Current NPP Fellows

Center NPP Fellow NPP Advisor Research Proposal Title
JPL Al Qaraghuli, Ali Jamal Jose Siles Subsystems development for the Astrophysics Stratospheric Telescope for High Spectral Resolution Observations at Submillimeter-wavelengths
Goddard Alei, Eleonora Avi Mandell The Large UV-Optical-Infrared (LUVOIR) Science Support and Analysis Team
Astrobiology Alvarez Carreño, Claudia Loren Dean Williams On the origins and evolution of the first folded protein domains
JPL Anderson, Marin Mallory Joseph Lazio Diagnosing habitability: Radio signatures from stars and extrasolar planets
Goddard Anderson, Seamus Lon Erika Kohler Exoplanet Experimental Studies
Langley Aryana, Kiumars Hyunjung Kim Phase-change-metasurface-based tunable optical components for next-generation spaceborne applications
Goddard Asche, Silke Heather Graham Organic Complexity Patterns for Life Detection
JPL Auddy, Sayantan Neal Turner Star and Planet Formation
Goddard Bagheri, Fatemeh Alex Glocer Comparative Planetary and Exoplanetary Magnetospheres
Goddard Barani, Mohammad David Sibeck Heliophysics Science: Heliophysics: Solar Wind Connections with Magnetized Plasmas and Gases
Ames Bernier, Claudia Marie Matthew Johnson Data-constrained Air Quality Modeling
Goddard Boccelli, Stefano Orenthal Tucker Modeling of Planetary Thermospheres and Exospheres
Ames Boekholt, Tjarda Coenraad Nico Jack Lissauer Space Science: Planetary System Dynamics
Goddard Bolin, Bryce Theodore Keith Noll Prospecting for the Solar System's Original Planetesimals
Ames Borlaff, Alejandro Serrano Pamela M. Marcum The ultra-low surface brightness Universe with HST/JWST
Langley Braun, Amanda Marie Paul Danehy Development and Application of Advanced Laser-based Measurement Techniques to Transonic, Supersonic, and Hypersonic Flows
Goddard Briesemeister, Zack Wyatt Neil Zimmerman Studies in Support of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Mission
Goddard Brill, Aryeh Louis Jeremy S. Perkins Understanding the Origins and Implications of Variability in Gamma-ray-emitting Blazars with Machine Learning
Goddard Burtt, David Stern, Jennifer An Analog for Martian Return Samples: Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes of Synthetic Mg[1]Fe Carbonates
Glenn Caltagirone, Peter Enoch Cheryl L Bowman Advancement of SMA research and development through implementation of improved visualization tools, visual guides, and machine learning techniques
Goddard Canas, Caleb I Knicole Colon Astrophysics: Discovery and Characterization of Transiting Exoplanets
Goddard Cann, Jenna Marie Kimberly Ann Weaver The Hunt for Intermediate Mass Black Holes
Ames Caprace, Denis-Gabriel Patricia Ventura Diaz High-Fidelity Computations of Advanced Air Mobility Vehicle Concepts
Goddard Carcaboso Morales, Fernando Adam Szabo Heliophysics: Studying Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere
Langley Carroll, Brian James Amin Nehrir Investigating the Interplay between Water Vapor, Shallow Clouds, and Large Scale Circulations: Application of HALO Lidar Retrievals in Addressing a World Climate Research Program Grand Challenge
Goddard Case, Parker Alexander Peter Colarco Towards a more complete representation of stratospheric aerosols in the GEOS Earth System Model
Ames Chamba, Roshan Nushkia Pamela Marcum Observational Extragalactic Astronomy
Goddard Choi, Wonei Nickolay Krotkov Earth Science:  Analysis and Interpretation of Satellite-Based Spectroscopic Measurements
Goddard Chojnowski, Stephen Drew Pamela Marcum Coronal and Solar Wind Models and the Data Used to Drive and Validate Them
Ames Cohen, Zachary Reuben Mark Ditzler Coenzymes and the RNA World
