungan
GSFC Pratt, Aaron Investigation using hurricane research field campaigns (NAMMA and GRIP) data into role of Saharan Dust on tropical cyclone structure and evolution Gerald Heymsfield
GSFC Prescod-Weinstein, Chanda Weak Lensing & Modified Gravity: Choosing Observational Priorities for JDEM Jeff Kruk
GSFC/GISS Ramsay, Hamish An investigation of the possible influence of the stratospheric Quasi-Biennial Oscillation on tropical cyclones Ron Miller
ARC Scarnato, Barbara State of BC mixing and its role in radiative forcing Anthony Strawa
GSFC Seker, Ilgin Ionospheric Waves and Their Connection to Magnetosphere and Solar Wind Shing Fung
JPL Stam, Christina Rapid measurement of viable microbial endospores via culture-independent fluorescent method Alberto Behar
GSFC Straughn, Amber Tracing Galaxy Assembly: A Study of Galaxy Merging and the Processes It Induces Jonathan Gardner
GSFC Tarabalka, Yuliya Advanced Remote Sensing Image Analysis Combining Segmentation and Classification Approaches James Tilton
GSFC Thompson, Segayle Qualitative Assessment of Convective Systems using Lidar based Water Vapor Observations. Wei-Kuo Tao
JSC Usui, Tomohiro Experimental studies for primitive Martian basalt compositions John Jones
GSFC Venters, Tonia The Diffuse Gamma-ray Sky in the Era of the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope Floyd Stecker
JPL Williams, Brian Vision-based Navigation for an Aerobot Larry Matthies
GSFC Williams, Peter Studies of the Linkage between the Solar Interior and Solar Activity William Pesnell
NAI Wilson, Siobhan Hydrate Sulfate Minerals: A Habitat for Martian Microorganisms? David Bish
GRC Woodworth, James Development of Advanced Silicon-Carbon Composite Anode Materials for Use in Lithium-Ion Batteries Richard Baldwin
JPL Wu, Jingwen Use WISE to Study the Mode of Star Formation in Distant Starburst Galaxies Peter Eisenhardt
ARC Yates, Emma Atmospheric Trace Gas Measurements Laura Iraci
JPL Zhao, Ming Direct Detections and Characterizations of Hot Jupiters Mark Swain
NAI Abramov, Oleg Habitability of Early Earth: Thermal Modeling of the Lithosphere During the Late Heavy Bombardment Stephen Mojzsis
GSFC Atanassova, Martina Development and Optimization of the Next Generation X-ray Optics William Zhang
JPL Aubrey, Andrew Investigation into the kinetics of surface bound organics to Mars Analog Minerals Frank Grunthaner
ARC Barnhart, Charles Regional Climate on Early Mars: Volatile Delivery Mechanisms and Climate Response Anthony Colaprete
GSFC Barton, Jonathan Combining Spaceborne Lidar and Multispectral Imagery to Map Global Water Turbidity Michael Jasinski
JPL Berge, Joel Weak gravitational lensing as a probe of dark matter and dark energy Jason Rhodes
GSFC Bodewits, Dennis Probing the interaction between young stars and their disks Michael J. Mumma
GSFC Breech, Ben Improving Solar Wind Modeling Through Spacecraft Observations, Simulations and Theoretical analysis Melvyn Goldstein
GSFC Buzulukova, Natalia Substorm-dependent phenomena in the inner Earth magnetosphere and relations between them Thomas E. Moore
ARC Cahoy, Kerri Exoplanet Science and Technology Development Thomas P. Greene
GSFC Callahan, Michael A search for nitrogen heterocyclic molecules in meteorites and simulated cometary ices Jason Dworkin
ARC Cardace, Dawn Spatial-temporal Investigation of Serpentinizing Fluids: using microbiology, geochemistry, and thermodynamics to identify organisms, metabolisms, and extraterrestrial habitat Tori Moehler
JPL Chembo, Yanne Development of Microwave Photonic Oscillators Using Optical Frequency Combs Generated with Monolithic Micro-resonators Nan Yu
JPL Choukroun, Mathieu Experimental study of planetary ices rheology - Implications on internal dynamics and cryovolcanism of icy moons Martin Barmatz Christophe Sotin (Eff. -09)
GSFC Eckart, Megan Toward Future X-ray Spectral Imagers: Detailed Study of Thermalization in Superconducting Absorbers for Large Imaging Arrays Richard L. Kelley
JPL Fahnestock, Eugene Spacecraft Radio Tracking Data and Radar Exploration of Planetary, Satellite, and Small Body Gravity Fields and Rotational Dynamics Donald Yeomans
LaRC Fernandez Sanginez, José E Region IRI model corrections using TIMED-SABER data on magnetic storm periods Christopher Mertens
JPL Flandes Mendoza, Jose Small particles and dust in Saturn’s rings: Physical characteristics and dynamics inferred from Cassini remote sensing and dust measurements Linda L. Spilker
ARC Fleming, Erich Biogeochemical Cycles Brad Bebout
JPL Garofalo, David Relativistic Black Hole Astrophysics David Meier
ARC Gayon, Julie Formation of Habitable Planets Jack Lissauer
GSFC Glocer, Alex Radiation Belt Enhancement During Geomagnetic Storms Mei-Ching Fok
ARC Goldblatt, Colin Biogeochemical modelling global redox and atmospheric evolution: informing the search for inhabited planets Kevin Zahnle
NAI Gupta, Sanchayan Polymeric Biosignatures in Organismic Fossils and Environmental Controls on Their Preservation Roger Summons & George Cody
GSFC Hinderks, James Probing Inflation with CMB Polarization Alan Kogut
NAI Horikawa, Daiki Tolerance of tardigrades to extremes: Implications for the existence of multicellular organisms in extraterrestrial environments Lynn Rothschild
MSFC Ikhsanov, Nazar Modeling of Accretion in Long-period X-ray Pulsars Ron Elsner
GSFC Iro, Nicolas Optical and Infrared Detection and Characterization of Extrasolar Planets Leo D. Deming
JPL Jacovi, Ronen Radiation processing of organics in ices - outer solar system applications Murthy Gudpati
GSFC Jethava, Nikhil Development and commissioning of Superconducting Transition Edge Sensors for Sub-millimeter and Far-Infrared astronomical experiments Dominic Benford
LaRC Josset, Damien Improving analysis capabilities in space remote sensing using surface information from combined active and passive measurements Chip Trepte
GRC Kim, Hyoung-Jin Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for Aeropropulsion Meng-Sing Liou
