Current NPP Fellows

Center NPP Fellow NPP Advisor Research Proposal Title
Goddard Ahrens, Caitlin Joannah Noah Petro Spatial and temporal thermal properties of water ice at Lunar PSRs and modeling accumulation
Goddard Alemu, Woubet Gashaw Christopher S. Rudasill-Neigh Cropland Mapping, Yield Estimation, and Forecasting for Food Security Using Satellite Microwave and High Resolution Optical Datasets in the Amhara Region, Ethiopia
Astrobiology Alvarez Carreño, Claudia Loren Dean Williams On the origins and evolution of the first folded protein domains
JPL Anderson, Marin Mallory Joseph Lazio Diagnosing habitability: Radio signatures from stars and extrasolar planets
Langley Aryana, Kiumars Hyunjung Kim Phase-change-metasurface-based tunable optical components for next-generation spaceborne applications
JPL Auddy, Sayantan Neal Turner Star and Planet Formation
Goddard Austin, Corey Daniel Jeffrey C Livas Modeling And Measuring Scattered Light In The LISA Optical Telescope
JPL Ballew, Conner K Goutam Chattopadhyay Inverse-designed 3D metastructures for terahertz remote sensing
Astrobiology Barlow, Erica V Chris House Exploring universal signs of life in the geological record on Earth
Astrobiology Benites, Luiz Felipe de Almeida Debashish Bhattacharya Emergence of genomic novelty in early eukaryotes driven by horizontal gene transfer with viruses: tempo, mode and units of transfer
Goddard Berger, Travis Allen Joshua Schlieder Precise Demographics of NASA Kepler, K2, and TESS Exoplanets
Goddard Bolin, Bryce Theodore Keith Noll
Ames Borlaff, Alejandro Serrano Pamela M. Marcum The ultra-low surface brightness Universe with HST/JWST
Goddard Briesemeister, Zack Wyatt Neil Zimmerman Studies in Support of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Mission
Goddard Brill, Aryeh Louis Jeremy S. Perkins Understanding the Origins and Implications of Variability in Gamma-ray-emitting Blazars with Machine Learning
Astrobiology Buessecker, Steffen Anne Dekas Linking methanogen activity and biomarkers across diverse ocean habitats
NASA HQ Burcar, Bradley Mary Voytek NPMP Proposal for Opportunity 18344 - Position with Mary Voytek
JPL Cale, Bryson Lee Charles Beichman A Universal Package For Precise Radial Velocities
Glenn Caltagirone, Peter Enoch Cheryl L Bowman Advancement of SMA research and development through implementation of improved visualization tools, visual guides, and machine learning techniques
Goddard Canas, Caleb I Knicole Colon Astrophysics: Discovery and Characterization of Transiting Exoplanets
Goddard Cann, Jenna Marie Kimberly Ann Weaver The Hunt for Intermediate Mass Black Holes
Ames Caprace, Denis-Gabriel Patricia Ventura Diaz High-Fidelity Computations of Advanced Air Mobility Vehicle Concepts
Langley Carroll, Brian James Amin Nehrir Investigating the Interplay between Water Vapor, Shallow Clouds, and Large Scale Circulations: Application of HALO Lidar Retrievals in Addressing a World Climate Research Program Grand Challenge
Goddard Case, Parker Alexander Peter Colarco
Goddard Chen, Howard Ravi Kumar Kopparapu Predicting the 3D Coupled Atmospheres of Anoxic Exoplanets around K- and M-stars
GISS Chiang, Felicia Hanjim Benjamin I. Cook Investigating the impact of irrigation on hydroclimatic extremes under present-day and future anthropogenic forcing
Goddard Chou, Luoth Paul Mahaffy Exploring chemical complexity as a novel agnostic biosignature tool in planetary exploration
Ames Chu, Laurie Elizabeth Urban Yvonne Jean Pendleton Investigating the Origins of Complex Organic Molecules in Dense Molecular Cores
GISS Clifton, Olivia Elaine Susanne E. Bauer Dry deposition of aerosols & reactive trace gases: the influence of mechanistic representation on trends and variability in air pollution with NASA GISS ModelE