Langley Collister, Brian Leigh Chris Hostetler Remote Sensing of Marine Ecosystem Stocks and Characteristics Using Multi-Wavelength High Spectral Resolution Lidar
Goddard Colmenares, Nicholas Raymond Stephen Merkowitz Lunar Laser Ranging Improvements for Enhanced Tests of General Relativity and Studies of the Moon’s Interior Structure
JPL Connor, Thomas Daniel Stern Exploring the Growth and Origins of the First Supermassive Black Holes
Marshall Conrad, Jack William Caleb Fassett Crater Morphology on Mercury: Exploring Crustal Structure
Goddard Cothard, Nicholas Flood Jason Glenn Multispectral Ultrasensitive KIDs for the Galaxy Evolution Probe
Ames da Rocha Bragança Rodrigues, Jocelino Alexandre Megan MacDonald Experimental Flow Characterization in the Miniature Arc Jet Research Chamber
JPL DeColibus, David Richard Bonnie Buratti Analysis of Multispectral Data Sets of Planetary Surfaces
Goddard Delfavero, Vera Eris John Baker Astrophysics: Gravitational Radiation as a Window on the Universe
Langley Demetillo, Mary Angelique Laura Judd Tropospheric Chemistry
Goddard Desai, Abhishek Amit Regina Caputo Astrophysics: Gamma-Ray Astronomy
Ames Dias, Bruno Jeremie Meurisse UNIFIEd flow and material Response Solver (UNIFIERS)
Ames Doherty, Conor Ian Brosnan Data Science for Satellite Remote Sensing and Earth Science Research
Goddard Duncan, Jessie McBrayer Albert Shih Heliophysics Science: High-Energy Aspects of Solar Flares
Goddard Dutra Vasconcelos dos Santos, Maíra Tonia Venters Astrophysics: Theoretical Multi-messenger Astrophysics
Goddard Eagle, Jordan Lynn Elizabeth Hays Astrophysics: Gamma-Ray Astronomy
Astrobiology Ely, Tucker Drew Brandy Marie Toner Solving for all possible seawater compositions on ocean worlds to reveal candidate mission measurements.
Ames Esposito, Vincent John Timothy Lee Theoretical Astrochemisty
JPL Estrela, Raissa Freitas Mark Swain Probing the atmospheres of super-Earths with combined ground-space observations
JPL Fackrell, Laura Elizabeth Kasthuri Venkateswaran Microbial Diversity of Spacecraft and Associated Surfaces
Ames Fagnani, Andrea Brett Cruden Shock layer kinetic and radiation experimentation in the Electric Arc Shock Tube Facility
Goddard Fair, Zachary Hartgrove Carrie Vuyovich Toward the use of ICESat-2 elevation measurements for snow depth retrievals in support of the SnowEx mission
JPL Faramarzi, Farzad Peter Day Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detector Arrays
Goddard Farrish, Alison O'Connor Katherine Garcia-Sage Investigating Solar and Stellar Drivers of Planetary Atmospheric Escape
Goddard Fedkin, Niko Markovich Ryan Stauffer In-Situ and Satellite Trace Gas Observations: Data Analysis and Modeling
Goddard Feldman, Andrew F Benjamin Poulter Quantifying the terrestrial biosphere’s response to changing rainfall frequency and intensity using NASA’s MODIS, SMAP, and OCO-2 Vegetation Indices
Glenn Figueroa-Ibrahim, Kelvin Manuel Daniel Sutliff Development of Test Bed for Open Rotor Evaluation
JPL Fitch, Erin Piper Rosaly M.C. Lopes Modeling the Effects of Molten Fuel–Coolant Interaction on Planetary Volcanism: Implications for Eruptions on Mars, Io, and Titan
Kennedy Fountain, Luke Leslie Gioia Massa Space Crop Production research to enable space exploration
JPL Fuentes Munoz, Oscar Ryan Park Planetary Orbits, Rotation and Gravity Fields
JPL Gay, Bradley Alan Charles Miller Arctic Carbon Cycle Dynamics and the Permafrost Carbon Feedback: CARVE, ABoVE, and Arctic CO2 and CH4 Syntheses
Ames Geistfeld, Eric Christian David Schwenke Ab initio calculations of electronic excitation in the Cyanogen (CN) radical for Titan