JPL Kim, Joo Hyeon Radiative Transfer Model for Planetary Atmospheres: Vertical structure and line identifications of emissions from high latitudes of Jupiter and Saturn Glenn S. Orton
GSFC/GISS Kim, Yeonjoo Role of Phenology in Coupled Vegetation-Climate at Seasonal to Decadal Timescales in Ent DGTEM Nancy Kiang
GSFC Kirschbaum, Dalia Ensemble Landslide Forecasting System Christa Peters-Lidard
JPL Kubar, Terence Toward a Better Understanding of Tropical High Thin Clouds, Vertical Cloud Structure and Precipitation Relationships, Vertical Modes of Convection, and Land/Sea Contrasts of Convection Duane E. Waliser
ARC Lachaud, Jean Direct numerical simulation of Ablation : near-wall phenomenological models Nagi Mansour
JPL Landerer, Felix Arctic Ocean freshening: Using GRACE and ECCO2 to determine impacts on the large-scale ocean circulation and sea ice formation Jean Dickey
JPL Lasne, Yannick Characterization of Microwave Dielectric Constant Properties of Natural Media for Interpretation of Remote Sensing Signatures Kyle McDonald
ARC Lawrence, Ben Super Integrated Control Architectures for Advanced Heavy Lift Rotorcraft Colin Theodore
ARC Leaman, Jesse Preparing for large amounts of data from next-generation astronomical surveys Jeffrey Scargle
JPL Lee , Jae A study of northern annular mode and its role in stratosphere-troposphere interaction with remote sensing Dong Wu
ARC Leeuw, Lerothodi Mid-Infrared to Sub-millimeter Waveband Observational Study of Nearby Elliptical Galaxies Jesse Bregman
ARC Leuko, Stefan Cyanobacterial toxins: Overlooked protective molecules for the evolution of life? Lynn Rothschild
GSFC Leutenegger, Maurice Laboratory measurements of X-ray emission following charge exchange Richard L. Kelley
JPL Liu, Xianming Radiative Properties, Cross Sections and Predissociation Yields Relevant to Nitrogen-Rich Atmospheres Paul Johnson
LaRC Lovell, Conrad Multifunctional Bionanocomposites for Potential Shear Sensor Applications Emilie Siochi
GSFC Lyatsky, Wladislaw Implementation of a New Approach to Improving the Reliability of Space Weather Prediction George V. Khazanov
GSFC Mandell, Avram Circumstellar Disk Evolution and Habitable Planet Formation Michael J. Mumma
JSC Martin, Audrey Effect of iron and oxidation conditions on the stability of a clinopyroxene + garnet + magnesite assemblage in planetary mantles: experimental constraints at high pressure - high temperature Kevin Righter
ARC Matt, Sean Rotational Evolution from Birth to the Solar Age: Computing Stellar Wind Torques and Spin Histories Tom Greene
GSFC Mazarico, Erwan Selenodesy with LRO, Force Modeling and Crustal Thickness Study David Smith
JPL McKenzie, Kirk Laser Interferometer for Gravity Wave Detection in Space William Klipstein
GSFC McWilliams, Sean Applying Numerical Relativity to Gravitational Wave Observation John Baker
GSFC Meyer, Kerry Ice Cloud Retrievals from MODIS Band 26 (1.38 µm): Evaluation and Application to the MOD06/MYD06 Cloud Product Steven Platnick
ARC Mijajlovic, Milan Molecular Modeling of Protocellular Ion Channels Andrew Pohorille
GSFC Morton, Douglas Fire in Amazon forests: carbon emissions and the role of canopy phenology in current and future fire risk James Collatz
GSFC Neigh, Christopher Evaluating Insect and Fire Disturbance Impacts to North American Forest Carbon Sinks Compton J. Tucker
ARC Nuevo, Michel A laboratory study of interstellar ice photochemistry as a contributor to the chemical, chiral and isotopic distribution of meteoritic amino acids Scott Sandford
GRC Oravec, Heather Understanding the Effects of Surface Cleanliness and Vacuum on the Shear Strength of Lunar Regolith with Respect to Vehicle Mobility Phillip Abel
JPL Oveisgharan, Shadi Fusion of Polarimetric INSAR and Lidar Measurements for Estimating Forest Structure and Aboveground Sassan Saatchi
ARC Parenteau, Mary Biosignatures in evaporites: Microbial life in the gypsum crusts of Guerrero Negro, Baja California, Mexico Linda L. Jahnke
JPL Pereverzev, Sergey A Photon-Counting Hot-Electron Bolometer for THz Spectroscopy in Space Boris Karasik
JPL Pineda, Jorge Thermal Balance and Evolution of Dusty Prestellar Cores: The Complementary Picture from Gas Tracers Paul Goldsmith
JPL Pueyo, Laurent Broadband high-contrast wavefront control in coronagraphy Stuart Shaklan
ARC Ricketts, Claire The Titan Haze Simulation Farid Salama
ARC Rowe, Jason Photometry of Transiting Exoplanetary Systems William Borucki
JPL Sardinha-Pinto, Naiara Estimating forest 3D structure and biomass across the globe: a study combining InSAR, Lidar, and ecological models Marc Simard
JPL Sayers, Jack Development of a submm/mm-wave camera for the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory using microwave kinetic inductance detectors Hien Nguyen
GSFC Shih, Albert Probing solar-flare ion acceleration using present-day instruments and developing the next generation Brian Dennis
ARC Shinozuka, Yohei Remote sensing of chemical mass of submicron aerosols using NASA satellites: Assessment of its feasibility based on aircraft remote sensing and in situ measurements over North America Jens Redemann
KSC Silvestry Rodriguez, Nadia New UVC-LED, TiO2, and Silver Safe Technology to Sustain Water Quality for Life Support Systems Ray Wheeler
GSFC Sippel, Jason OSSE Experiments Testing New Data Platforms for Predicting Tropical Cyclones with an Ensemble Kalman Filter Scott Braun
ARC Sizemore, Hanna Development of Segregated Ground Ice in the Shallow Martian Regolith Aaron Zent
JPL Thomas, Bertrand A 1.9 THz heterodyne camera based on MMIC Schottky diodes Imran Medhi
GSFC Tripathi, Sachchida Numerical Calculation of Titan haze using a 1-D coupled microphysical and photochemical model Paul Romani
GSFC/GISS Tsigaridis, Konstantinos Secondary organic aerosols in the GISS general circulation model: spatio-temporal distribution, relative importance on total aerosol distribution and impact on climate James Hansen
JPL Urban, Andrea Origin of the IMF via Star Formation Simulations Harold Yorke
GSFC Utku, Cuneyt Effect of Topography on Global Scale Soil Moisture Retrieval Algorithms David Le Vine