Langley Collister, Brian Leigh Chris Hostetler Remote Sensing of Marine Ecosystem Stocks and Characteristics Using Multi-Wavelength High Spectral Resolution Lidar
Goddard Colmenares, Nicholas Raymond Stephen Merkowitz Lunar Laser Ranging Improvements for Enhanced Tests of General Relativity and Studies of the Moon’s Interior Structure
JPL Connor, Thomas Daniel Stern Exploring the Growth and Origins of the First Supermassive Black Holes
Marshall Conrad, Jack William Caleb Fassett Crater Morphology on Mercury: Exploring Crustal Structure
Langley Cooney, John William Kristopher Bedka Improving Understanding of Convection Processes and Detecting Severe Weather Using Airborne and Space-Borne Remote Sensing Data
Goddard Cothard, Nicholas Flood Jason Glenn Multispectral Ultrasensitive KIDs for the Galaxy Evolution Probe
JPL Czaplinski, Ellen Claire Robert Hodyss Laboratory Studies of Chemistry on Titan's Surface
Goddard Dahal, Sumit Alan J. Kogut Finding Primordial Gravitational Waves with PIPER
JPL Dahl, Emma Katherine Glenn S. Orton Color and Structure of Jupiter's Disturbed Equatorial Zone: Implications for Dynamical Mechanisms
Ames Dang, Caroline V Michal Segal Rozenhaimer Chemical and physical characterization of aerosols in the South East Atlantic Ocean from airborne measurements
Goddard Delaria, Erin Glenn Wolfe Elucidating the atmosphere-biosphere exchange of Nox
Goddard Delfavero, Vera Eris John Baker Astrophysics: Gravitational Radiation as a Window on the Universe
Ames Deutsch, Ariel Nolan Jennifer Heldmann The nature and active evolution of polar volatiles on the Moon: Implications for in-situ resource applications and exploration strategies
Goddard DiLullo, Christopher Nathaniel Susan G Neff Observing the Global 21 cm Cosmic Dawn Signature with the Long Wavelength Array
Goddard Doughty, Cheryl Lynn Temiola Fatoyinbo Elucidating changes and drivers to mangrove extents and heights at range limits for an improved global understanding of blue carbon
Ames Dubois, David Ella M. Sciamma-O'Brien Investigating Negative Ion Chemistry in Space: Application to Titan’s Upper Atmosphere Environment
Goddard Duncan, Jessie McBrayer Albert Shih Heliophysics Science: High-Energy Aspects of Solar Flares
Goddard Eagle, Jordan Lynn Elizabeth Hays Astrophysics: Gamma-Ray Astronomy
Astrobiology Ely, Tucker Drew Brandy Marie Toner Solving for all possible seawater compositions on ocean worlds to reveal candidate mission measurements.
Ames Esposito, Vincent John Timothy Lee Theoretical Astrochemisty
JPL Estrela, Raissa Freitas Mark Swain Probing the atmospheres of super-Earths with combined ground-space observations
JPL Fackrell, Laura Elizabeth Kasthuri Venkateswaran Microbial Diversity of Spacecraft and Associated Surfaces
Goddard Fair, Zachary Hartgrove Carrie Vuyovich Toward the use of ICESat-2 elevation measurements for snow depth retrievals in support of the SnowEx mission
Glenn Fallon, Adam John D. Lekki Development of a robust quantum memory architecture
Goddard Farnsworth, Kendra Kathleen Melissa Trainer An Experimental Investigation of the Prebiotic Chemistry in Titan Impact Craters
Goddard Farrish, Alison O'Connor Katherine Garcia-Sage Investigating Solar and Stellar Drivers of Planetary Atmospheric Escape
Goddard Feldman, Andrew F Benjamin Poulter Quantifying the terrestrial biosphere’s response to changing rainfall frequency and intensity using NASA’s MODIS, SMAP, and OCO-2 Vegetation Indices
Ames Felton, Ryan Christopher Sonny Harman The Future is Hazy: Aerosol Photochemical-Climate Simulations for Temperate Exoplanets
JPL Fitch, Erin Piper Rosaly M.C. Lopes Modeling the Effects of Molten Fuel–Coolant Interaction on Planetary Volcanism: Implications for Eruptions on Mars, Io, and Titan