GISS Glaser, Donald Michael Way Arid Planets Are Likely Habitable and may be Fruitful Targets for Biosignature Investigation
Ames Govinda Raj, Chinmayee Sergio Santa Maria Development of ground instrumentation in support of a biological mission to the lunar surface
Goddard Gupta, Rahul Judith Racusin Astrophysics: Gamma-Ray Bursts
Goddard Gwirtz, Kyle Weijia Kuang Innovative computational tools for the next generation of geomagnetic data assimilation systems
JPL Han, Kyeore Surendra Adhikari Understanding solid Earth deformation beneath Greenland
JPL Hatchfield, H Perry Paul Goldsmith Unraveling the Relationship between Dynamics, Turbulence, and Star Formation in the Milky Way’s Galactic Center
Glenn Hill, Elyse Joseph Connolly Electrified Aircraft Propulsion Control with Model Predictive Control
Goddard Himes, Michael David Natalya Kramarova Earth Science: Application of Machine Learning Methods for Analysis and Interpretation of Hyper-Spectral Spaceborne Measurements
Ames Hinshaw, Robert Egle Cekanaviciute Automated Biotechnology Systems for Space Exploration
Goddard Hord, Benjamin James Elisa Quintana The Pandora SmallSat: Multiwavelength Characterization of Exoplanets and their Host Stars
Ames Howells, Alta Emily Tori Hoehler Assessment of Chemical and Energetic Boundaries of a Serpentinized Fluid Methanogen
Glenn Huddleston, William Vadim Lvovich Advanced Solid State Lithium-Sulfur Battery Electrochemistry and Materials Development
Goddard Hutchison, Taylor Alexandra Jane Rigby Astrophysics: James Webb Space Telescope Science and Instrumentation
Goddard Ishitani Silva, Stela Richard Barry Big Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence in the Era of Large Astronomical Surveys
Goddard Iyer, Aishwarya Ravishankar Elisa Quintana The Pandora SmallSat: Multiwavelength Characterization of Exoplanets and their Host Stars
Goddard James, Tre'Shunda Letrece Alex Glocer Heliophysics Science:  Global Magnetospheric Simulation
JPL Johnson, Samson Alexander Geoff Bryden Toward a Holistic Synthesis of Exoplanet Demographics
Astrobiology Joshi, Manesh Prakash Christine Keating Exobiology: Prebiotic Evolution
Glenn Kaleel, Ibrahim Evan Pineda A unified progressive damage and failure analysis toolbox for composites
Goddard Karmakar, Subhajeet Allison Youngblood Astrophysics: Stellar Activity
Goddard Karwin, Christopher Carolyn Kierans Data Analysis Pipelines for the Compton Spectrometer and Imager
Ames Kasapis, Spiridon Irina Kitiashvili Heliophysics Science: Advanced analysis of observational data to predict solar activity
Ames Kegerreis, Jacob Alexander Richard Elphic Formation and Composition of Phobos and Deimos
Goddard Khadim, Fahrad Khan Sujay Kumar Enhancing information extraction from terrestrial remote sensing observations
Langley Kim, Doyeon Patrick Taylor Evaluating Arctic warming mechanisms from observation, reanalysis, and model simulations: role of local and remote atmospheric processes
JPL Kim, Ji-Won Baijun Tian Climate studies through analyzing satellite observations and climate model simulations
JPL König, Lorenzo Gene Serabyn High Contrast Astronomical Imaging and Interferometry
Goddard Krier, Christopher Scott Guiping Liu Heliophysics Science: Dynamical and Coupling Processes in the Earth Upper Atmosphere
JPL Kuhn, Emily Rita Michael Seiffert
Goddard Kumari, Anshu Natchimuthuk Gopalswamy New Techniques for Magnetic Field Measurements in the Inner Heliosphere
Goddard Lambrides, Erini Andrew Ptak Causation vs Correlation: Disentangling the Role of AGN Triggering and AGN Feedback on Global Galaxy Properties
Goddard Lawson, Kellen Dunn Michael McElwan Astrophysics: Direct Exoplanet and Disk Imaging with the JWST