JSC van Acken, David The formation and differentiation history of the aubrite parent body Alan Brandon
MSFC van der Horst, Alexander Gamma-ray burst blast wave physics in the GLAST era Chryssa Kouveliotou
KSC van Suetendael, Nancy Investigating Design and Operational Issues Associated with the Lunar Electrodynamic Dust Shield in Transitioning this Technology from Prototype to Full-Scale Applications Carlos Calle
GSFC Vinatier, Sandrine Study of the dynamics and chemistry of Titan’s middle atmosphere: analysis of Cassini/CIRS limb spectra Gordon Bjoraker
ARC Williams, Kaj Modeling the Martian Water Cycle: The Role of the North Residual Cap Jeffrey Hollingsworth
LaRC Yang, Mei Ying In Situ and Remote Sensing of Greenhouse and Other Trace Gases in the Atmosphere Using Advance Tunable Laser Sources Glenn Diskin
JPL Yu, Shanshan Laboratory Rotational Spectroscopy of Protonated Methanol Brian Drouin
GSFC Zenitani, Seiji Magnetic reconnection with non-standard scale dynamics Micahel Hesse
GSFC Zhang, Hui Hot Flow Anomalies and Foreshock Cavities David Sibeck
LaRC Ziemba, Luke An Investigation of Water-Soluble Pollutants from Aircraft Engines: Partitioning of Water-Soluble Organic Carbon (WSOC) Between the Gas and Particle Phase as a Function of Plume Age Bruce Anderson
ARC Fortney, Jonathan Effects of Photochemical Hazes on the Detectability and Characterization of Extrasolar Giant Planets Mark S. Marley
ARC Green , Stefan Salinity-Driven Shifts in Microbial Mat Primary Production: Integration of Multiple Molecular Analyses and Chemical Profiling Linda L. Jahnke
ARC Hallar, Anna Cavity Enhanced Measurement of Aerosol Optical Properties and Applications to Black Carbon Anthony W. Strawa
ARC Heldmann, Jennifer Stability of Massive Ground Ice in Arid Polar Environments on Mars and Earth Christopher P. McKay
ARC Phillips, Jonathan Molecular Coupling of Cellular Response to Microgravity and Radiation Through p53 Related Mechanisms Ruth Globus
ARC Quintana, Elisa Planetary Formation in Binary Star Systems Jack J. Lissauer
ARC Rodriguez-Gomez, David Molecular Modeling of Protocellular Functions Andrew Pohorille
ARC Tan , Xiaofeng Laboratory Studies of Interstellar Analogs of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Carbon Nanostructures Farid Salama
ARC Trujillo San Martin, Maria Computational Models of Human Vision Albert J. Ahumada, Jr
ARC Ueta, Toshiya Revealing the Mass Loss History on the Asymptotic Giant Branch via Observations of the Circumstellar Dust Shells Sean C. Casey
DFRC Kukreja, Sunil Nonlinear System Identification of Aircraft Aeroelastic Dynamics Martin J. Brenner
GRC Hubbard, Seth Quantum Wire III-V Photovoltaics Sheila G. Bailey
GRC Nagorny, Aleksandr The Investigation Directed Towards Creation of New Series High Efficiency Electrical Machines by the Improvement of Design & Application of Novel Materials M. D. Kankam
GSFC Bar-Itzhack, Itzhack Advanced in-Flight Sensor Alignment and Calibration Algorithms Richard R. Harman
GSFC Benna, Mehdi Coma Model for the Neutral Gas and Ion Mass Spectrometer (NGIMS) Instrument Paul R. Mahaffy
GSFC Burchill, Johnathan Shining Light on Auroral Electrodynamics: Causes of Ion Heating and Lower Hybrid Solitary Structures Robert F. Pfaff, Jr
GSFC Colarco, Amelia Measurement Strategy Development for a New CO2 Differential Absorption Lidar System John Burris
GSFC Cummings, Jay Investigation of Faint Gamma Ray Bursts Using the Burst Alert Telescope Neil Gehrels
GSFC Kim, Jeong Geopotential Anomaly Continuation from Multi-Altitude Observations Patrick T. Taylor
GSFC Koppitz, Michael Numerical Studies of Black Hole Systems Joan M. Centrella
GSFC Kutepov, Alexander Accounting for NON-LTE Effects for Modeling Infrared Radiation in the Martian Atmosphere William C. Maguire
GSFC Maksym, Ted Investigation of the Mass Balance of Antarctic Sea Ice Through the Assimilation of Passive MicFellowave Snow Depth Retrievals Thorsten Markus
GSFC McAteer, Robert The Relationship between Active Region Complexity and Solar flare Productivity Gordon D. Holman
GSFC Miller, Michael Gravitational Radiation from Hierarchical Mergers of Black Holes Joan M. Centrella
GSFC Muller, Jordan Using Lidar High-Resolution Topographic Data to Constrain Earthquake and Landslide Hazards in the Puget Lowland, Washington State David J. Harding
GSFC Numata, Kenji Ground Tests & Integrations of LISA Key Technologies: Interferometer & Intertial Sensor Jordan B. Camp
GSFC Podesta, John Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Solar Wind Dynamics in the Heliosphere Aaron Roberts
GSFC Pulkkinen, Antti Automated Classification of Auroral Ionospheric Equivalent Current Systems and Integration of Methods Applicable for Predictions of Ground Effects of Space Weather Alexander J. Klimas
GSFC Remijan, Anthony Astrochemistry of the Interstellar Medium Jan M. Hollis
GSFC Scott, Jennifer Star-Forming Galaxies in the Fields of Ultraviolet-Bright Quasars Sara Heap
GSFC Tang, Genglin Measurement of Turbulence Intensity Effect on Surface Waves Steven R. Long
GSFC Van Meter, James Computation of Gravitational Radiation from Binary Black Hole Sources Joan M. Centrella
GSFC Wallace, Debra High Angular Research Investigations Into Galactic Massive Stars and Their Stellar Environments William C. Danchi
JPL Aguilar, Alejandro (Alex) Ultraviolet Emission Cross Sections of Atomic Oxygen and Sulfur by Electron Impact Joseph M. Ajello
JPL Brooks, Shawn Ring Particle Thermal Properties: Interpreting Cassini CIRS Observations of Saturn's Ring Linda J. Spilker
JPL Brotton, Stephen High Resolution Electron-Induced XUV Fluorescence for Life Detection Joseph M. Ajello
JPL Buchman, Luisa 3D Black Hole Numerical Evolutions for LISA Templates Using a Tetrad Formalism Frank B. Estabrook
JPL Florescu, Lucia Quantum Dynamics and collective Atomic Effects in Photonic Crystals Igor Kulikov
JPL Giampieri, Giacomo The International Structure of Saturn and Titan (From Cassini Gravity and Magnetometer Measurements) John D. Anderson