JSC Fox, Allison C Aaron Burton Using Position Specific Isotope Analysis to Investigate the Origins of Meteoritic Amino Acids
Langley Gallo, Francesca Richard Moore Synthesis of in situ and combined lidar-polarimeter airborne observations of aerosols and clouds from recent NASA and DOE North Atlantic field campaigns
Goddard Garofali, Kristen Elise Andy Ptak Putting a Timestamp on X-ray Binary Evolution: Spatially Resolved Star Formation Histories as Probes of Binary Evolution
Langley Gissinger, Jacob Kristopher Wise Dynamic Modeling of Carbon-Carbon Composite Production]{Dynamic Modeling of Carbon-Carbon Composite Production for Hypersonic Flight
GISS Gloege, Lucas J Anastasia Romanou Finding optimal ocean carbon cycle parameters using neural-network based emulators
KSC Gott, Ryan Patrick Elspeth Petersen Plasma Technology Development for Trash-To-Gas Conversion, Plant Sterilization, and Plant Treatments
Ames Gouasmi, Ayoub Scott Murman Development of a robust computational framework for the simulation of turbulent hypersonic flows
JPL Gramani Ganesan, Ponnurangam Seungbum Kim Retrieval of Field-Scale High Resolution Surface Soil Moisture using Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Data
JPL Grasshorn Gebhardt, Henry Sebastian Olivier Doré Optimal Extraction of Cosmological Parameters from Galaxy Redshift Surveys
JPL Greene, Chad Allen Alex Gardner Antarctic Ice Sheet response to subannual variability in ocean forcing
Goddard Gwirtz, Kyle Weijia Kuang Innovative computational tools for the next generation of geomagnetic data assimilation systems
Goddard Hare, Jeremy Brad Cenko Classification of unidentified high-energy sources using TESS light curves
JPL Harris, Camilla Tom Andre Nordheim Developing Modelling Framework For Europa's Space Environment
JPL Hibbard, Shannon Maria Matt Golombek Characterization of Icy Terrain at Future Human Mission Landing Sites on Mars
Glenn Hill, Elyse Joseph Connolly Electrified Aircraft Propulsion Control with Model Predictive Control
Goddard Himes, Michael David Natalya Kramarova Earth Science: Application of Machine Learning Methods for Analysis and Interpretation of Hyper-Spectral Spaceborne Measurements
Astrobiology Hoarfrost, Adrienne Leigh Paul Falkowski Linking Life and Earth with Deep Transfer Learning
Goddard Honniball, Casey Irene Kelsey E. Young Investigation of water at pyroclastic deposits on the Earth and Moon using new data sets and techniques
Ames Howells, Alta Emily Tori Hoehler Assessment of Chemical and Energetic Boundaries of a Serpentinized Fluid Methanogen
Goddard Huang, Stacey Amy Jeanne Marie Sauber-Rosenberg MISSiV: A Novel Approach to Remote Sensing of Surface Deformation in Highly Vegetated Terrain
Glenn Huddleston, William Vadim Lvovich Advanced Solid State Lithium-Sulfur Battery Electrochemistry and Materials Development
Ames Huebner, Diane Christine Christopher Potter Assessing resilience in Alaskan boreal forest to climate-wildfire interactions from ground truth surveys and NASA airborne remote sensing
Goddard Hull, Samuel Vendrell Stephen James Smith Optimization of Transition-Edge Sensors Towards Future X-ray Microcalorimetry Instruments
Goddard Hutchison, Taylor Alexandra Jane Rigby Astrophysics: James Webb Space Telescope Science and Instrumentation
JPL Janssen, Reinier Maarten Johannes Charles Bradford SuperSpec: First-light science using an on-chip mm-wave spectrometer
KSC Johnson, Christina Marie Raymond M Wheeler Augmenting Nutritionally-Dense Microgreens in Simulated Microgravity
JPL Johnson, Samson Alexander Geoff Bryden
Glenn Kaleel, Ibrahim Evan Pineda A unified progressive damage and failure analysis toolbox for composites
Ames Kegerreis, Jacob Alexander Richard Elphic Formation and Composition of Phobos and Deimos