Ames Le Gouellec, Valentin Thomas Greene Characterizing the physical processes governing the evolution of young protostars via near[1]infrared spectroscopy
Goddard Leite, Rodrigo Christopher Neigh Earth Science: Vegetation and Soil Sciences
Marshall Liodakis, Ioannis Steven Ehlert Astrophysics: X-Ray Astronomy
Ames Luchsinger, Kristen Jennifer Heldmann Developing a physical model of lunar polar ice layering using a novel integrated collection of datasets with varying detection sensitivities
JPL Mallick, Rishav Eric Fielding Geodetic Imaging of Earthquakes and Landslides
Goddard Mallinson, Holly Mary Scott Braun 612 lab opportunity: Remote Sensing of Precipitation
JPL Mankovich, Christopher Ryan Mark Hofstadter Microwave Observations of Giant Planet Atmospheres
Ames Maragkoudakis, Alexandros Christiaan Boersma PAH Emission Bands As Astrophysical Probes In The JWST Era
JPL Markus, Charles Richmond Carl Percival Laboratory Kinetics of Relevance to the Earth's Atmosphere
Langley Mast, Jeffrey Clark Yolanda Shea CLARREO Pathfinder Science
Goddard Mathews, Nathaniel Hodge Barbara J Thompson A Physics-Informed Neural Net Emulator for Magnetohydrostatic Systems
JPL McCarthy, Kevin Spencer Daniel Stern Simulating the Euclid Galaxy Redshift Survey to Model and Mitigate Observational Systematics for Probing Dark Energy
GISS Menzel, Molly Clara Orbe Tropical Stratospheric-Tropospheric Interaction in a Changing Climate
Ames Mester, Marton Robert Wilson Space Science:  Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Planetary Atmospheres
Ames Meusburger, Johannes Michael Thomas Bristow Investigating Spectroscopic and X-ray Diffraction Properties of Mars Analog Sulfate Minerals
KSC Meyers, Alexander Ye Zhang Responses of Crops to the Space Environment
Langley Miech, Jason Andrew Joshua DiGangi Airborne In Situ Trace Gas Analysis of Earth's Atmosphere
JPL Mirocha, Jordan Tzu-Ching Chang Opportunity: Cosmic Dawn and Large-scale Structure with Intensity Mapping Proposal Title: Testing Feedback Models with Intensity Mapping at High Redshifts
Goddard Mojarro, Angel Jason Dworkin Molecular Characterization of Organic Matter from Asteroid Bennu Amenable by Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Marshall Mondal, Biswajit Amy Winebarger Heliophysics: Solar Physics Research
Goddard Moss, Michael James Brad Cenko Astrophysics:  Gamma-Ray Bursts
Goddard Myers, Ava Judith Racusin BurstCube:A CubeSat for Gravitational Wave Counterparts
Goddard Nayak, Omnarayani Erin Smith Astrophysics:  James Webb Space Telescope Science and Instrumentation
JPL Nelson, Kevin John Chi Ao Scientific Applications of Atmospheric Radio Occultations
JPL Nesser, Hannah Obermiller Kevin Bowman Observational Constraints on Processes Controlling  Atmospheric Composition Using the Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer
Ames Olivares, Valeria Valeska Pasquale Temi Formation and evolution of galaxies and clusters: AGN feedback and the formation of multiphase gas
Goddard Pal, Sanchita Lan Jian Heliospheric Flux Rope
Marshall Pankratz, Hannah Gayle Andrew Molthan Remote Sensing of Meteorological Hazards and Disaster Impacts
Goddard Pasterski, Michael Joseph Xiang Li Planetary Analog Samples Study for Instrument Development by Laser Mass Spectrometry
Goddard Pfeifle, Ryan Kimberly Weaver Probing the Known Population of Dual AGNs
JPL Pierrat, Zoe Amie Kerry Cawse-Nicholson Linking thermal infrared radiation & solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence data to water efficiency
JPL Plant, Kathryn Annette Joseph Lazio Science with Next Generation, Large Radio Arrays