JPL Guillaume, Alexandre (Sandro) Ultra-Fast, Superconducting, Single-Photon Detectors for Quantum Key Distribution Paul Von Allmen
JPL Hoogenboom, Trudi Coupled Upwelling and Delamination as a Mechanism for Tesserae Formation on Venus Suzanne Smrekar
JPL Hossain, Sabbir Measurements of HCI Collision Strengths in Astronomical Objects Ara Chutjian
JPL Jelenkovic, Branislav Development and Testing of Small Atomic Clocks Suited for Deep Space Missions Lutfollah Maleki
JPL Kapale, Kishor Ultra-Sensitive Magnetometry Using Bose-Einstein Condensates and Atomic Coherence Effects Ulvi H. Yurtsever
JPL Kuo, Chao-Lin Measuring the CMB Polarization with BICEP James J. Bock
JPL Parrish, Paul The Spatial Orientation and Temporal Organization of Saturn's Cloud Variability and Stratospheric Temperature Structure Glenn S. Orton
JPL Piryatinska, Alexandra Statistical Analysis of Long-Term Series of Oceanographic Satellite Observations Accounting for Nonlinear Features of Quasi-geostrophic Dynamics Roman E. Glazman
JPL Sacco, Gian Study of Trion Correlations in Quantum Dots with the Tight Binding Method Paul A. von Allmen
JPL Schroeder, Thomas Stratosphere Monitoring by the Global Positioning System Kyle McDonald
JPL Spedalieri, Federico Relativistic Quantum Information Theory Vulvi H. Yurtsever
JSC Allada, Rama Development of SWNT-Based Materials for the Regenerable Carbon Dioxide Recovery System Leonard L. Yowell
JSC Broun, Igor Ultra Structure of Nanometer Space Weathering Features David S. McKay
JSC Hambuchen, Kimberly Collective Control of Attention Between Robonaut and its Teleoperator Using a Sensory Ego-Sphere Robert T. Savely
JSC Ni, Jianjun UWB Communications and Tracking System Design for Mini-AERCam George D. Arndt
JSC Rankenburg, Kai Highly Siderophile Element Behavior During Differentiation of Terrestrial Bodies: The Ureilite Connection Alan Brandon
KSC Bracho, Rosvel Carbon Accumulation in Florida Scrub Oak Ecosystem Driven by Fire Frequency Charles R. Hinkle
KSC Thomas, Cassondra Network Analysis and Management Practices of Impounded Marshes at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Charles R. Hinkle
LaRC Belcher, Marcus Preparation of Carbonates from In Situ Methyl Carbonic Acid Catharine C. Fay
LaRC Horne, Michael Developing a Physics-Based Understanding of Crack-tip Damage Accumulation Robert S. Piascik
LaRC Xia, Songtao Light-Weight Formal Methods in Conservative Software for Flexibility Benedetto L. Di Vito
LaRC Hayes, Eric The Development of Fluorescence Based Fiber Optic Sensors for the On-Site Selective Determination of Gases in Fuels and Atmosphere Robert Rogowski
MSFC Krivorutsky, Emmanuil High-Frequency Wave Excitation in a Multi-Ion Plasma Subjected to Low-Frequency Waves George V. Khazanov
NAI Cook, Jamie Reactions of Aromatics in Extraterrestrial Ice Analogs: Potential Chemical Precursors of Life and False Biosignatures Max Bernstein
NAI Huang, Jinling Horizontal Gene Transfer in the Evolution of Early Branching Eukaryotes Johann P. Gogarten
NAI Turnbull, Margaret (Maggie) Habitable Worlds in the Solar Neighborhood Sara Seager
ARC Bearman, Christopher The Influence of Team Conflict on Decision Making in Aviation ad the Development of Strategies for the Management of Such Conflict Judith M. Orasanu
ARC Beyer, Ross Martian Geomorphology Jeffrey Moore
ARC Ertem, Gozen Molecular and Isotopic Analysis of Meteoritic Organic Compounds George W. Cooper
ARC Finke, Nikolaus Biosignatures in Photosynthetic Systems Impact of the S-Cycle on Formation of Volatile and Solid Phase Indicators of Biological Activity Tori Moehler
ARC Greenberg, Jonathan Large Scale Stem Mapping of Yosemite National Park Vern C. Vanderbilt
ARC Harari Beer, Ealeal Cometary Grains-Composition Properties and Implications Diane H. Wooden
ARC Lim, Darlene Limnological and Paleolimnological Characterization of Alkaline, Microbial Carbonate-Rich Lakes Christopher P. McKay
ARC Mastrapa, Rachel Infrared Spectra and Radiation Products of Solar System Ices Scott A. Sandford
GRC Sun, Guangyoung Auxiliary Bearing Life Prediction Using High Fidelity Rearing and Damper Models Albert F. Kascak
GSFC Cooper, Paul The Product of Oxygen (O2) in Irradiated Cosmic-Type Ices Marla H. Moore
GSFC Cremades Fernandes, Maria 3D Structure of Coronal Mass Ejections to be Observed by STEREO O. Chris St. Cyr
GSFC de Goncalves, Luis Enhancing the Global Data Assimilation System by Establishing a South American Component Using Regional Cooperation and Resources David L. Toll
GSFC Dinnat, Emmanuel Improvements in the Estimation of the Sea Surface Salinity from MicFellowave Measurements by Means of Active/Passive Synergy David M. Le Vine
GSFC Druon, Jean-Noel Eastern US Continental Shelf Carbon Cycle Dynamics Using Remote Sensing Data of Ocean Color and a Coupled Circulation-Biogeochemical Model Charles McClain
GSFC Galliano, Frederic Study of Galaxy Evolution Through Multi-Wavelength Analysis of the Local Universe Eli Dwek
GSFC Gavriil, Fotis Probing the Neutron Start Equation of State Using Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries Tod E. Strohmayer
GSFC Hesman, Brigette Ground- and Space-Based Spectroscopic Studies of Jupiter and Saturn Donald E. Jennings
GSFC Lewis, Karen Probing the Accretion Flows of Radio-loud AGNs with X-Ray Spectroscopy Richard F. Mushotzky
GSFC Markowitz, Alex A Systematic Study of Seyfert 1 X-ray Spectral and Continuum Variability Peter J. Serlemitsos
GSFC Mest, Scott Degradation of Impact Craters in the Martian Southern Highlands: Implications for the Geologic, Hydrologic and Climatic Evolution of Mars Herbert V. Frey
GSFC Ozdogan, Mutlu Using MODIS Data to Characterize Irrigation in the Continental US: Investigating the Relationship between Irrigation Climate, and the Hydrologic Cycle David Toll
GSFC Paulson, Diane Substellar Companions to Nearby Young Stars Leo D. Deming
GSFC Petrie, Gordon Tying the Solar Surface Magnetic Filed to the Corona and Heliosphere Joseph M. Davila