Goddard Khadim, Fahrad Khan Sujay Kumar Enhancing information extraction from terrestrial remote sensing observations
JPL Kim, Ji-Won Baijun Tian Climate studies through analyzing satellite observations and climate model simulations
Goddard Kim, Mijin Robert Levy Evaluation of Various Options to Constrain Land Surface Reflectance In the Dark Target Aerosol Retrieval
Ames Klier, Pavel Richard Quinn Development of Membrane Potential Measurements for Life Detection
Ames Kravitz, Jeremy A Liane S. Guild Towards the creation of a global coastal and inland water Earth observation processor
JPL Kuhn, Emily Rita Michael Seiffert
Goddard Lambrides, Erini Andrew Ptak Causation vs Correlation: Disentangling the Role of AGN Triggering and AGN Feedback on Global Galaxy Properties
Goddard Lawson, Kellen Dunn Michael McElwan Astrophysics: Direct Exoplanet and Disk Imaging with the JWST
Goddard Le Roch, Alexandre Jean-Marie Lauenstein Optoelectronic and Radiation Engineer - Ph.D. Candidate (Dec. 2019)
Ames Lester, Katie Victoria Steve B. Howell Fundamental Astrophysical Properties of Binary Exoplanet Host Stars
Goddard Lewis, Tiffany Rose Tonia Venters Theory of Particle Acceleration and Polarization in Blazar Jets
JPL Lopez, Amanda Mulcan Christine Lee Impacts of Wildfires on Columbia River Discharge and Coastal Water Quality
Goddard Louie, Dana Renee Knicole D. Colon A New Catalog of TESS Multi-planetary Systems Suitable for JWST Atmospheric Characterization
JPL Luis, Kelly Michelle Gierach Solar Radiation for Coral Reefs: The Generation and Evaluation of Shallow Water Photosynthetically Available Radiation (PAR) Products
JPL Maguire, Andrew John Nicholas Parazoo Seasonal response of carbon uptake to direct and diffuse light regimes across the evergreen needleleaf forest biome
Glenn Malakooti, Sadeq Stephanie L. Vivod Novel Carbon Nanotube Sheet Wrapped Carbon Fiber-Polymer Aerogel Composites with High Impact Energy Absorption Capabilities
Ames Maragkoudakis, Alexandros Christiaan Boersma PAH Emission Bands As Astrophysical Probes In The JWST Era
Goddard Mathews, Nathaniel Hodge Barbara J Thompson A Physics-Informed Neural Net Emulator for Magnetohydrostatic Systems
Astrobiology Mathis, Cole Nicholas Chris Kempes Agnostic Life Detection from Measurements to Theory
Goddard Matus, Alexander Victor John E. Yorks Improving detection of wildfire smoke transport using spaceborne lidar and machine learning
JPL McCarthy, Kevin Spencer Daniel Stern Simulating the Euclid Galaxy Redshift Survey to Model and Mitigate Observational Systematics for Probing Dark Energy
Goddard McKibben, S. Morgaine Stephanie Uz Optical discrimination of phytoplankton taxa in estuarine waters: application of a hyperspectral, bio-optical algorithm to aid Chesapeake Bay resource managers
KSC Meyers, Alexander Ye Zhang Responses of Crops to the Space Environment
Goddard Myers, Ava Judith Racusin BurstCube:A CubeSat for Gravitational Wave Counterparts
Goddard Nasipak, Zachary John G. Baker Resonant Effects on the Signals of extreme-mass-ratio compact binaries
JPL Nelson, Kevin John Chi Ao Scientific Applications of Atmospheric Radio Occultations
NExSS Noviello, Jessica Shawn Domagal-Goldman My Plan to Promote Interdisciplinary, Inclusive Exoplanet Science
Goddard Noyes, Katherine Teresa Ralph A. Kahn Toward a Global Inventory of Wildfire Smoke Particle Properties, Their Evolution and Controlling Factors, Using Space-Based Observations
GISS Obiso, Vincenzo Ron Miller Modeling of mineralogy-based dust-radiation interactions
Ames Okorn, Kristen Elizabeth Laura T. Iraci Examining Wildfire Smoke Evolution Using Ground-Based, Airborne, and Satellite Measurements
Goddard Olmschenk, Gregory Michael Richard Barry Generalizing Deep Learning Pipelines For Photometric Surveys