JPL Pou, Sophal Laurent Mark Panning Planetary Seismology
JPL Pucci, Fulvia Neal Turner NPP Transition Opportunity - JPL
Astrobiology Pulletikurti, Sunil Ramanarayanan  Krishnamurthy Exobiology: Prebiotic Evolution
Ames Punnakayathil, Najeeb Andrew Mattioda Existence and evolution of PAHs and their derivatives in the ISM
Ames Puukila, Stephanie April April Elizabeth Ronca The effect of a complex dietary supplement on oxidative stress and neuroconsequences of spaceflight environment
JPL Racz, Gabor Alina Kiessling Compactified Cosmological Simulations of an Infinite Universe
Goddard Rahin, Roi Maurice Leutenegger TBD
Marshall Rani, Alka Heidi Haviland Lunar and Planetary Science: Geophysics and Interiors
Langley Rawat, Prajjwal James Crawford Inferring near-surface air quality from remote sensing observations
Marshall Remington, Jackson Roe Timothy Lang Groundbreaking Lightning and Atmospheric Electricity Research
Ames Roberts Kingman, Garrett A Lynn Justine Rothschild Expanding the known limits of life through adaptive laboratory evolution, functional metagenomics, and synthetic biology
Astrobiology Rogers, James Graham Hilke Schlichting RCN - NexSS: CLEVER Planets - Cycles of Life-Essential Volatile Elements on Rocky Planets
Marshall Rosati, Robert James Tyson B. Littenberg Improving Primordial Stochastic Background Detection with LISA
Langley Roy, Sayantee Richard Moore Atmospheric Aerosol Characterization
Goddard Sahade, Abril Judith Karpen Heliophysics Science: Solar Theory and Computational Studies
Goddard Samara, Evangelia Charles Arge Coronal and Solar Wind Models and the Data Used to Drive and Validate Them
Langley Schlosser, Joseph Snorre Stamnes Validation and retrieval of aerosol microphysical properties and aerosol forcing from joint polarimeter and lidar observations in clear, broken cloud and cloudy sky conditions
Goddard Schneiderman, Tajana Marie Carrie Anderson Laboratory Studies of Solar System and ISM-relevant Ices spanning Near- to Far-infrared Wavelengths
JPL Seaton, Kenneth Bryana Henderson Chemical and physical processes that impact habitability and life-detection investigations
Goddard Seidel, Seth D Nathan Arnold Tropical meteorology, cloud and precipitation variability
JSC Seifert, Laura Brittany Lindsay Keller The Nature of Early Solar System and Presolar materials
Goddard Shoemaker, Emileigh Suzanne David Hollibaugh Baker Geomorphic and Geophysical Studies of Planetary Processes and Landforms
JPL Shreevastava, Anamika Glynn Hulley Investigating the role of urban land use land cover in the heatwave - urban heat island interactions
Goddard Silver, Ross Michael Francesca Civano Astrophysics:  Active Galactic Nuclei and Starburst Galaxies
JSC Simpson, Sarah Lauren Elizabeth B. Rampe Characterization of impact glass alteration products in terrestrial craters and comparison to Martian clay minerals and X-ray amorphous materials
Marshall Singam, Srikanth Panini Kiranmayee Kilaru Post-fabrication figure correction techniques for high-resolution X-ray optics
Goddard Sinha, Shipra Mei-Ching Fok Inner Magnetosphere Response to Solar Wind Structures
Astrobiology Sobol, Morgan Betul Kacar RCN - What life wants: Exploring the Natural Selection of Elements
Glenn Sorini, Christopher William Evan Pineda Unified High-Fidelity Multi-Physics Multiscale Modeling Framework
Goddard Spohn, Corey Andrew Christopher Stark Astrophysics: Extrasolar Planets and Planet Formation: Theory and Observations
JPL Spratt, Rachel Mary Jorge Vazquez Examining the relationships between precipitation, vapor transport, runoff, and nitrogen budget, primary productivity in the coastal surface ocean