GSFC Pinheiro, Ana Christina Torre Improved Soil Moisture Estimates to Aid Water Management Practices in the Rio Grande Basin David Toll
GSFC Rajaram, Ramaswamy Energy, Momentum, and Particle Entry into the Magnetosphere David Sibeck
GSFC Richardson, Lee Simulation Code for the Design and Development of the Fourier-Kelvin Stellar Interferometer William C. Danchi
GSFC Sakamoto, Takanori Confirmation of the Epeak-Eiso Relation with Swift and HETE-2 Neil Gehrels
GSFC Chen, Bomin Simulation of ITCZ and Monsoon with Modification of Aarakawa-Schubert Cumulus Parameterization Schemes Winston Chao
JPL Altobelli, Nicolas Structure and Particle Properties of Planetary Rings Inferred from Remote Sensing and In-Situ Dust Measurements Linda J. Spilker
JPL Brodwin, Mark Evolution of the Global Star Formation Rate Since z=2 Peter R. Eisenhardt
JPL Can, Muhammet Robust Entanglement in Physical Systems Ulvi Yurtsever
JPL Carson, Joseph Observational Studies of Substellar Companions Around Nearby Stars and Instrumentation Research to Improve High Contrast Companion Searches Karl Stapelfeldt
JPL Chaubell, Mario Sensors and GPS Occultations: High Frequency Integrators for Evaluation of Tropospheric Wave Propagation Chi O Ao
JPL Choi, Young-Jun Attribution of Kuiper Belt Objects to Jupiter-Family Comets Paul R. Weissman
JPL D'Ambrosio, Erika Gravitational Wave Atom Interferometry Lute Maleki
JPL Durkin, Gabriel Entanglement Enhanced Interferometry for Observation of Gravitational Waves Ulvi Yurtsever
JPL Li, Di Massive Cores in the Orion Molecular Cloud Thangasamy Velusamy
JPL Malone, Charles Emission Cross Sections by Electron Impact of S, O, and SO2 with Application to Hubble Space Telescope Observations of IO Isik Kanik
JPL McCabe, Caer-Eve Thermal Infrared Scattered Light from Protoplanetary Disks: Probing the First Stage of Planet Formation Karl Stapelfeldt
JPL McConkey, John Electron Collisions with Vibrationally-Excited Hydrogen Isik Kanik
JPL Obenhuber, Donald Bacterial Spore Viability in Extreme Environments Adrian Ponce
JPL O'Dwyer, Ian High Quality Statistical Inferences from CMB Data Charles R. Lawrence
JPL Paganelli, Flora Olympus and Arsia Mons Study from Mars Global Surveyor and Comparison with IO's Mountains Rosaly Lopes-Gautier
JPL Rahman, Mohammad Nurur Morphological Properties of Galaxies and Galaxy-Clusters George Helou
JPL Seo, Ki-Weon Changes in Polar Water Mass Storage from GRACE Duane E. Waliser
JPL Tarsitano, Christopher High-Sensitivity Cavity Ring-Down Spectrometer Using Quantum Cascade Lasers Christopher R. Webster
JPL Temma, Takafumi Saturnian Cloud Structure Study and Trace Element Mapping with the Cassini VIMS Instrument Kevin H. Baines
JPL Tripathi, Om The Study of Minor Constituents in the Atmosphere with the Special Emphasis on Antarctica Iain S. McDermid
JSC Abell, Paul Geological Investigation of Near-Earth Asteroids via Visible and Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy Michael E. Zolensky
JSC Danielson, Lisa Partitioning Behavior of Highly Siderophile Elements: Implications for the Evolution of Early Earth Kevin Righter
JSC Herrin, Jason Chemical Studies of Meteorite Parent Body Processes David W. Mittlefehldt
JSC Noble, Sarah Regolith Processes on Airless Bodies: Understanding the Products of Space Weathering and Impact Lindsay P. Keller
JSC Perronnet, Murielle Fe-Ni Sulfides and Phyllosilicates Microchemical Evolution as Gauges of the Aqueous Alteration on Carbonaceous Chrondrites. Application to the CR3-CR2 Transition and to a Range of Altered CM2 Chrondrites Michael E. Zolensky
KSC Li, Wenyan (Wendy) Structure Chemistry and Synthesis of Nonlinear Optical Materials Luz M. Calle
LaRC Bivolaru, Daniel Interferometric Rayleigh Scattering System for Gas Flow Velocity Measurement Paul M. Danehy
LaRC Ghose, Sayata High Performance Polymers for Space Applications John W. Connell
LaRC Thengumthara, Kunhikrishnan Atmospheric Chemistry-Meteorology Coupling Studies and Impact on Regional and Global Climate James Crawford
MSFC Kobayashi, Ken Testing and Calibration of the Solar Ultraviolet Magnetograph investigation Spectropolarimeter Allen Gary
MSFC Zavlin, Vyacheslav A Systematic Study of X0ray Emission from Isolated Neutron Stars Martin C. Weisskopf
NAI Hinsa-Leasure, Shannon Understanding How Psychrobacter sp. 273-4 is Able to Live in Siberian Permafrost James Tiedje
NAI Huber, Julie The Distribution of Early Life into Geographically Distinct Subseafloor Microbial Habitats: A Metagenomic Strategy Mitchell Sogin
NAI Schrenk, Matthew High-Temperature, High-Pressure Microcosms to Study the Bio-Molecular Basis for the Upper Temperature Limits to Life George D. Cody
NAI Toner, Brandy Low Temperature Weathering of Hydrothermal Metal-Sulfide Deposits by Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria in the Deep-Sea Katrina J. Edwards
LaRC Almimi, Ashraf Statistical Engineering Peter Parker
GSFC Arendt, Anthony Combining Satellite Gravity and Airborne Altimetry Measurements to Calculate Ice Mass Changes in Alaska Waleed Abdalati
ARC Barnes, Jason Planetary Detection William Borucici
GSFC Belikov, Ruslan Hybrid External-Internal Occulter Design for Terrestrial Planet Detection Richard Lyon
ARC Blank, Jennifer (Jen) Serpentinization in the Coast Range Ophiolites of California: Mechanisms for Biosignature Preservation in Chemosynthetic Systems David Blake
GSFC Bleacher, Jacob (Jake) Geologic Mapping of the Tharsis Montes, Mars Herbert V. Frey
ARC Bonaccorsi, Rosalba Assessing Biosignatures in the Deep Rock Samples from the Rio Tinto: An Analog for the Search for Deep Subsurface Life on Mars Aaron Zent
JPL Boxe, Christopher (Chris) Microphysical Analysis of Low-Temperature Ice Films with Adsorbed HNO3 as a Means to Validate the Existence of D-Ice: Relevance to Understanding the Role of Cirrus Cloud Microphysics in the Radiative Forcing of Climate Change Ming-Taun Leu
JSC Bradley, Robert

Nanoscale and Multiscale Biomechanics of Gravity: Ground Based Experiments and Models

Leonard L.Yowell
ARC Brown, Adrian Hyperspectral Mapping of Ancient Hydrothermal Systems Janice Bishop