JPL Oropeza Gomez, Daniel Douglas Hofmann Leveraging Hyperspectral Imaging Spectroscopy Data to Detect Glacial Meltwater
JPL Pan, Boyang Michelle Gierach Constraining the timescale of energy deposition in corona
Goddard Paquette, John Anthony Joseph Andrew Nuth An Improved Model of Silicate Grain Nucleation and Growth in the Circumstellar Outflows of Oxygen-Rich Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
Goddard Peterson, Colten Kerry Meyer Earth Sciences: Remote Sensing of Clouds and Aerosols
Goddard Pfeifle, Ryan Kimberly Weaver Probing the Known Population of Dual AGNs
JPL Polverari, Federica Ernesto Rodriguez A new optimized multi-frequency theoretical model towards consistent global wind climate data records and future scatterometer mission design
Glenn Port, Sara Taeko Tibor Kremic Experimental Investigation into HCl and HF Mineral Buffers on Venus
JPL Pou, Sophal Laurent Mark Panning Planetary Seismology
JPL Prasanth, Sai Ziad Haddad Characterizing the structure and evolution of convective stormsusing Geostationary and Microwave Radiometer measurements
JSC Prescott, Rebecca Danielle Aaron Benjamin Regberg The role of quorum sensing in bacterial-fungal interactions on the colonization and degradation of meteorite surfaces
Ames Punnakayathil, Najeeb Andrew Mattioda TBD
Ames Puukila, Stephanie April April Elizabeth Ronca The effect of a complex dietary supplement on oxidative stress and neuroconsequences of spaceflight environment
JPL Racz, Gabor Alina Kiessling Compactified Cosmological Simulations of an Infinite Universe
Marshall Remington, Jackson Roe Timothy Lang Groundbreaking Lightning and Atmospheric Electricity Research
Ames Roberts Kingman, Garrett A Lynn Justine Rothschild Expanding the known limits of life through adaptive laboratory evolution, functional metagenomics, and synthetic biology
Goddard Robertson, Ellen Faith Marilia Samara Advancing our understanding of auroral particle pitch-angle measurements
Marshall Rosati, Robert James Tyson B. Littenberg Improving Primordial Stochastic Background Detection with LISA
Goddard Saberi, Atousa Andrea Molod
Goddard Safarzadeh, Mohammadtaher Scott C. Noble Nature of fast-merging binary neutron stars with gravitational wave observation by LISA
Goddard Scanlon, Kathleen Elizabeth W. Brent Garry Testing Glaciovolcanic Hypotheses in the Tharsis Region
Langley Schlosser, Joseph Snorre Stamnes Validation and retrieval of aerosol microphysical properties and aerosol forcing from joint polarimeter and lidar observations in clear, broken cloud and cloudy sky conditions
JPL Schools, Joseph William Sue Smrekar Constraining the Structure and Dynamics of the Venusian Lithosphere through Numerical Modeling of Coronae Formation, with Applications for Global Resurfacing
Goddard Schrom, Robert Stephen Ian S. Adams Quantifying the uncertainty of the physical and radiative properties of ice particles
JPL Schwab, Melissa Sophia Charles Miller The influence of groundwater discharge on pCO2 dynamics in Arctic headwater streams
JPL Shreevastava, Anamika Glynn Hulley Investigating the role of urban land use land cover in the heatwave - urban heat island interactions
JPL Simpson, Anna Kasthuri Venkateswaran Bioactive compound production and drug discovery using co-cultivation screenings of ISS microorganisms in simulated microgravity with LC-MS
JSC Simpson, Sarah Lauren Elizabeth B. Rampe Characterization of impact glass alteration products in terrestrial craters and comparison to Martian clay minerals and X-ray amorphous materials
Marshall Singam, Srikanth Panini Kiranmayee Kilaru Post-fabrication figure correction techniques for high-resolution X-ray optics
Glenn Sorini, Christopher William Evan Pineda Unified High-Fidelity Multi-Physics Multiscale Modeling Framework