JSC Stadermann, Amanda Claire Francis McCubbin Planetary Mineralogy and Petrology
Goddard Steinhebel, Amanda L Regina Caputo Gamma-ray Astronomy for Dark Matter with AMEGO-X
Ames Sweet, Philip Joseph Genetic improvement of in-space microbial bioproduction
JBL Talbot, Michael Leonidas Moustakas Mapping the Lens-Dynamic Mass Discrepancy
Goddard Tarricone, John Michael Carrie Vuyovich Snow and Ice Research
Goddard Taylor, Alexander David Mahmooda Sultana A compact ultraviolet spectrometer using a quantum dot filter array and visible light detector
JPL Thippala Gamage, Sachindra Shehani Peter Willis Organic Capillary Electrophoresis Analysis System (OCEANS) Protocol Development and Validation on Astrobiology Analog Samples
Ames Tomlin, Jay M Laura Iraci Airborne Trace Gas Measurements
Ames Torres, Hilario Cardenas Scott Murman Accelerators for Decelerators - Fluid Structure Interaction for Parachute Applications on Heterogeneous High Performance Computing Systems
Astrobiology Trowbridge, Alexander Simone Marchi Habitable Worlds
Goddard Tuchow, Noah Wolfe Christopher Stark Astrophysics: Extrasolar Planets and Planet Formation: Theory and Observations
Astrobiology Vazquez-Salazar, Alberto Irene Chen ICAR- Emergence of a Complex Biochemical System: Evolutionary Paths to Coded Protein Synthesis
JPL Vitkova, Ariana Barbora James Lambert Quantitative Mineralogy and Life Detection using Raman and LIBS Spectroscopy
Goddard Villanueva, Steven Knicole D. Colon Establishing TESS's Legacy of Long-Period Planets
Astrobiology Vincent, Lena Nguyen Aaron Noell Exobiology - Biosignatures and Life Elsewhere
Glenn Waddell, Kendyl Askia Coffey David Urban Microgravity Science and Technology
JPL Wallace, Matthew James L Lambert Isolation and Concentration of Biogenic Particles via Flow Cytometry for Icy Moons
Goddard Wallace, Samantha Nicholeen Viall-Kepko Characterizing the In Situ Observed Solar Wind by its Solar Source Locations
Langley Wang, Ningchao Marty Mlynczak The behavior of Nitric Oxide Concentration in the Upper Atmosphere Derived from SABER Observations
Marshall Watters, Daniel Christopher Patrick Gatlin Novel Validation of IMERG Precipitation
Goddard Weiss, Andreas Teresa  Nieves-Chinchilla Analytical modelling of deformable and distorted magnetic flux ropes
Goddard Whalen, Kelly Elizabeth Kimberly Weaver Astrophysics: Active Galactic Nuclei and Starburst Galaxies
JPL Wharton, Robert Stockton Walid Majid Novel Searches for Radio Pulsars in the Galactic Center
Goddard Whitney, Kristen John Bolten Earth Science: Remote Sensing and Modeling of the Global Water and Energy Cycle
Ames Wijesekara, Piyumi Egle Cekanaviciute Human Airway Responses to Simulated Spaceflight Stressors
JPL Wilcoski, Andrew Xavier Catherine Elder Lunar Polar Volatiles
Goddard Wilson, Robert Forrest Patricia T. Boyd A Full-Scale Search for Tra.S.H. in TESS -- Mapping the Demographics of Planets with Evolved Hosts
Astrobiology Winnikoff, Jacob Pete Girguis Energetic Costs of Life in Extreme Environments
Ames Wogan, Nicholas Franz Natasha Batalha Space Science: Exoplanet Science and Technology Development
Marshall Woo, Han Byul Paul Bremner Planetary Science: Coastal Processes
JPL Yadlapalli, Nitika Ken Cooper Millimeter- and Submillimeter-Wave Radar Technology Development for Atmospheric Remote Sensing
Goddard Yeo, Li Hsia Rosemary Killen Solar System Exploration: Support the SSERVI LEADER Lunar Science Institute
JPL Yoo, Changyun Boris Karasik THz heterodyne detectors for space
JPL Yurk, Nitika Yadlapalli Ken Cooper Millimeter- and Submillimeter-Wave Radar Technology Development for Atmospheric Remote Sensing

Total number of Fellows: 197