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GSFC Burger, Matthew (Matt) Neutrals in Planetary Magnetospheres: Understanding Icy Satellites Edward C. Sittler, Jr
MSFC Chronis, Themis Use of Lightning Information as Valuable Insight in Tropical Convective Processes Richard Blakeslee
NAI Cooper, Curtis Three-dimensional modeling of habitable zones and the paleoclimates of the terrestrial planets Alexander A. Pavlov
ARC D'Angelo, Gennaro Numerical Simulations of Disk-Planet Interactions Jack J. Lissauer
ARC Davatzes, Alexandra (Alix) Role of fault geometry on Martian channel systems Virginia Gulick
GSFC Deppe, Jill Predicting the Occurrence of Neotropical Migrant Landbirds in the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor Development of a Spatially Explicit Habitat Model James A. Smith
GSFC Feofilov, Artem Non-LTE Diagnostics of Satellite and Rocket Born Observations of the Earth's Polar Mesosphere/Lower Thermosphere Richard A. Goldberg
LaRC Fogarty, David Active Twist Rotor Control for BVI-Induced Noise Reduction Mark W. Nixon
GSFC Fukumura, Keigo The Physics of Compact Objects Demosthenes Kazanas
NAI Furlan, Elise Exploring the Birthplaces of Planets High Angular Resolution in the Mid-Infrared from the Ground and from Space Andrea Ghez
MSFC Gamayunov, Konstantin Small- and Large-scale Ring Current Electrodynamic Coupling George V. Khazanov
ARC Hartlep, Thomas Convection and Acoustic Waves in the Sun Nagi Mansour
JSC Hausrath, Elisabeth Interpreting Phosphate Mobility on Mars Douglas W. Ming
GSFC Hurford, Terry Probing Europa's Interior Structure Bruce G. Bills
JPL Jin, Kyoung-Wook Error Modeling of Soil Moisture Retrieval and Relationship of Precipitation and Soil Moisture Over Land from AMSR-E Data Eni G. Njoku
GSFC Kadler, Matthias Observational Links between Mass Accretion and Jet Formation in AGN Kimberly Weaver
JPL Kahn, Brian Characterizing Cirrus Clouds and their Radiative Forcing with a Multi-sensor Approach Annmarie Eldering
JPL Khazendar, Ala Analysis & Model Interpretation of Interferometric Radar Observations of Glacier Motion Eric Rignot
GRC Lei, Shuliang Synthesis of Magnetic Suspension of High Speed Flywheel Systems Albert F. Kascak
JPL Leyrat, Cedric Physical Properties of Saturn's Rings with CIRS Linda L. Spilker
JSC Marquette, Michele Biomedical Engineering, Research, and Technology Development Diane L. Byerly
GSFC Marsh, Michael (Mike) The Structure and Dynamic Nature of the Solar Atmosphere Therese Kucera
GSFC Martoff, Charles X-ray Polarimetry with Negative Ion TPC Keith Jahoda
JPL McNary, Jason THz Imaging of Surface and Sub-surface Water, Ice and Biomarkers Peter Siegel
JPL Mitchell, Karl Cryovolcanism on the Cronian Icy Satellites: Development of Physical Models as an Aid to Cassini Image Data Analysis Rosaly Lopes-Gautier
JPL Mitri, Giuseppe Thermal Evolution of Titan and Icy Satellites of the Saturn System: Implication for the Surface Structures and Resurfacing Rosaly Lopes-Gautier
MSFC Mizuno, Yosuke General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations for Gamma-Ray Bursts Gerald J. Fishman
LaRC Obland, Michael Airborne High Spectral Resolution LIDAR Chris Hostetler
GSFC O'Donovan, Francis Probing the Atmospheres of New Transiting Exoplanets Drake Deming
GSFC Ott, Lesley Evaluating the Impact of Meteorological Fields on the Representation of Convection in the GMI COMBO CTM Steven Pawson
JSC Park, Jisun Study of Ar-Ar Dating on Martian Meteorites; Shock Effects of K-Ar Clock in Minerals Donald D. Bogard
NAI Pasek, Matt University of Arizona: An Astronomical Search for the Essential Ingredients for Life: Placing our Habitable System in Context Jonathan Lunine
MSFC Pittman, Jasna Convective & Radiative Characteristics of the Tropopause Layer over the Tropical Americas Pete Robertson
JPL Rambaux, Nicolas Lunar Laser Ranging and the interior structure of the Moon James Williams
NAI Raymond, Sean Comet Clouds, Terrestrial Impacts, & the Habitability of Planets in the Galaxy John Bally
GSFC Roberge, Aki The Evolution of Gas in Protoplanetary Disks Marc Kuchner
ARC Roser, Joseph Maxtrix-Isolation Spectroscopy of Large PAH Molecules and PAH Nanocluster Ions Utilizing Pulsed Laser Louis J. Allamandola
JPL Saiz-Lopez, Alfonso Ultraviolet-Visible Remote Sensing of Earth's Atmosphere Stanley Sander
GSFC Satheesh, S. Retrieval of Dust and Sea-Salt Aerosols over Afro-Asian Regions using Multiple Satellite Data: Implications to Radiative Forcing Lorraine Remer
JSC Schroeder, Christian Aqueous minerals on Mars: Fractionation of non-traditional stable isotopes investigated in analogue materials Douglas W. Ming
LaRC Schuecker, Clara Progressive damage analysis for predicting the durability of composite structures Carlos Davila
GSFC Sergienko, Olga Polar Oceanography and Glaciology Robert Bindschadler
NAI Shkolnik, Evgenya Hot Jupiters, Hot Spots and the Characterization of Extrasolar Planets Eric Gaidos
JPL Simcic, Jurij Proposal for cross section measurements for electron impact excitations of some multiply charged ions Ara Chutjian
LaRC Simpson, Steven LIDAR Atmospheric Measurements of Water Vapor Edward Browell
GSFC Singh, Kumar (goes by Hemant) Planetary Geology and Geophysics Herbert V. Frey
MSFC Solakiewicz, Richard Determination of Electric Field Enhancement Factors for Aircraft William Koshak
GSFC Son, Seunghee The Development of Silicon Detectors for the Cons Experiment and Future Experiment Stanley Hunter
ARC Srikanthan, Ramachandran Mixing State of Aerosols; Implications to Radiative Forcing Phillip Russell
GSFC Stamatikos, Michael Correlative Leptonic Observations from Individual Swift GRBs with AMANDA II and IceCube Neil Gehrels
GSFC Stern, Jennifer (Jen) Detecting Abiotically Produced Organics on Prebiotic Earth: Establishing a Benchmark for Life Jamie Elsila
GSFC Taktakishvili, Aleksandre (Sandro) The Multi-Scale Plasma Processes in the Magnetosheath and Inner Magnetosphere Maria M. Kuznetsova