JPL Spratt, Rachel Mary Jorge Vazquez Examining the relationships between precipitation, vapor transport, runoff, and nitrogen budget, primary productivity in the coastal surface ocean
Goddard Steffens, Brendan Lee Conor Nixon Astronomical Investigation of Titan's Chemical Complexity
Goddard Steinhebel, Amanda L Regina Caputo Gamma-ray Astronomy for Dark Matter with AMEGO-X
Goddard Stone, Shane Wesley Geronimo L. Villanueva Atmospheric Escape on Mars and Implications for Detectability on Exoplanets
JPL Styczinski, Marshall John Steven Vance Improved magnetic sounding of icy moons through synthesis of electromagnetic theory and geophysical models
JBL Talbot, Michael Leonidas Moustakas Mapping the Lens-Dynamic Mass Discrepancy
Goddard Taylor, Alexander David Mahmooda Sultana A compact ultraviolet spectrometer using a quantum dot filter array and visible light detector
Astrobiology Thelen, Alexander Edouard Conor Nixon Submillimeter Observations of Titan's Atmosphere: Implications for Astrobiology
Ames Tibere-Inglesse, Augustin Claude Brett Alexander Cruden Radiation of hypersonic expanding plasma flows
Ames Torres, Hilario Cardenas Scott Murman Accelerators for Decelerators - Fluid Structure Interaction for Parachute Applications on Heterogeneous High Performance Computing Systems
Astrobiology Trowbridge, Alexander Habitable Worlds
Goddard Tuchow, Noah Wolfe Christopher Stark Astrophysics: Extrasolar Planets and Planet Formation: Theory and Observations
Glenn VanSant, Kaitlyn Timothy J Peshek Perovskites in Space
Goddard Villanueva, Steven Knicole D. Colon Establishing TESS's Legacy of Long-Period Planets
JPL Villenave, Marion Karl R. Stapelfeldt Characterising dust vertical settling in edge-on protoplanetary disks
Astrobiology Vincent, Lena Nguyen Aaron Noell Exobiology - Biosignatures and Life Elsewhere
JPL Wallace, Matthew James L Lambert Isolation and Concentration of Biogenic Particles via Flow Cytometry for Icy Moons
Goddard Wallace, Samantha Nicholeen Viall-Kepko Characterizing the In Situ Observed Solar Wind by its Solar Source Locations
Langley Wang, Ningchao Marty Mlynczak The behavior of Nitric Oxide Concentration in the Upper Atmosphere Derived from SABER Observations
Marshall Watters, Daniel Christopher Patrick Gatlin Novel Validation of IMERG Precipitation
JPL Wharton, Robert Stockton Walid Majid Novel Searches for Radio Pulsars in the Galactic Center
Marshall Whitaker, Justin William Gary J. Jedlovec Investigating the Role of the Mid-Level Vortex in Tropical Cyclogenesis using Current and Upcoming NASA Datasets
Goddard Wilkins, Olivia Harper Stefanie Milam Constraining Interstellar Ice Chemistry Using Isotopologues
Goddard Wilson, Robert Forrest Patricia T. Boyd A Full-Scale Search for Tra.S.H. in TESS -- Mapping the Demographics of Planets with Evolved Hosts
Goddard Wong, Ian Stefanie Milam Detailed Spectroscopic Characterization of Trojans, Hildas, and KBOs – Uncovering the Traces of Solar System Evolution
JPL Yang, Yan Sasan Saatchi Bottom-up Assessment of Vegetation Carbon Dynamics from Long-term Satellite
Goddard Yeo, Li Hsia Rosemary Killen Solar System Exploration: Support the SSERVI LEADER Lunar Science Institute
Goddard Yocum, Katarina Stefanie Milam Submillimeter Flight Instrument Detection Capabilities and Physical Structure Analysis of Glycine Molecules Sublimated from Cosmic Ices
Goddard Younes, George Tod E. Strohmayer Unravelling Magnetar Variability with NICER
Goddard Yung, Long Yan Aaron Jonathan P. Gardner Semi-analytic model for high-redshift multi-messenger surveys and multi-instrument synergy
Goddard Zhang, Haocheng Tonia Venters Numerical Study of Blazar γ‑Ray and Multi‑Wavelength Signatures

Total number of Fellows: 187