LaRC Tejada Ruiz, Arturo A Hybrid Systems Methodology for the Analysis and Formal Verification of Fault Diagnostic Systems Benedetto L. Di Vito
JPL Thomson, Bradley Eolian Modification of Rock Surface Texture: Applications to Earth & Mars Nathan Bridges
NAI Tian, Feng Hydrodynamic Escape from Planetary Atmospheres Jim Kasting
NAI Trainer, Melissa The Evaluation of CO2 Clathrate Hydrates as a Possible Sink for CH4 in the Martian Atmosphere: Fusing Laboratory Results with a Developing Mars General Circulation Model Owen B. Toon
GSFC Valencic, Lynne Extragalactic and Nonstellar X-Ray Astrophysics Richard F. Mushotzky
ARC Van Wyngarden, Annalise Changes in the Organic Fraction of Aerosols during Cloud Cycling and the Effects on Aerosol Properties Laura Iraci
GSFC Villanueva, Geronimo Methane on Mars: The Search for Atmospheric Biomarkers of Subsurface Life Michael J. Mumma
ARC Vogel, Marilyn Biomarker Analysis of Microbial Mats and Sediments in Mineral-Precipitating Evaporation on Ponds, Guerrero Negro, Baja California, Mexico David J. Des Marais
GSFC Wisniewski, John Instrumentation for High-Contrast Imaging Mark Clampin
JPL Woods, Paul Organic Chemistry in Protoplanetary Disks Karen Willacy
JPL Aliabadi, Habibollah Studies of Electron Impact Excitations of Highly Charged Ions Ara Chutjian
JPL Allwood, Abigail Using the 3.5 billion-year terrestrial geologic record of sulfate microbialites to inform the search for life on Mars Isik Kanik
GSFC Anderson, Carrie Solar System Astrophysics at Infrared Wavelengths Gordon Bjoraker
JPL Baldridge, Alice Remote Sensing Characterization of Terrestrial Analog Sites for Aqueous Planetary Environments Simon Hook
GSFC/GISS Bauer, Michael Looking Both Ways: Taking Stock of Climate Model Uncertainties From a Meteorological Perspective David Rind
GSFC Behar, Ehud Quantifying Galactic Winds Richard Mushotzky
GSFC Bekerat, Hamed

IFM-Modeled Response of the High-Latitude Ionosphere to Auroral Dynamics Based on Auroral Observations Acquired with the Visible Imaging System (VIS) on the Polar Spacecraft

John Sigwarth
JPL Berti, Emanuele Astrophysics and fundamental physics with LISA Curt Cutler
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NAI Biddle, Jennifer Marine Biological Laboratory: From Early Biospheric Metabolisms to the Evolution of Complex Systems Andreas P. Teske
GSFC Bonfield, David Studies in Support of the Joint Dark Energy Mission Bruce Woodgate
ARC Bramall, Nathan Fluorescence Spectroscopy as a Tool for Finding Biomolecules in Extraterrestrial, Subsurface Missions Carol Stoker
GSFC Brenneman, Laura First Determination of Black Hole Spin Distributions Kimberly Weaver
JPL Bueno-Lopez, Juan A Quasiparticle-Poisoning Detector Pierre Echternach
GSFC Cheng, Yen-Ben (Ben) Investigating EOS Data Products with Vegetation Photosynthetic Activities Elizabeth Middleton
GSFC Cheung, Chi (Teddy) Sources of Relativistic Jets in the GLAST Era and Beyond David J. Thompson
GSFC Chu, I-Wen (Mike) Cosmological Parameter from the Gibbs Sampling of the Cosmic Microwave Background Anistropies Gary Hinshaw
ARC Connelley, Michael Observational Infrared Astronomy Thomas Greene
GSFC Correia, Alexandre (Alex) Remote Sensing of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions Lorraine Remer
JPL Crowder, Jeffrey A Proposal for Research and Development of Advanced Data Analysis Algorithms for the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna Curt Cutler
JPL de Vine, Glenn Developing interferometric wavefront sensing and measurement of non-reciprocal phase noise through optical fibers for LISA William Klipstein
JPL Deroo, Pieter Circumstellar discs around evolved binaries: dynamical influence and chemical evolution Raghvendra Sahai Mark Swain
GSFC Donato, Davide Stellar X-Ray Astrophysics Rita Sambruna
GSFC Dorodnitsyn, Anton Theoretical X-Ray and Ultraviolet Astronomy Timothy Kallman
MSFC Edmunson, Jennifer A petrologic study of early lunar samples to determine relationships between chronology, shock, and petrogenesis Barbara Cohen
JPL Englich, Florian Methane Detection and Isotopic Analysis in Water-Ice Matrices James Lambert
GSFC Espley, Jared Low Frequency Ionospheric Plasma Waves at Mars: Observations and Implications Jack Connerrey
JPL Fatoyinbo, Temilola Radar Remote Sensing and Ecological Modelling of Tropical Rainforests Marc Simard
ARC Fernandez-Davila, Alfonso Likelihood of Magnetotactic Bacteria and Magnetofossils Formation on Early Mars: A Terrestrial Analogue Christopher McKay
JPL Fletcher, Leigh Outer Planet Atmospheres: Dynamics, Structure and Composition of Jupiter and Saturn from Cassini/CIRS and Ground-Based Observations Glenn S. Orton
NAI Foriel, Julien Mass-dependent and mass-independent fractionation of selenium isotopes on the early Earth: a probe of planetary oxygenation Roger Buick
ARC Gonzalez-Fairen, Alberto Theoretical and Experimental Studies of the Martian Environment, Impact Assessment for Future Mars Missions Christopher P. McKay
JPL Grieman, Fred  HOx Radical Reactions with Carbonyls of Atmospheric Importance:  Hydroperoxy with Acetone and Hydroxyl with Carbon Monoxide   Paul Sander
GSFC Hays, Elizabeth (Liz) Probing the Emission Mechanism of Pulsar Wind Nebulae with GLAST Julie McEnery
JPL Ho, Shen-Shyang Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition for Labeling and Classification of Cyclones and Other Events in Remote Sensor Data Streams Ashit Talukder
ARC Huang, Shengli Coupling Remotely Sensed Post-Fire Vegetation Structure with a Biogeochemical Ecosystem Model Christopher Potter
ARC Huang, Xinchuan Theoretical Astrochemistry Timothy Lee
JSC Ito, Motoo Cation Diffusion in Enstatite: Application to Earliest History of the Solar System Objects Scott Messenger
GSFC Jenkins, Leigh An X-Ray Perspective on Star Formation Ann Hornschemeier
GSFC Jensen, Adam Relating Ultraviolet Abundance Studies to Infrared Observations of Dust and Molecules in the Galaxy George Sonneborn
JPL Jepsen, Steven Life Detection in Ice-Water Matrices James Lambert Martin Barmatz
HQ Johnson, Natasha Astrobiology Science Assistant Michael New
GSFC Juett, Adrienne Understanding the Emission Processes in Low Mass X-ray Binaries Nicholas White
ARC Kahre, Melinda Investigating the effects of Interactions Between the Dust, Water, and CO2 Cycles on Current and Past Climates Robert Haberle
GSFC Kelly, Bernard Gravitational Radiation as a Window on the Universe Joan M. Centrella
GSFC Koval, Andriy Macroscopic Properties of the Solar Wind Adam Szabo
GSFC Liang, Qing Convective scheme for the Goddard Chemistry Climate Model Richard Stolarski
LaRC Lin, Yi Facile Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications of Metal Nanoparticle- Decorated Carbon Allotropes John W. Connell
GSFC Liu, Wei High-Energy Aspects of Solar Flares Brian Dennis
JPL Manca, Gian LISA Science through Effective Field Theory and Monte-Carlo techniques. Michele Vallisneri
JPL Mangina, Rao Ultraviolet Emission Cross Sections of Gases of Astrophysical Interest by Electron Impact Joseph M. Ajello
ARC Marzo, Guiseppe Theoretical and Empirical Studies of Planetary Surface Analogs Ted Roush
JPL Mawet, Dimitri Phase-Mask Coronagraphy and Nulling Interferometry for Extrasolar Planetary System Imaging Gene Serabyn
GSFC McAdam, Amy Evolved Gas Analysis of Mineral Mixtures and Application to Future Results from the Mars Science Laboratory Paul Mahaffy
GSFC McConnochie, Timothy Infrared Fourier-Transform Spectroscopy of Planetary Atmospheres Michael Smith
ARC Melchiorri, Ricardo Study of the atmosphere of the Martian north pole Robert Haberle
GSFC Melendez, Marcio Probing the AGN-Starburst Connection using the Infrared Emission Lines from the Hard X-ray BAT Sample Kimberly Weaver
GSFC Milligan, Ryan Testing Chromospheric Evaporation Models of Solar Flares Brian Dennis
GRC Nagaram, Munikrishna Development of a  Cartesian grid based 3D finite volume flow solver Meng-Sing Liou
GSFC Nieves-Chinchilla, Teresa Study of Magnetic Topology and Plasma within Magnetic Clouds Aldofo Vinas
HQ Noble, Sarah Planetary Science Assistant James Green
JSC Oehler, Dorothy New Methods for Locating and Recognizing Evidence of Martian Life Everett K. Gibson
JSC Ohsumi, Kazumasa Mineralogy of Fine-grained Extraterrestrial Materials Michael Zolensky
GSFC Pan, Xiaoju Satellite remote sensing monitoring the seasonal and temporal variability of phytoplankton biomass, primary productivity, dissolved and particulate organic carbon concentrations in Mid- and South-Atlantic Bights Antonio Mannino
GSFC Petro, Noah Lunar Regolith: Contributions From Crater Ejecta Herbert V. Frey
GSFC Pierce , Jeffrey Evaluation of aerosol indirect effects using MODIS, CALIPSO and CloudSat data in combination with global 3-D model simulations Lorraine Remer
JPL Pitman, Karly Probing Titan's Surface via Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Correction Methods Bonnie Buratti
GSFC Randles, Cynthia Improved estimates of the aerosol direct effect on climate through inclusion of on-line aerosols with dynamical feedbacks and aerosol microphysics in a GCM  Peter Colarco
JPL Rappazzo, Antonio Numeric Modeling of Solar and Space Plasmas Paulett Liewer
JPL Rawlins, Michael Application of Remote Sensing and Land Surface Modeling for Understanding Northern High-Latitude Hydrology and Climatic Change Kyle McDonald
GSFC/GISS Ruane, Alexander  Evaluations of Impact Assessment Methods Driven by Recent Climate Models and Observations Cynthia Rosenzeig
JPL Russell , Michael Theory and experiments to inform methods for life detection with application to planetary environments Isik Kanik
GSFC Sahraoui, Fouad Space Physics Theory and Computer Simulation Melvyn Goldstein
GSFC Sarantos, Menelaos Mercury: Development of a kinetic model to study the magnetosphere-exosphere-surface interaction with the solar wind James Slavin
GSFC Schmidt, Joachim Coronal Mass Ejections as Radio Sources in the Solar Corona Natchimuthuk Gopalswamy
JPL Schodlok, Michael Studies of Sea Ice - Ice Shelf - Ocean Interactions and Their Influences on Global Ocean Circulation Using Satellite and In-Situ Data and an Eddy-Permitting Global Ocean Model Dimitris Menemenlis
GSFC Smith, Erin Spectroscopy and Imaging of PAHs in Star-forming Regions, and JWST Instrument and Detector Integration and Calibration Bernie Rauscher
GSFC Smith, Ramsey Spectroscopy of Isotopic Carbon Dioxide: A Probe of Martian Atmospheric Evolution Theodor Kostiuk
GSFC Smith, Stephen (Steve) Advanced Techniques for X-Ray Astronomy Caroline Kilbourne
GSFC Sterling, Nicholas (Nick) Theoretical X-Ray and Ultraviolet Astronomy  Timothy Kallman
GSFC Thorpe, James (Ira) Gravitational Physics in Space Stephen Merkowitz
JPL Umstaetter, Richard Space-Based Detectors of Gravitational Waves Massimo Tinto
JPL Vance , Steven Tunable Laser Spectroscopy for Life Detection and Understanding Planetary Chemical Evolution Christopher R. Webster
GSFC Venter, Christo Modeling of GLAST LAT Gamma-Ray Pulsars Alice Harding
ARC Wang, Weile Bridging the gap between ecological nowcasts and forecasts under the framework of the Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System Ramakrishna Nemani
MSFC Weng, Qihao Effects of Urbanization on Surface Energy Fluxes and Urban Climate: An Analysis Using Remote Sensing, GIS, and Numerical Modeling Dale Quattrochi
ARC Williams, Margaret Integrated studies of the optical properties and aging processes of biomass burning aerosols Anthony W. Strawa Laura Iraci
GSFC Wise, John Resolving the Formation of Protogalaxies John Mather
LaRC Wohl, Christopher High-Performance Polymers for Space Applications John W. Connell
JPL Yung, Pun To Development of automated Bacillus spore viability instrumentation for sterilization validation, biodefense and astrobiology Adrian Ponce
JPL Zemcov, Michael Measuring the Formation of Structure in the Early Universe with CIBER and QUaD James Bock
LaRC Zhai, Pengwang Retrieval of the Percentage of Horizontally Oriented Ice Plates in Ice Clouds from CALIOP and POLDER Data Charles Trepte
JPL Zhang, Xu Infrared Absorption of Matrix-Isolated Methyl Pernitrite, CH3OONO Stanley Sander